Another historic moment in Trump world. Donald Trump did a midnight rant addressed to Joe Biden specifically, but included the world at large. Anybody who opposes him is gonna get it, is the message here. Trump came out and threatened President Biden with legal action, repeating over and over “There’s a statute of limitations of six years. That’s a long time, Joe.” And there’s no doubt that Trump is nuts enough to attempt to indict Biden for something and there’s also no doubt that his minions, Jim Jordan, James Comer and the like, would go after Biden. Just look at the soap opera convening daily in the House of Representatives.

Trump’s rant accompanied the usual all-caps screed on Twit-X. Naturally, he had to weigh in on the latest conspiracy theory about Fani Willis having a love affair with one of her prosecutors. That was fully expected. So you’ll see a five-part rant about that, culminating in his usual all-caps breakdown. But first, before we go there, hit this link and see his six-minute video threatening President Biden.

There is no presidential immunity except in his mind. The walls are starting to close in on him and he’s getting crazier and crazier. That’s all that’s happening here. You don’t need to study psychiatry in Vienna to know a trapped rat when you see one.

Here’s another screed along these lines from earlier today. Trump’s message is clear: Biden is to drop charges, back off, or else.

Things are not going to get any saner, let’s just put it that way. Trump now is fundraising and lying that his legal problems are “keeping him off the campaign trail.” Not true. But he needs to milk the MAGA cow as much as humanly possible for as much money as he can. He will find out as soon as this Thursday whether Letitia James’ request for a $370 million fine will be levied.

it’s very likely that it will be and look for all hell to break loose in Trump world because the so-called billionaire doesn’t have that kind of cash.

As we’ve said before and will say again, you’re watching a mentally ill man have a nervous breakdown in public. That would be strange enough and tragic enough on its face, but when you consider that this is the GOP candidate for the highest office in our land, most likely, then it becomes completely next level batshit.

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  1. So that’s where his son learned how to do it.

    Oh, the irony of Trump commenting on some-one else’s relationships given the way he’s conducted his.

    • They’ve always got to have a distraction. The only reason this is happening now is because Hunter Biden’s laptop has fizzled out and turned into a complete joke. So now there’s this.

      • And if the GOP can go after Hunter Biden because of a laptop whose prominence is shaky at best, then the Dems can and should go after DJT Junior, Eric the Idjit, for suspiciously selling the which many national.leafers,with their hand out stsyed (bribery??? Surely wprse than what happened when Joe Biden was out of office)Ivanka,who suddenly got tons of copyrights in China,after Daddy took office, and Jared over that 2billion from the Saudis ( probably for making the Marjorie murder go away). What goes around, comes around, Donnie Donuts.

  2. Having run two psychiatric admissions departments for 15 years, we need to collectively start to believe this deluded nazi. Was Hitler insane? Did it matter? Ask the 11 million he systematically murdered or the 70 million who died in the war he started. Trump WILL DO EVERYTHING HE SAYS OVERTLY OR THAT HE INTIMATES. He will imprison innocent people. He will use his troops to kill people. He will deport people. He WILL DESTROY ANYONE WHO HE PERCEIVES AS A THREAT. BETTER BELIEVE IT AMERICA. THIS IS NOT A PHUCKING VIDEO GAME OR A PHUCKING APP ON YOUR PHONE! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

    • I would say he is a psychopath. Only reason he hasn’t murdered someone (YET or at least that we know of) is it’s bad for business.
      If his backs against the wall? It could happen. He has friends in the Bratva and
      the Mafia.

      • there is some question if he or Epstein had a teenybopper rape victim disappeared, in the 80s or so. He is fully capable of ORDERING murder, but probably not getting his own hands bloody.

  3. Some maga idiots are doubling down. The more the cases go forward, the more they back him up. They see all of this as an attack on him by their government. Many will take up arms if he’s ever convicted and imprisoned. We’re hoping that this will stop – it won’t.

  4. Or go lone wolf. Those militia dudes are not actual.militsry. They’re fat drunks who couldn’t walk.A mile even without a pack,let alone 5 with one. Their idea of a battle is hiding in a,deer stand, half-sloshed ,and wounding a deer,not with a clean kill.

    The real.issue is how deeply the white supremacists and crazed evangelical types have penetrated the military,,and how many active duty quietly agree with them. The generals in the Civil.War were West Point trained and the beginnings of their army had been in the U.S. Army. THAT ,as a former Navy Wife ( my vet retired after 23 years), is what I worry about.


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