Sometimes candidates misspeak, especially when they start to riff. Stray away from a prepared speech, or if there’s no teleprompter their talking points. Sometimes when they slip up they accidently tell what they actually believe, and in fact know to be the truth. Trump as we know is barely coherent. He’s also so used to saying things out loud without consequences that like the Cartman character in a South Park episode he loses his “filter” and that might be what happened at CPAC.

While talking about his relationship with Putin, what great pals they are (as long as Donald does what Pootie tells him to of course) and mentions Putin’s recent “endorsement” of President Biden. Putin of course was playing another PsyOp game. That kind of stuff is well beyond the level of Trump, who not only wouldn’t know how to play chess if Putin challenged him to a game, but would lose a game of checkers to a five year old. What matters is Trump’s low-energy talk (at least during this part) included him, after referncing what Putin said saying he (Trump) agreed with him!  See for yourself:

I’ll bet Mary Trump who is after all a trained and experienced Psychologist will have fun with this one!  Look, when he’s wandering the halls of Mar A Lago in his adult diapers at night and can prevent what’s left of his mind from doing a little self examination Trump knows the truth. Joe Biden is, and will continue to be a WAY better President than he, widdle diaper Donny ever could be. He hates such moments when those kinds of truths come to the forefront of his thoughts.

Hell, for all we know Pootie literally told him something like: Look. Forget about polls. We both know as things stand you’re going to lose which makes you of no use to me. I’ve got other Republicans who are more useful than you these days.  Still, as President there’s a lot I want that you can do. So IF you can get your sh*t together enough to actually have a chance at winning I’ll throw the kind of help your way that I did in 2016. IF. Biden is just too good a President and too formidable opponent. YOU on the other hand are weak and will do your best to do what I want so I’d rather have you. I don’t want Biden BECAUSE he’s way better than you.

It’s easy enough to imagine Trump having recently gotten a message like that from his puppet master Pootie. That would even explain his wistful look and tone when he delivered that line. Not only did Putin tell him that, he (Trump) knows he’s inferior in every way to Joe Biden. Seriously, watch the clip.

Trump is going to have more and more moments like this, and sometimes like in the tweet I’ve provided they will spoken of by Trump in public.  I can’t  help but wonder if some of the attendees at CPAC asked (or will do so once back home) whether he was trying to joke around and doing so badly or let loose with a Freudian slip. Some might, as the title suggests think it’s some double ju jitsu mind game by Trump as in candidates I endorse lose so I’ll beat Biden by endorsing him. Trump’s not that clever as I’ve already said. No, I’m pretty sure he let slip what he actually knows to be true.

Let’s see if, and if so how he tries to walk this back if confronted with it.

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  1. It seems in the clip that he didn’t finish the sentence and from what I know about him, he probably finished with because I’m so tough and Putin would be scared of me but he can manipulate old Joe.


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