I actually feel sorry for Barron Trump. He’s turning 18 on March 20, 2024 and all the gloves will be off. People will write pieces about him like they write about every other member of the Trump family. It’s not his fault that his father is one of the most hated men in the world. If there’s a real victim in the Trump family, it’s probably this young guy. He did nothing to bring the spotlight to himself, but he’s in it now.

Donald Trump was asked about his 17-year-old son and the response that he gave sounds like he doesn’t know him from Adam. Take a listen. He doesn’t go on about how the kid loves baseball, or collects stamps, or is a fan of vintage movies, nothing that would actually give you a handle on Barron. I’m guessing that’s because he doesn’t have any more of a relationship with his youngest child than he does with any of the four older ones.

That’s the intimacy level, alright. Even I can tell you that Barron is tall. As to “works hard” — at what? School, sports, driving hot cars, chasing girls, all of the above?

And of course Melania gets dragged into the fray. This isn’t a leftie who started it, no Marge Greene’s boyfriend did.

The Daily Mail reports that Barron joined Trump on the golf course a few years ago. You would think that Trump would talk about that, right? Chip off the old block? Maybe he doesn’t even remember the occasion.

Trump was a few months shy of 61 when Barron was born. That’s a bit up there to be having kids, and Trump was never known for any hands-on parenting, shall we say?

It’s intriguing that Trump can’t find a single thing to say about his own kid. Some hobby, some favorite food, some special talent. Maybe Barron can draw, maybe he can beat everybody in building a Jenga tower, there’s got to be something. It’s a cinch that Barron, like everybody else, has his set of skills and aspirations, his set of dreams and shortcomings. He’s human like the rest of us.

But evidently he’s one human that Donald Trump hasn’t bothered to get to know beyond bare acquaintance.

I wonder if Barron will vote for his own father in 2024? He will be eligible to vote. Man, would I like to be a fly on the wall of that voting booth. At least, whatever happens in 2024, Barron doesn’t have to return to the White House. He’s got a ticket out.

If I was in his shoes, I’d go to college abroad. Seriously. Take my advice, kid, save yourself. Run away run away, like Monty Python used to say. Put as much distance between yourself and Dad as possible.


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  1. If they played golf once, even if Barron didn’t beat Donald he probably showed enough skill that he’d be able to do so and soon. No way Donald would subject himself to that! Hence only the one round.

  2. Some years ago, I saw in interview with TFG. He said he doesn’t get involved with his children until their adults. I don’t remember the exact words, but that’s the gist of it. Then once their adults, he puts them to work.

    • Well, he won’t be able to do that with (or for) Barron since there won’t really be much left of the Trump businesses by next year.

    • And he and the. GOP are lowering the age at which a minor can begin working…
      At least Barron looks more like his mother,, so.he has a chin.

  3. “It’s intriguing that Trump can’t find a single thing to say about his own kid.”

    It’s not intriguing. Trump’s a narcissist. Anything–ANYTHING–that he would have to say about Barron would, invariably, turn into a reflection of Donald. Donald couldn’t care less about what Barron does as long as it doesn’t take the spotlight off of Donald. Donald will only acknowledge Barron if Barron got on social media and made some positive tweet (or whatever) about Donald–just like he does with the other boys (obviously, Princess Ivanka merits notice from Donald but the boys are just disposable if they’re not praising daddy at every turn).
    I kind of hope Barron makes a name for himself by writing his own memoir and trashes “Daddy Dearest”–preferably from the safety of a nice estate somewhere in Europe. He can’t help but have seen what happens to those who raise daddy’s ire via daddy’s many deranged, deplorable followers.

    • His mom’s no prize either. But I do get the impression she’s been trying to protect Barron from his Dad — just as she’s been trying to protect herself.

    • It won’t happen until.Daddy Dearest is safely interred at the first hole in Bedminster. Otherwise it would send Donald into a hissy fit and he’d cut him out of the will. Move to.France or the U.K. (Scotland or Ireland will.sympathize with you about having to deal with Donnie Donuts), write that memoir,,and laugh all the waybto.the bank .

  4. Barron is 6’8”. That alone is reason enough for tfg to ignore him. The old man uses lifts to reach 6’3” so there’s got to be some big-time jealousy there.

  5. Trump has narcissistic personality disorder. He has no genuine feeling for ANYONE other than himself. His children exist to make HIM look good. That the kid is TALL, is some sort of mark of virility to Trump, so at least the kid does have a feature that Trump thinks makes him look good. Can you imagine that poor kid being short? I think Trump knows jack shit about Barron b/c Barron doesn’t live with him. Trump lives at Maralardo b/c he needs constant validation. The residential area of Maralardo is a 1200sq 2bd 2bth kitchenette apartment. Melania is NOT living in a 2bd/2ba 1200sq ft single floor ‘kitchenette’. The house across the street next to the ‘beach club’ (it’s a huge multimillion dollar beach house) is owned by Trump/Maralardo. I think Melania lives there with Barron and her parents.


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