For those uninitiated in the lore, let me explain the phrase The butchers thumb, because it’s germane. It goes back to the days of my youth, when people got their meat from a butchers shop, or the butcher counter at the supermarket. It was a common practice for some butchers to push their thumb down on the scale when measuring the meat, a common cheat. What do you do with The butchers thumb? Cut it off, of course!

For the last couple of days, all the rage in the GOP has been brainless prattle about Traitor Tot becoming the Speaker of the House. I already dealt with that in an article, so I’ll not bore you further. But I don’t need to, because nobody with 12 functioning brain cells would think that El Pendejo Presidente would ever be satisfied with such a pedestrian position as Speaker of the House. Especially since he couldn’t vote on bills since he’s not an active House member.

But he played it to the bone. For a while it was floated that His Lowness would actually come to the Capitol for the first time since January 6th, to promote Republican unity in their search for a new Speaker. Somebody must have told the imbecile that strutting through the halls of the building he tried to overthrow like some victorious Caesar wouldn’t be a good general election look. So he settled to going onto his loser platform, Bullsh*t Social to throw his weight behind his subservient toady, Jim Jordan.

F*ck up! If you’re going to have good old He groped me coach! as Speaker, you might just as well have The Tiny Thumbs Dictator himself. They’re joined at the anus. And that is going to be a problem for the GOP, since Gym Bag Jordan is never going to be the Speaker of the House.

If you’ve been following the media the way I have since the predictable demise of the sniveling toady Kevin McCarthy, then you’ve noticed a couple of things. The first thing is that cable news networks like MSNBC and CNN have spent more time interviewing GOP House members than Democratic House members, and for a good reason. The Democrats are outsiders here, and they’re united. The second thing is that they’re interviewing at least as many, if not more, normally unsung GOP moderate members than they are the Freedom caucus Molotov cocktail throwers.

And if you’re listening to those moderate GOP representatives, you’re hearing two words that you’re not used to hearing from the MAGAt’s, Bipartisanship, and compromise. And that emotion, realism, and purpose is the death knell for any hope of a Jim Jordan Speakership.

The ouster of Kevin McCarthy was the blow to the head that finally knocked the scales off of the GOP moderates eyes. There were 210 of them that voted in lockstep to keep McCarthy the Speaker, and yet they got f*cked by 8 bomb throwers in the GOP caucus who used the Democrats to get their way.

The long standing slap against the moderates was the old axion, Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. While the GOP moderates may not have signed on with the far right bomb throwers, they fell in line in the name of party unity.

But no more. If the McCarthy ouster vote showed the moderates nothing else, it showed them that 210-8 was a losing formula for the MAGAt’s. And they’re making that clear in the media. Once of the things that a couple of the moderates are demanding in return for their vote for a Speaker is the assurance that the first order of business will be a motion to expel Matt Gaetz of membership in the House GOP caucus. Others are demanding a change in the House rules that allowed one egotistical *sshole to topple a House Speaker.

The mice have finally realized that they own the House. Right now there are 12 GOP incumbents who are running for reelection in districts what Biden won in 2020. And you have another 40-60 that are running in what the Cook Report calls competitive or highly competitive. These sub missives finally realized that they have the ultimate control here, and they’re not giving it away for nothing.

Bratty Matty Gaetz has already committed to the GOP caucus holding a vote next Wednesday for a new Speaker. He’s got his head so far up his ass that he can see his lungs. These moderates are not about to simply fall in line again, and flush their careers down the tubes. The goal for Gaetz and his puny cabal is to come out and hold only one ballot for a new Speaker to avoid the torture they put McCarthy through. But unless they get their sh*t together, and look for a moderate who can garner 218 votes, 16 rounds will be a pipe dream. Try doubling it. And the Democrats won’t be around this time to save Fratty Matty’s ass. Let the games begin.

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  1. It’s about time that the “sane” republicans showed a little spine. It remains to be seen how long it will hold. I just hope they can elect a Speaker next week. That CR expires in mid November and the MAGAts will get their precious shutdown if the majority of the caucus can’t solve their problems soon.

  2. I’d say that subpoena thing Jordan is carrying around might weigh him down. Then there’s the wrestling thing back in Ohio. And then there’s the J6 thing that Jordan has suspicious activity on. Well I’m wondering, do these republicans ever come to the table without baggage. And yeah Donnie was maybe thinking about speaker until he found out you have to be there everyday and actually work.


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