Generally, Trump will post ten “reposts” of something his followers put up that makes him appear as a God or how the entire country is on fire right now because he’s not leading it, and for those ten, he perhaps writes one. He is much busier this weekend (Yesterday and today). I suspect it is in direct response to the fact that he was universally panned for his performance in New Hampshire and South Carolina last weekend. So he’s trying to get involved.

There is one topic that is very interesting:

This is the FBI Thug who headed up the Fake Russia, Russia, Russia investigation against ME, at the same time he was being paid off by, get this, RUSSIA. Does the FBI ever apologize to me and the American people for what they have put our Country through?

He had a similar one yesterday, pounding on the FBI. Except he is pounding on the guy that was in charge of the investigation into him (Pre-Mueller) who found exactly nothing, Charles McGonigal and was not arrested after he retired. Perhaps in what is possibly a related matter, McGonigal retired in 2018, when Barr took care of making sure Trump wasn’t hurt.

We have a situation where the guy in charge of investigating Trump finds nothing with which to go public. The guy in charge accepted a bag of cash, $220K, traced to the Russian mob, specificaly Oleg Deripaska, Putin’s very best friend. When he retires, he goes into real estate (still the easiest way to launder money). Trump is selling this HARD as “Dirty cops were in charge of investigating me!!” And that’s it.

But what made the cop “dirty”? It sounds plausible that he accepted the $220K to look the other way with respect to any Trump conflicts with Russia. We still do not know who co-signed his loans with Deutsche Bank, which is weird, because someone should know? And then retired once he knew Trump was fine (assured Trump would win in 2020)?

Trump is worried about it or he wouldn’t draw so much attention to the “crazed FBI.” But if they’re crazed, it sure wasn’t making up something about Trump. This while being paid by Russians. Good thing McGonigal is unlikely to make a deal with the prosecutors because the Russian mob throws people off buildings, including internationally. So it’s possible no evidence will come out against Trump, but sometimes evidence pops out anyway – and some evidence was found by a Biden administration.

Trump is worried, two insane posts, one yesterday, one today.

He is so scared of possible opponents that he’s willing to give them massive amounts in free advertising:

Let me make it easy on RINO Larry Hogan, who is not going anywhere, ZERO chance, whether he announces for President, or not. I don’t want Larry Hogan’s endorsement, and won’t accept it if it is given to me. Is it possible to say it any simpler than that? Thank you!

Very few MAGAs will know Larry Hogan. Governors from smaller states start out rather anonymous and yet Trump is putting Hogan front and center. The first thing a rather obscure candidate wants is recognition so people at least listen. Trump is terrified of opponents to the point he’s making ridiculous mistakes.

He is freaked that the Manhattan D.A. has re-opened the case against him and he completely misrepresents what happened under the former D.A.:

The Mark Pomerantz book absolutely KILLS the Fake “Case” against me which had been looked at by the Manhattan D.A. I actually believe that I will be treated fairly, and that the many lies and innuendos made by disbarred & discredited witnesses have FAILED. Even the head of the Major Economic Crimes Unit quit because she didn’t want to prosecute me based on the weak evidence and also, I hear, the Statute of limitations, which has long ago expired. This is why Cy Vance never brought it. Thank you!

Two people did resign. But how much sense does it make for the two prosecutors to resign over the fact it was such a weak case, one that wasn’t charged? I don’t know what the book says but every news report at the time stated that the two main prosecutors resigned because – after Cyrus Vance delayed and delayed until he was out of office, Alvin Bragg, the new D.A., decided not to prosecute a very strong case. Doesn’t that make 10x more sense? The book may say otherwise, but it could also be a book that is short on facts and big on grifting MAGAs.

*****The original article said that the two prosecutors resigned in anger with Vance for not prosecuting. They retired when Bragg got into office and decided not to prosecute the case. I regret the error.****

A second post, even:

Wow, the book just put out by Crooked Hillary Clinton’s attorney, Mark Pomerantz, is turning out to be a hit on the District Attorney and the “weak” case “with many fatal flaws.” Prosecutors in the D.A.’s Office actually quit in protest in that they thought it was “irresponsible” and very “unfair” to “President Trump.”They also felt they didn’t want to rely on a SleazeBag disbarred Lawyer From Hell like Michael Cohen as a witness. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY THOUGHT THE CASE WAS TERRIBLE – A LOSER

Trump is scared.

Any mention of “espionage” concerning the “alternative enemy” (China, as opposed to Russia, the one attacking democracy right now and the one fcking with the FBI), is concerning because “espionage” was listed as one possible probable cause crime in the search warrant:

As President, I took the most dramatic action of any administration to curtail China’s ability to conduct espionage in the United States — and when I’m back in the White House, those efforts will be expanded in a very, very big way. Instead of hunting down Republicans, a reformed FBI and Justice Department will be hunting down Chinese spies!

Getting ahead of possible espionage charges?

There is one about Trump getting another Saudi LIV Tour event. That makes three out of fourteen or almost 25%. That is money that goes straight into Trump’s pocket, no PACs. So two billion for Jared to invest (nice returns on percentages) and Trump inking deals for property in Saudi and hosting three (!) tour tournaments… Someone should investigate but no one will, not any time soon.

There is one about the fact that he would shoot the balloon. That is kinda funny because one of the few things Trump did right as president was hold fire far more often than not. He would have specialists telling him to ignore it because ABC and XYz.

He is pandering to what the MAGAs want. Trying to one-up DeSantis. “I have been there and I’d shoot that fcker so fast…”

Have you seen that Big Tech is up MASSIVELY since they put me back on the platforms. META UP 57%. Truth Social is hot as a pistol —People are pouring into its beautiful web at levels far greater than ever expected. It’s my VOICE!

He has nothing to do with META. Twitter is in a nosedive because it’s become overrun with MAGAs on liberal threads and it’s just stuffed with ads, $8 “confirmation,” and Elon alienates people. The company that owns Truth Social was at $35 six months ago. It is at $15 now. He is trying to tell his people that he’s stronger than portrayed in the media. He is not.

There are a few more but even less important. But one sure gets an idea as to what is on his mind because it often impacts everyone, like it or not. He still controls a lot of people. He is really afraid of that FBI case.



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  1. Time to clear up a misconception this article:
    Cyrus Vance decided to retire, and was succeeded by Alvin Bragg. When Bragg initially decided to not pursue the case Vance had been building against Trump, the two lead prosecutors resigned in protest the lack of action, and Pomerantz, as one of the resigned, wrote his recently-published book giving his view of the controversy.
    As detailed on another article on this forum, D. A. Bragg recently reopened the case after Fani Willis demonstrated how a D. A. should operate by announcing imminent charges against a (supposedly) rich and powerful miscreant.

    • I should have cleared that one mistake up.

      Vance had the opportunity for a LONG time and could have decided to go forward at any point but instead avoided the entire matter by doing nothing until he left.

      It is true that the moment they heard that Bragg wasn’t going to prosecute the two resigned. That is my mistake and I will correct it.

      But I think they had everything on Trump they needed and the two were highly frustrated with Vance terrified to tie his shoes.

      I was wrong about who made the decision (Thank you) but Vance was severely criticized also. I think that led to a mistake that should have been better fact checked.

      I do know that the two prosecutors resigned bc they knew they had him dead to rights and were furious they’d not be allowed to follow through. It’s idiotic to say that two prosecutors said it was a weak case and resigned, but no one filed the case contrary to their opinion.

      I thank you again.

    • I was also well aware of the fact that the case had recently been reopened by Bragg. I only said it was reopened and left out who. That was noted in the article. Whether it was Fanni Willis that showed him the way or the material forwarded by the New York A.G. is unknown. It’s speculation to say that he reopened bc of Fanni, though a good theory.


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