There is immaturity, there is childishness, and then there is the kind of infantalism that is unique to Donald Trump. Cassidy Hutchinson published a book recently and in it she revealed the reason that Trump wouldn’t wear a mask during COVID. Not wearing a mask resulted in him getting COVID, along with Melania. He also gave COVID to Chris Christie and who knows how far Trump’s misbehavior spread. But the reason for it is what will put you on the floor.

Originally, as you recall, it was believed that Trump didn’t want to wear a mask because it made him look less macho than he wanted. That was the urban legend for a while. But Hutchinson reveals that the real reason is that he didn’t want to smear his makeup. This is just like when he didn’t want to go out in France, to visit a WWII memorial, because it was raining and he didn’t want to get his hair wet. Here, he was willing to risk his life and that of others so as to not smear his makeup. The New Republic:

Hutchinson worked as the top assistant to Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, and she eventually became a star witness for the House January 6 investigative committee. She reveals Trump’s turning point on masks in her new book Enough, The Guardian reported Thursday.

Trump toured a Honeywell mask-making factory in May 2020, and he sparked criticism for not wearing a mask during the tour. He told reporters he chose not to after the Honeywell chief executive gave him the go-ahead.

But Hutchinson writes that Trump initially chose to wear a white mask, and then asked staffers what they thought.

“I slowly shook my head,” Hutchinson says. “The president pulled the mask off and asked why I thought he should not wear it.”

“I pointed at the straps of the N95 I was holding. When he looked at the straps of his mask, he saw they were covered in bronzer.”

Trump immediately decided to forgo the mask, according to Hutchinson, who wrote, “‘Why did no one else tell me that?” he snapped. “I’m not wearing this thing.”

There it is in a nutshell. The leader of the free world didn’t want to smear his makeup. And then you know the rest. He got COVID, had to go to Walter Reed, Melania got it, Chris Christie got it. Christie said if Mark Meadows had just told him that Trump had it, he would have worn a mask. But Meadows didn’t do so. He kept news of Trump’s having COVID under wraps until it could no longer be contained.

Rudy Giuliani got COVID, it’s believed from his son, and the son was working in the White House at the time. Maybe he got it from Trump.

This is just another example of Trump’s extreme selfishness coupled with his equally extreme immaturity. He didn’t care who he infected, what damage he did. His only concern was looking good.


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  1. A total POS!!!!!!! I hope the families of the people who died from COVID remember this come 2024. God help us if he gets elected again! Shut the door and turn out the lights!!!!

  2. No matter how much of that orange crap he puts on his face he has never and will never look good because the cruelty and evil will always show through!!

  3. With Traitor Tot, as with MTG, Bobo, McTurtle and others, I see the pure evil leaking out from inside, overflowing as it were! There is so much pure evil in these creatures (sorry, I can’t call demons people) that they cannot contain it! If they tried, they would explode!!

  4. And this pissant is the ‘superman’ the Maga crowd worships????? A makeup wearing fat man who is a pedophile rapist. Good choice morons!!! Be sure to send him ALL your money…maybe you won’t have the gas money to go vote.

    • Don’t forget their claim he’s ‘Gods choice’. I think that that might prove there’s no god. If there was a god, saying Trump is his choice should result in MASSIVE Lightening strikes vaporizing people for saying such a blasphemous thing. I’m an atheist, always have been, even as an eager to please child I couldn’t believe there was a god, but I think if someone finds solace or a blueprint for living in religion, good for them. AND since it has no bearing on MY life, ‘live and let live’. But I can’t believe people who cherry pick bits of religious text but ignore adjacent bits aren’t religious so much as using religious text to rationalize behavior. They may genuinely believe they’re religious but really, if you’re holding tight to Leviticus as your reason to want to discriminate or hate against non heteros but you’re fine with people accumulating wealth when there’s poverty (Leviticus says it’s an abomination to accumulate wealth in the presence of poverty. There’s nothing about some abominations being better/worse, nothing about certain abominations being disregardable and others not….etc) then you’re, at a minimum a hypocrite. I just think they use cherry picked bits to rationalize their behavior.


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