I know what a burden it is to ask anybody to listen to Donald Trump for eight minutes, but if you can bring yourself to do it, this is a compendium of his gripes, all strung together, and it gives you an insight into the utter disorder of his mind. He attacks the judges as utterly clueless, which is amusing on the one hand and its horrific on the other. To attack judges, cops, authority figures in general, is not a good move for somebody running for president because it undermines a basic respect for authority itself. But nothing like that ever even crosses Trump’s mind, what his responsibility might be to set an example. Screw all that. He’s upset and the meanies are out to get him and that is as mature as the man is.

Trump also made a boo boo here when he blamed Michael Cohen, because that’s a gag order violation. He’s not supposed to disparage any of the witnesses. So that could come back to bite him in the butt as early as tomorrow morning.

But you see the talking points, the fantasy world that Trump lives in and tries to bring the rest of America in to believe. He’s a victim. No crime was committed. This is Joe Biden taking a bookkeeping error and making it into a criminal trial. This is a flawless bond, backed by plenty of cash, loads and loads of cash, and Letitia James is challenging it just to be mean. The man is an utter child — yet this is who the GOP is backing.

Here’s another tape which fact checks Trump. Good for the networks finally showing some grit.

Accordion Hands will return tomorrow. He will never allow himself to fully grasp or admit what is actually taking place. So expect more lies.

And that’s not the real tragedy here. The real tragedy is that the man is a wreck. He’s clearly mentally unstable and he is gaslighting people but he’s got the force and weight of one of our two major political parties behind him.

This is the face of the GOP you’re looking at here. Never lose sight of that for a moment. This is who the Grand Old Party is in 2024. And even though they know this man is a complete lunatic and has no business in the Oval Office, still they will fill out their paper ballots and/or show up at the polls to vote for him. Just having a Republican in power, even an insane one, is better than having democracy continue. That’s how this iteration of the Republican party thinks. And we are all on the receiving end of that.

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