Imagine if you will that the year is 3023. You’re sitting in a 21st Century History class and studying the phenomenon of a character named Donald John Trump, who was president of the United States for four chaotic years and then proceeded to attempt to overthrow the government and destroy the Constitution. You’re told that he led a cult called MAGA and that the speakers you will see and hear are MAGAts, and this is what they sounded like.

And in the dictionary a “trump” is a con and so we have a whore praising a con. Only the Great Screenwriter In The Sky can do this and get away with it. Any scenarist would be accused of being unrealistic to the point of absurdity.

If these are the people who are going to be in Heaven, I don’t know about you, but I’ll take my chances in Hell.

This next one is a scream — literally. The GOP chair in Iowa has apparently seen one too many lost elections, or something, because he is coming unglued.

He’s a dead ringer for Stan Van Gundy, the coach. Take a look. Van Gundy never screamed like that, though, no matter what the score on the board.

You believe that? The man needs Thorazine, stat. I’m developing hypertension just listening to him.

Here are the people he’s preaching to, just in case you might be wondering.

That made a lot of sense. And this is wonderful. Here are two “California refugees” who were asked their opinion of Gavin Newsom.

A key point was just made here: Trump was the maestro of trash TV for fourteen years and that’s all they watch, so that’s why they know Trump. I’m serious as a heart attack. These are bubble world people, to such an extent that you could make a 50’s sci fi movie out of it, It Came From Bubble World.

And this woman is from the Lost Soul continent of Bubble World.

I don’t even want to think about the quality of a life whose best day would be seeing Donald Trump in person, in Ottumwa, Iowa and it’s all downhill from there. Wow. That was a head exploder. You poor poor woman, if what you say is true.

Trumpty will take stage, soon. Let’s see if what he does manages to get him a gag order or incarcerated or both.


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    • Heaven for climate,hell.for company. The truly evil.ones,are the janitors.

      Or as Bill and Ted would say, “Party on,dudes.”

  1. These are the Fux viewers. They are totally clueless as to the truth. Not knowing who Gavin Newsom is telling. Little did I think we would have Americans who would follow Hitler Trump they way they do.

    • Now if they were just normal folks from Rhode Island, let’s say, it’s possible that maybe they wouldn’t have heard of Newsom. Because I don’t know the name of the governor of Rhode Island off the top of my head. Their wonderful Senator Whitehouse I know all about, but I’d have to look up the governor’s name.

      But they LIVED in CALIFORNIA? And they didn’t know who the governor was of the state they LIVED in? That I find incredible. And also, considering MAGA world, Newsom has an identity as Kimberly’s ex, so you would think they would know that.

      There is no way to describe the ignorance and abject stupidity of the MAGA cult.


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