Lawyers for Donald Trump may use an obscure security clearance years after he left the White House as part of their defense, based on a government document from June 2023. That document still listed him with a ‘Q’ clearance from the Department of Energy, and his lawyers are claiming this means his security clearance was still active. The document was dated a few weeks after Trump was indicted in the case, The Washington Post reports.

This would be a rather odd defense move, and Trump’s attorneys say they don’t as yet know all the details about the filing, issued by the Department of Energy and they have asked Judge Aileen Cannon to force prosecutors to reveal additional information about the “Q” clearance, a type of clearance generally handled by the agency, according to Raw Story. But the worrisome part here, to me, anyway, is that this classified information usually deals with nuclear secrets.

Frankly, anything dealing with Trump handling nuclear secrets makes me nervous and it should make you nervous too.

But as you might expect, nuttier fringe elements soon found out about this document, and “It became more popular in right-wing conspiracy circles because of the movement known as QAnon, which originated during Trump’s presidency and centers on made-up claims circulated by a person known as ‘Q,’ who supporters claimed had that level of clearance,” The Post reports.

While Trump’s attorneys aren’t suggesting the clearance meant that the former president could take the materials, they are saying this was Trump’s state of mind at the time and that he had no ill intent.

Instead, they say this is evidence that he was acting in “good-faith and non-criminal states of mind” when he took the documents from the White House to Mar-a-Lago, The Post reports.

No one can tell me his attorneys really believe this. I’m convinced he fully intended to use these documents against people whenever convenient and for ill-gotten gain. That’s all this man ever does, so no one’s fooling me here.

Instead, his lawyers are trying to pin the blame on the Department of Energy, saying the agency was trying to hide an “inconvenient truth” by removing Trump’s name from the clearance lists mere weeks after he was indicted.

This has led his lawyers to ask Cannon to force prosecutors provide additional information about communications between prosecutors and the Biden administration, contending that this shows the charges are politically motivated. As if that isn’t bad enough, they also want prosecutors to provide evidence that shows Trump’s of these materials was a threat to national security.

Of course, we already know that Cannon is an avid Trump supporter (she was appointed by him after all) and some legal experts already say she’s doing whatever she can to sabotage Trump’s legal documents case by slowing it down as much as she can. She’s obviously hoping to delay it until it’s too late to impanel a jury and for the verdict to be delivered before Election Day.

This is a weird gambit that hopefully won’t work, but really, nothing surprises me anymore.

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  1. If, and I pray it’s when, not if…the majority of the voters who do not belong to this nazi cult, VOTE AS IF OUR LIVES AND THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN IS AT STAKE, then we can kill the jabberwocky!!! Expecting privileged judges or the media, owned by the billionaires, to save us, is pure folly. We must get as rabid for justice, freedom, equality, and our democracy, as these rabid morons!!! VOTE!

  2. The docs he stole require extra security protocols not even given to the president. There is no clearance available for the theft of the type of docs he stole. As to “intent”, that was blown out of the water when he was heard on tape stating that he could have DE-classified these docs when president, but not now. That proves that he knew he shouldn’t have had them. He also lied and said he didn’t have any docs when the National Archives and then the DOJ asked for them back. He also had his aides move them in order to keep them from the feds when they came to search. He and his aides claimed that the tapes of these incidents were destroyed in a ‘pool flooding’. Obstruction carries a much stiffer penalty than espionage. He’s been caught dead cold in this case. His only hope is his buddy judge Cannon. If she approves the defense’s latest doc request, Sp. Counsel Smith is sure to appeal and maybe ask for her recusal and/or a change of venue while he’s at it. I hope so.


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