Trump Now Has His Worst Nightmare. And He’s Freaking Out!


Look, forget about Trump running for President in 2024. The way things are looking, he’s more likely to be running for parole in 2024 than for President. And he knows it.

In the middle of a segment last night Rachel Maddow reported that in the last 24-48 hours, Trump has begun to admit to confidantes in Mar-A-Lago that he fears that in fact he will spend the rest of his life in court, fighting civil and criminal suits, and might actually be convicted. But it was the wider part of her interview that provided the needed context.

Trump now has a personal Freddie Krueger, and his name is Mark Pomerantz. Pomerantz began his legal career in the US Attorney’s office in New York, where he handled high profile cases, including mob prosecution and convictions. And then he switched sides.

As a defense attorney, Pomerantz gained the same, if not more renown than he had as a federal prosecutor. Until a couple of days ago, he was a senior partner at one of the top white shoe law firms in the country. And for good reason.

In one of his most famous cases, in the late 1970’s, he defended a New York mobster accused of ventilating Bonono mob boss Carmine Galante in a Brooklyn restaurant. This was at the height of the government’s struggle with the mob, and both the federal government as well as New York State had just introduced their first RICO acts, Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations. It allowed the government to seize property and assets from a defendant if it could be proven that it came from an illegal activity. And they charged Pomerantz’s client under the new RICO statutes.

So, what did Pomerantz do? Professional to the bone he went back to school. He immersed himself in the new RICO statutes until he knew the goddamned things better than the dudes that wrote them in the first place. And when he went to trial, he did something no other defense attorney had ever done before. He laid out the RICO statutes for the jury, explained to them why those statutes didn’t apply to his client, and forced prosecutors to fight tooth and nail to prove why the defendant had been charged correctly. He lost the case, but was what lawyers like to call brilliant in defeat.

And guess what? Mark Pomerantz, likely one of the premier RICO statute attorneys in the United States, especially from the defense side of the bar? Is the man that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance just hired as a special counsel to aid the office in their ongoing investigation of The Trump Organization!

If Donald Trump were Jewish, he would now have his own personal dybbuk. But since Trump is a nebbish, he’s got Freddie Krueger instead. And if anyone down in Mar-A-Lago briefs him on Pomerantz and his qualifications, Trump is going to have a heart attack.

Look, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is a full service office. They have uber qualified attorneys who prosecute everything from gang crimes to hate crimes, sex crimes to fraud cases, from murders to grand theft. If Vance is bringing Pomerantz into the office, he’s bringing him for a very specific reason.

To bag Donald Trump. And Pomerantz is in an unique situation to be able to do so. As a federal prosecutor, he tried mob racketeering cases before the statutes were in place, and he defended mob clients from the resultant RICO statutes. He alone can look at Trump’s record and receipts with the eye of a prosecutor, and then flip the whole damn thing over, and look for weaknesses in the case that the prosecutors will have to address from a criminal defense standpoint in order to make those charges stick. And did I mention that his reputation and integrity are impeccable?

I am literally walking on air here. I have been waiting months for this to happen. I can live with the thought of not seeing Donald Trump in a cage. It would be nice, but the logistics of providing Secret Service protection for a President in a state or federal prison. But what I really want to see is Donald Trump, the failed con man business mogul, spending the rest of his life in a rent controlled, third floor, cold water walk up in the Bronx. And Mark Pomerantz is the one who can make that happen.

Donald Trump knows what he’s done. Michael Cohen knows that Trump has done. Alan Weissenberg knows what he’s done. And in Mark Pomerantz, Trump finally has his Moriarity. Pomerantz can find it, and he can put it all together, and he can wrap Trump up in a very messy ball that will see him losing almost everything he owns under the New York State RICO statutes.

That’s my dream. I don’t want to just see Trump exposed as a liar and cheat, hell, we all already know that. And I don’t want to see his disgraces either, the man has no shame. What I want is to see him dirt poor, the ultimate loser, and the final death to his ego. And Mark Pomerantz is the man that can do it. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Yes, it’s a 3-way race between Robbie Kaplan/E. Jean Carroll, Mark Pomerantz/Cyrus Vance Jr. and Eric Haren/Tish James to see who shall be the first to have Fake 45 Put-In puppet arrested. And another 3-way race to be the first to have Trumpelthinskin sentenced to hard time in Rikers. The walls are closing in on Agolf Twitler and these walls shall be dressed with concertina wire. There shall be armed guards watching him from every angle while he sits on his non-gold plated vitreous china throne with no one there to wipe his ass for him. Karma’s finally catching up to the most despised traitor-coward in the 244 year history of the USA, and it will be my personal pleasure to watch it all unfold.

  2. This would go a long way towards explaining Moscow Mitch’s sudden cavalier attitude towards the Orange Shitstain and his moronic base……..he knows Trump-O is only capable of doing one thing at a time and all of his attention will be too focused on keeping his fat ass out of prison for the rest of his miserable life to ever be a threat again.

    • I think the facts are catching up with Trump faster than special hand carried announcements by US Marshals, the ones telling him just which days and time he will need to appear in court …

      The news carries so much weight against his FREE-DUMB, and these special jibes with his known fears bubbling up vile bile, the a**H***, will probably cheat us all and do a Limburger exit stage left, just before the judge delivers his new place of residence, for how long and lousy, virtually impossible parole … signs of weakness will NOT impress his followers, they will need to find another mindless, narcissistic idiot …

  3. YES!!! Don the Con and Al Capone will then have something in common, they’ll both go do for their fraud crimes not their murder and insurrection crimes.

  4. if trump is ever indicted and found guilty of a felony crime, watch his supporters come to his aid no matter how solid the case is against him. He is the PT Barnum of politics and the Republicans created their own freak show.

    • Many of his followers are already heading for the hills with their whining of “I didn’t know breaking into the Capitol yelling “Kill Mike Pence” was wrong! Trump told me to! Don’t blame me! I shouldn’t go to prison!”

  5. “Donald Trump knows what he’s done. Michael Cohen knows that Trump has done. Alan Weissenberg knows what he’s done. And in Mark Pomerantz, Trump finally has his Moriarity.”

    Equating Pomerantz with Moriarty means, by default, that Trump is Sherlock Holmes. And we all know that Trump has all the smarts of Holmes’s pipe or violin.

    It’s tough to find a really decent analogy but I’d probably go the “Les Miserables” route with Trump in the Jean Valjean role and Pomerantz in the Inspector Javert role. Granted, it’s nowhere close to a great analogy (especially as Valjean does undergo personal redemption and Javert commits suicide after realizing that the law can be immoral at times) but it’s far better than associating Trump with anyone remotely intelligent.

    • Maybe a better real life example would be Vince Bugliosi nailing Charles Manson for the Tate & LaBianca murders. Bugliosi convicted the actual killers and broke up the whole Manson operation of regular crime but the real accomplishment was getting Manson who didn’t take part in the actual killings convicted. It was a tough case to make, made all the more difficult by the antics of Manson himself AND some of his followers at his trial. But Manson spent the rest of his life locked up in prison and it was a long life. It wasn’t that many years ago that he died. But despite all the hurdles Bugliosi insisted on charging Manson, and overcame all the hurdles in the successful prosecution and in a manner that held up through all the appeals. He turned out to be Manson’s worst nightmare. The mere thought of Bulgiosi tormented Manson for decades and I wouldn’t be surprised if lapsing from consciousness for the last time in prison Manson thought of where he was and who put him there!

    • It is a common mistake to take an analogy which is by definition an unequal comparison, and construe it to be an equivalence. In fact, DailyKos has been known to ban people because even the moderators do not understand analogy, and sometimes overextend it way beyond the writer’s intention. Murf’s point is that Pomerantz is a smart, formidable and relentless adversary. The comparison to Moriarty makes no assertion with regard to Trump.

  6. And on this point:

    “I can live with the thought of not seeing Donald Trump in a cage. It would be nice, but the logistics of providing Secret Service protection for a President in a state or federal prison.”

    *IF* Trump is convicted of a crime (something that has NEVER happened in this country’s entire history), it is quite possible that he would lose that Secret Service protection. There would likely be court challenges to removing Trump’s protective detail but if Trump were convicted of a *criminal* matter (I believe the charges he may face would qualify as “criminal” rather than “civil”), I can’t see even the most right-wing of judges upholding the idea that a CONVICTED CRIMINAL should be afforded the protection by the Secret Service (whose duties also include the investigation of–da-da-DUM!–financial crimes) even if that criminal was once President.

    • It is not a matter of whether judges will permit protection to continue. It is a matter of the Secret Service legislation. The protectee may decline protection, but the protectors cannot decline to protect, nor does anyone have the authority to remove protection form a protectee except as provided in this law. I just finished going through all this with a Trump supporter who insisted that Trump can never be tried for crimes because the Secret Service would shoot anyone who tried to arrest him. He continually rejected for no reason except his personal belief that if a law enforcement officer had a duly signed arrest warrant. they would work out the logistics.

  7. NY state’s version of the RICO statute has just as much teeth as the federal one in case people are wondering. Using it on Trump and his company and doing so successfully would ruin not only Trump but his evil spawn. And that now includes Tiffany who could have kept her distance and had a nice, lucrative career and life in DC but chose instead to go for the quick and easy money by signing on with the Trump Org. Her mom recognized the mistake of getting involved with Trump and tried like hell to keep her daughter at arm’s length from that world. It looked like she had succeeded but I guess the proximity with Trump living in OUR White House was too much for her to resist as she finished up her law degree at Georgetown. Like Trump’s evil spawn who chose him over trophy wife #1 even knowing that their dad RAPED their mom, Tiffany chose her dad who did even more awful stuff like that over HER mom. The dude really is toxic. Anyway, I too want him to die in prison but if I have to settle for him being stripped of all his riches and trying to hustle for donations from the goobers on late-night TV it’s better than nothing. That would carry a special personal humiliation for him that would be a version of hell on earth. Oh, and unless he’s willing to shell out HUGE money for a quality defense team upfront in retainers which even if his cash flow allows for it he probably would refuse to do so. It’s likely the best he could hope for are the types of lawyers who handled his second impeachment and given the costs of mounting a defense they’d burn through any retainers Trump would cough up so quickly they’d drop out. If his reaction was “Oh my god – I’m fucked” as was reported after he learned about Mueller, he’s probably bat-shit crazy over this!

    • Finding lawyers will be a huge problem for him, as we’ve seen. He has two qualities that extremely capable lawyers don’t like: he doesn’t take their advice and he doesn’t pay.

      I get excited at the thought of seeing his smug, privileged spawn in court and stripped of their riches, possibly in prison. And you know they’re scared: a few months ago, Ivanka had an out-of-character meltdown on her Twitter, yelping about “partisan Democrat witch hunt” in the Manhattan prosecutor’s office. She’s always so professionally poised, positive and sunny that I thought maybe one of her brothers hated her account. Hope they go after Jared too.

  8. Mazal tov Mr. Murphy. I’m guessing from this last name that you are not of my tribe, but I warmly smile that you have used the word “Dybbuk” PRECISELY correctly! However, “ventilating”? As a Montrealer, a city with a mafia presence 2nd only to NYC in North America, I am enthralled with that term. I have NEVER heard it before despite the hundreds of “ventilations” that the media have shared with the public over the past 6 decades. Thank you for that hilarious addition to my lexicon, Joe. 🙂


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