Trump just may get his “Legacy” accomplishment after all. /s


Well, as with so many things in life, it appears that “timing is everything,” especially when it comes to tucking your head inside of your shell, and admitting that your signature international diplomatic gambit had come a cropper. Mere hours before President Trump announced that he had canceled a planned trip by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to North Korea in response to Kim Jung Un dragging his heels on de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula, came an announcement from halfway around the globe that indicated that Trump’s most cherished dream may finally be within his reach.

STOCKHOLM – The Nobel Prize Committee today released a partial list of the finalists for this years awards, including the finalists for a newly minted category. And the announcement puts US President Donald J Trump in the running for one of the coveted awards.

The new category is The Nobel Prize for Inspired Stupidity in the Arena of International Affairs. The three finalists for the inaugural year of the award are as follows;

United States President Donald Trump – The US President is under consideration for the award for his ill conceived and poorly planned summit in Singapore with North Korean despot Kim Jong Un. The summit gave international recognition to the North Korean state, something which they had long sought, in return for the US saving 0.0000021% of the annual defense budget by relieving the US of the massive cost of running those pesky annual war games with the South Koreans and Japanese.

British politician Boris Johnson – Johnson is under consideration this year for his inspired and tireless work in engineering and steering to a successful conclusion the referendum for Great Britain to leave the European Union, commonly known as Brexit. The successful referendum result led to an actual risk of Scotland breaking away from Great Britain, as well as the real threat of economic upheaval in both Great Britain as well as the European Union.

French politician Marine LePen – LePen earned her spot in the final three by her spirited campaign for French President, in which she strove to turn the nation of France into a satellite state of the Russian Federation. LePen made her true intentions clear by her frequent association with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the campaign, as well as a last minute deluge of Russian backed trolls and bots flooding French social media right before the election.

The new award is planned to be awarded at the regularly scheduled ceremony. But due to time constraints, the award will be the first one announced, while maintenance workers are setting up chairs in the hall, and before the audience is admitted. Handicapping on an early favorite for the award was thrown into immediate chaos by the persistent rumors that both Johnson and LePen were strongly considering advising the committee that they wished to remove their names from consideration, if winning the prize meant that the world would think that they were even more stupid than the American President.

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