This is almost too delicious for words. I swear to God, given his own tether, Trump is going to hamstring his own lawyers so thoroughly that they literally won’t have a plausible defense to make for him in court. And he did it again tonight.

Let’s be clear about this. The Trump documents case at Mar-A-Lago is a slam dunk case. There isn’t even anything to contest. It all boils down to three simple matters. 1) Were the documents in question qualified? 2) Did Trump illegally possess them after he left office? And 3) Did Trump take steps to illegally conceal said documents after their return was demanded by the proper federal government agencies?

Obviously the simple answer to all three is YES! And that’s really the ballgame right there. There’s literally nothing left to argue. But Traitor Tot has continued to trot out a laundry list of lame ass excuses. The first one was that he had sat there in the Oval Office and waved his magic schlong, and everything on his desk was automatically declassified. He also floated the absurdity that he could simple look at documents, and they were automatically declassified by Imperial fiat. This sh*t was so lame that even his lap poodle Judge Aileen Cannon wrote in her protective order that any claims of declassification must be accompanied with proper documentation. Ouch!

But by far and away his favorite go to bullsh*t cop out has been the Presidential Records Act. The funny thing is that His Lowness warps the Presidential Records Act to mean that all presidential records that passed his desk are his, to do with as he pleases. But as former US acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal explained on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, the truth is the exact opposite. In fact the PRA was passed in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal, specifically to prevent a criminal President like Nixon or Trump from absconding with records and tapes, and destroying them so their criminal behavior couldn’t be discovered.

And he did it again tonight. In an exclusive FUX News interview Trump kept flogging the same dead horse. But at least he paid a little bit of attention to his lawyers. The moderator called him out on the documents, and Trump again claimed the PRA as his protection. She followed up with, Are you saying that every single CIA document that crossed your desk is your own personal property? To which The Cheeto Jesus replied, I’m not answering that question to you. In a single legal word, NO!

She then pressed him on the now infamous audio of El Pendejo Presidente showing a highly classified military document about possible war plans with Iran to journalists. Trump pressed back, Look, that wasn’t a classified document, we’ve already proved that. But even if it was, it’s mine! The Presidential Records Act says it’s mine, and I can do what I want with it.

She then hit Trump with his attempting to hide and obstruct the documents from discovery and recovery by the FBI, and once again The Pampers President rubbed his security blanket up to his cheek, Look, I don’t have to hide anything. Those documents are mine, and I can do anything I want with them. They’re mine!

This is pathetic. I raised four gorgeous daughters, and at about age four every one of them decided that something was theirs, and they could prove that it was theirs, and they could do whatever they wanted with it. And no matter what you said, how you reasoned, what you tried, they wouldn’t buy a word of it. And so you had no choice to take it away from them!

And that’s where Donald Trump is right now. He is clinically delusional. I believe that his lawyers have finally managed to hammer it home to him as to just how dire this situation is. But that doesn’t matter to Il Douche. He will continue to cling to the tattered cloak of The Presidential Records Act until he sits in a hard chair at the defense table, and listens to the court clerk read out, We the jury, in the above named action, find the defendant, Donald John Trump, guilty of the charge in count one of the indictment. Nothing less will do.

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  1. As stupid as stupid it is, it’s the gift that keeps giving. And how he delivers on his stupidity. He’s an abundance of verifiable and “… clinically delusional …” giving.

  2. Trump is a uneducated idiot , he didn’t go to college , he barely made it thru High School , but I’ve seen no proof of that . His daddy left him $400 million dollars and he blew through most of it. He doesn’t own Trump Towers , they just used his name. he’s fake , and stupid . He’s still trying to hold on to top secret papers that he can not have. The man is delusional .

    • Technically he*did* go Daddy Fred bought him a degree. The real.question is if he learned anything. The answer to.that is resounding negative.

  3. What a strange dude. “We’ve already proven this”. Excuse me…what? You giving some bs answer is not “proof”, my man. Far from it. One stupid, petulent idiot manbaby. What an embarrassment.

  4. He said on the tape that the document was classified and he wasn’t supposed to be showing it to anyone. He also said he couldn’t declassify it because he was no longer president. My most cherished hope is that George Santos and P01135809 become cell-mates, and they spend the rest of their miserable lives trying to prove who’s the bigger liar.

  5. Stupid ? No ,I don’t think so . Sinister is more like it . Manipulative also . Here is a guy looking at hard time in the pokey in an almost slam dunk case . His only real defense is to plead insanity . Why else would he appear on national television an act like a petulant 4 year old with questionable sharing habits ? He is laying the groundwork for an insanity plea and the DOJ is like the naive parent saying “ I’m going to count to three …” How many times has this immature and insecure brat spouted off on a tirade of lies and misinformation? How long do we have to wait until this orangina weener wears the DOC jumpsuit ?


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