You can tell a lot about a person by looking at the company he keeps

Let me make this clear right off of the bat. While I feel for Trump’s defense  team, having raised four daughters that basically ignored me too, I don’t feel sorry for them. By this time, if they don’t know the score, they’ve been living with the Dali Lama on top of a mountain in Tibet, with no cable or wifi. That’s why they’re charging Trump a million dollar retainer, paid in cash in advance, just to walk in the door and say hello.

Anybody who has raised kids knows how frustrating it is to give a child a simple instruction to make their life easier, and instead run into the yard and get tangled up in the chicken wire vegetable fence, now making your life harder too. And in my experience, Traitor Tot is dumber than any kid you’ve ever raised.

Earlier today Katie Tur on MSNBC had on a well known Florida criminal defense lawyer, whose name I didn’t catch. Trump tried to  hire him last year for the Mar-A-Lago documents case, but because the esteemed lawyer actually graduated 3rd grade, he told His Lowness, Thanks but no thanks.

Katy asked a simple, yet topical question, If you were on former President Trump’s defense team, what advice would you give him right now? To which the lawyer gave a sardonic grin, and told Tur, That’s why I’m not on the defense team, you can’t tell Trump anything. But to answer your question, I would tell him “Please, please, you have every right to defend yourself, and a public microphone with which to do it, and you have every right to run for President while under indictment, but at all costs, please stop making stuff up while you’re trying to defend yourself! You’re killing out messaging! 

Which made perfect sense to me. Because there are times during the lead up to a trial where the prosecution and defense tend to share a similar goal, to educate the prospective jury pool. Both Merrick Garland as well as Jack Smith have garnered spoken through its court filings. Praise for the way they have handled their case. True to Garland’s word, the DOJ hasn’t leaked, instead it has filed talking motions that are a tutorial for educating the media and the public as to exactly what the case is.

Well, guess what? Shock and awe, defense attorneys also like to use their court filings to not only educate the prospective jury pool, but to educate and try to gently sway the judge to the righteousness of their cause too.

And every time they open their mouths in a filing, El Pendejo Presidente pours Secrete into it. Just use your own experience. How often have Trump’s defense lawyers floated a trial balloon either in a court filing, or in a media interview, only to have The Trumpster Fire almost immediately get in front of a microphone and camera at a rally ,or give an interview to a far right media outlet, and sh*t all over the defense his lawyers just proposed?

From where I’m sitting, this is not accidental, or run of the mill stupidity, or even just a case of mixed messaging. To my mind, this is a purely vindictive move by The Mango Messiah against his own lawyers. Trump already has his defense for this case. The Presidential Records Act gave him every right to possess, transport, and store those documents, and besides, he declassified all of those documents by osmosis anyway. No harm, no foul. And ay time that his own attorneys propose an alternate defense line for him, he’s going to dump sh*t all over it until they learn to toe the line.

How do you defend a client against the indefensible? A case so chock-a-block full of evidence that a second year law student could get a jury verdict of guilty on all counts. Especially when the defendant won’t let you try the damn case unless you’re doing it on his terms. These legal carp may be getting a million simoleons, but if they honestly think that defending Trump is going to burnish their legal street creds, then they’re every bit as bone stupid as Trump is. They took a paycheck and cashed in. Just what Trump deserves.

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  1. If a definition of a whore is someone who does something immoral for money, and it is.

    We know what his lawyers are.

  2. Every Trump admission to criminal activities I hear, (in my mind at least), like his obvious document rant interview, (on fox), a groan and, “Oh SH*T”, as his lawyers can already hear the big mechanical boom echoing down the halls of a prison, slamming the cells closed for night time lock down, the sound of the speakers calling for quiet time and announcing breakfast time and the slop that is made in 50 gallon soup pots down in the kitchen …

    My biggest question > What will destroy Trump first –
    A week in a bright orange jumpsuit …
    !. Not one Burger King Whopper, with fries, and lots of catsup … Not even the smell of one near his cage …
    2. Having full days without any phone with a key pad, or access to the web, only a long line of ruffians waiting to make a collect, 5 minute, (Monitored), call from the hallway pay phone …
    3. This one will HAVE TO HURT – Having his head shaved of the horrible comb over he takes so much time to make, (Already showing signs of distress) … His prison nickname could be ‘Cue Ball’ … 🙂 🙂
    4. Being told everything he will have to get used to, or spend time in isolation, with no one to hear him blab his lies, Absolutely, no such thing as executive time off like his daily screw-off in the Oval Office …
    5. No trips to ANY golf course for another day of cheating, (WE have been forced to send him in OUR planes to HIS golf courses, at a cost of millions, and paying his inflated rates for housing OUR SS members) … I can already see a qualified answer … ALL OF THE ABOVE !!

    Of course, all of his loud whining and screams may give him a sore throat and quiet him down a little …

    • Oh by all means let him go to a golf course once a year. A special exercise day if you will. Only he’ll be in old fashioned chain-gang leg irons. And pushing a lawnmower or shoveling sand into sand-traps. On some hardscrabble municipal course! (You think even a modestly decent country club course superintendent would want Trump trying to stomp around and mess something up out of spite?) I’d somehow come up with the pay-pe-view bucks to see footage of the “highlights” of such a Trump day at a golf course.

      • NICE comment Denis,

        Makes perfect sense to me, as almost the whole world has seen his antics and the results of anyone’s misfortune of crossing DJT’s perfect fire wall of inappropriate responses …

        All these reflections on his history of mentally challenged, verbal call-outs could be more entertaining, but until he is muzzled in prison without a way to flood the world with his incompetence and total ignorance of his own stupidity, he remains a giant of danger to our precious Constitution and our Democracy … Really old rhetoric dies alone and bewildered …

        Leg irons do have a certain musical ring to them … 🙂


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