If you missed it, there was quite the late hour buzz on Twitter Thursday night after a clip from a news show mocking Donald Trump’s absurd make up job began to go viral. Lawrence O’Donnell hit Trump where it hurts him the most, straight in his vanity, and all social media braced for the return punch. Crickets. Not last night, not this morning and it’s already afternoon on the east coast.

You heard it. A “horror movie face” is “not a face you want to present to a criminal jury.” And then O’Donnell doubled down on the “profoundly strange looking man sitting at the defense table.” O’Donnell is right about one thing, Trump is lying to you the minute you set eyes on him because he presents this brown visage, which I guess equates to athleticism and health to him, and not his true face. In truth, Trump’s clumsy bronzing job is just one step removed from Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye rolling down his cheeks. That’s the only thing that hasn’t happened yet, is Trump’s makeup melting and falling off — although it used to rub off on COVID masks, which is why he hated wearing them. They smeared his makeup.

As well you know, Trump is nothing if not consistent. So if he’s not lashing out at O’Donnell and *MS-DNC* as he loves to call that network, then there is a reason.

  1. His handlers have told him, let it go.
  2. He hasn’t seen the clip yet (which is what I think.)
  3. He’s still planning his explosion he’s just got to take care of all his other worries du jour first, before he can get to this one.
  4. He’s having somebody research something particularly vicious to say about O’Donnell.

I have never seen instance number one of somebody high profile, or even low profile for that matter, taking a shot at Trump and him not responding in kind. This would be the first time. So let’s just wait for the other shoe to drop.

And there is a fifth possibility here and if this is the case then you know Trump is on the ropes: maybe Trump can’t think about anything other than Monday. That would certainly be the case for any normal person and maybe Trump has finally realized that the jig is up and he can’t weasel out of this one. He could simply be too busy bouncing off the walls to even care what some news show host thinks. It could well be.

Finally, don’t forget what was said yesterday about Dan Scavino being “the most powerful man in politics” and that being a set up for Trump to find something debilitating to happen to him Sunday night so he doesn’t have to go to court on Monday morning. Trump’s lawyers, obviously, know things that we do not. So Trump may simply be weighing his odds and wondering what kind of obfuscation and delay he can manufacture at this point without being held in contempt of court.

Remember, this is a man who tried to delay this trial TEN times, three of those times being three days in a row. He got no, no, and NO for answers, but I don’t think he’s going to take no for an answer. I think he may try to find some way to stay out of court on Monday.

Let’s watch and see. If Trump does show up to court on Monday it will only be because his lawyers managed to convince him that he absolutely has no other recourse. If he can find any way to stay away, I predict that he will.


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  1. They said that Richard Corey owns one half of this whole town…
    With political connections to spread his wealth around…
    Born into society a banker’s only child…
    He had everything a man could want…
    Power grace and style.
    But I work in his factory…
    And I curse the life I’m living,
    And I curse my poverty,
    And I wish that I could be…
    Oh I wish that I could be…
    Richard Corey.
    The last line?
    Richard Corey went home last night…
    And put a bullet in his head.

  2. The bottle that holds the former smelliest smell ever and the gas company runs their gas lines through it, so most any of us can be aware of possible leaks around you, any where any time … NOW THAT smell has a SPECIAL competitor … DONALD TRUMP himself !!

    Apparently, DT creates stunning odors that can cause tears in someone’s eyes that is in arms length of his over-worked Depends, this could explain why people interview him while he is 10-12 feet away … I imagine, during his new trials, he will be encouraged, by his own panic attacks to add to this situation in the most direct manner …

    Trump’s showing his bigger loss of focus every minute, I suspect the SS group that is required to accompany the Shit Gibbon to court may arrange a cloud burst of Lysol Air deodorizer around him so they don’t puke themselves …

    No matter what, there is every possibility Trump will NOT be able to control his flapping jaws in a court listing all his crimes in great details … The circus is about to come to town on that huge steam engine train and popcorn is ready to go …

  3. Lawrence’s In-One, straight to the camera essays like this one are what he does best.
    Thoughtfully written, sincerely delivered, often reminding us about what might be going through the inner voices of his subject. Glad he’s on the side he’s on.

    The Bonus Takeaway: β€œPink Ears” is a nickname I’ll be using in weeks to come! 🐷


  4. if Trump decides to fake a medical issue to get out of court he will damage his all powerful macho man imge he projects to his cult members. they expect him to stride into court, glare everyone down an emerge victorious. if he weasels out of it that’s gonna hurt him with the people who matter to him. that said, he may be desperate enough to do it. those two opposing options are probably what’s thrashing around in his brain this weekend.


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