Pop Quiz! What’s the first thing a medical specialist does when you go to see him? A: He checks your medical records that his staff had your personal physician send over. The same thing if you change auto or home insurance companies. They pull up your payment and claim history. Why? Because they want to know what they’re getting into.

Donald Trump is a flaming moron. Just because of the fact that he himself is a totally self contained egomaniac with a purely transactional nature, he thinks everybody else is too. Whenever Trump has a problem, his attention is fixated on solving that problem, no matter how shortsighted that solution could be to him down the road. And once he’s made whatever correction is necessary, he immediately forgets all about it. And because Trump thinks that everybody else is just like him, they’ve all forgotten about it too.

Perfect example. Trump has already had his ass spanked by the New York judge in his civil fraud trial. Trump did a number on the judge’s law clerk on Bullsh*t Social, naming her and calling her prejudiced to him, and based on a picture of her and Senate Majority Leader Chick Schumer oni her Instagram account, accused her of being Schumer’s girlfriend. 

The judge was sure as hell more tolerant than I would have been. He lectured Trump on the fact that his words had impact on his followers. He told Trump he valued his court staff above all else, and put a gag order prohibiting him from making any reference to his court staff. He ordered Trump to remove all references to his law clerk, and banned him from making any public comments on his staff. You’ll notice that he didn’t include himself, or AG James, that comes with the job.

Being Trump, he complied but he didn’t comply. He had the post removed from his Bullsh*t Social page, but left it on his campaign website, like nobody would see it there. the judge pitched a righteous snit. Traitor Tot’s lawyers apologized, claiming it was an oversight, but the judge told them it was a $5000 oversight and reiterated his gag order.

being Trump, once he cut the check, he apparently forgot all about it. Because he did it again today. In a fit of anger over Michael Cohen’s testimony, on the lunch break he told the media that the trial was A disgrace. The whole thing. You have a judge on the bench who is totally biased against me, and sitting next to him is someone who may be even more biased to me. The person who sits next to the judge is his law clerk.

Before the afternoon session began, the judge ordered Trump to the stand to be sworn in. He then asked His Lowness just who Trump had referred to as being even more biased against him than the judge. Trump replied, Michael Cohen Your Honor. To which the judge replied, I find your answer unbelievable. At which time he fined Trump $10,000, and told him bluntly, If this happens again, the consequences next time will be much more severe. He then added the final warning, I’m not about to have somebody killed as a result of this trial. When court resumed Trump’s lawyer asked the court to grant a summary judgement to dismiss the case, since the prosecutions star witness was unreliable and unbelievable. The response was sharp and to the point, Get real. There’s enough evidence here to fill the courtroom! At which point Trump stormed out of the courtroom, leaving the Secret Service scrambling in his wake, and calling for his motorcade.

Here’s the McGuffin. Because El Pendejo Presidente is totally egocentric, he looks at this whole thing as something personal between him and the judge. And if you look at it in that light in his eyes, nobody else is paying the slightest bit of attention. And unfortunately for his dumb ass, nothing could be further from the truth.

Because right now The Cheeto Prophet has not one, not two, but four different criminal coirt judges most likely reluctantly awaiting his appearances before them. There’s the judge in New York state court waiting to try Trump for fraud in the Manhattan DA’s case, the state judge in Fulton County, Georgia waiting to try Trump on RICO election fraud charges, and two different federal court judges waiting to put Trump away for criminal charges in Florida and Washington, DC. And while it might be a News Flash! to The Cheeto Prophet, none of them live in an informational or media blackout.

What the legal imbecile Trump, and his pound puppy lawyers have done over he last two weeks is to give each one of these judges a detailed map of what to expect then the circus comes to town. Because every goddamned time that Trump shows up in court, it’s a guaranteed three ring circus. But only when it suits him. You’ll notice that Il Douche didn’t bother to show up in court personally for the E Jean Carrol civil sexual assault trial. That struck too close to home, it was too personal, he knew he was going to lose, and he couldn’t fundraise off of it. But all of these are either charges against his business, his ego soul, or state and federal criminal charges, so Trump is likely relishing the fight in order to claim political martyrdom.

But what the legal imbecile is really doing is writing a Criminal Discipline For Dummies tutorial for all four of these judges. The current New York civil fraud trial judge is graphically showing the other four assigned judges just what will and will not work with this flaming muckbill. And if there’s one thing that judges everywhere loathe, it’s disobedience and disrespect in their courtroom. And that’s Trump’s calling card.

Here’s the 411. Traitor Tot is having a ball f*cking with the judicial system for his own personal amusement and fundraising goals. But he’s putting on public display his responses to judicial rebukes. And being an imbecile, Trump is failing to recognize, and see the danger in one simple fact.

Trump’s current case in New York is a civil case, which means that Trump is not required to appear in court every day. If the judge threatens to jail him, he can simply scoot back to Florida. But the criminal trials require him to be in court every day once jury selection starts. And if he acts out, and pisses the judge off, they could place him in house arrest, restricting him in his off trial hours to his local residence, and slapping an ankle bracelet on him to enforce compliance. And since Trump has already shown that he doesn’t respond to $5,000-10,000 fines, they can expedite the process to $50,000-100,000 fines, and then slap the bracelet on him. And he’ll be stunned, since Trump is beyond accountability. 

And Trump will go batsh*t. Because Hair Twitler has spent his entire life having absolutely no accountability for his actions, and now suddenly he is finding that he has accountability for all of his actions. And if Trump can’t do what he’s instinctively done for 50 years now, then he isn’t Trump anymore. This should be fascinating to watch going forward. Especially with bargain basement lawyers who can’t kiss judicial ass because Trump requires them to be as insane as he is.

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  1. On the positive note…all this horsesh*t will fill law school curriculums for years to come, and, as they used to say, you ain’t seen nothing YET.

    • I hadn’t thought of that! Good call. It’s a warning to narcissists everywhere.
      Trump is exposing all narcissistic courtroom traits for the future!!!!!

  2. “But, your honor, I’m running for President.” /s

    Goes along with “Honey, your bathtub is running.” “Better go catch it, toots.”

  3. On that part about just “scoot back down to Florida,” I don’t think it’s all that easy. A contempt of court charge, even in a civil case, still brings a potential for actual jail time. It’s usually not a hardship, lasting only as long as the person refuses to apologize for whatever infraction brought on the charge; of course, since Trump never apologizes for anything, that could amount to a life sentence.
    Bear in mind that failure to pay alimony or child support is considered a form of “civil contempt” (even if the person in “contempt” is legitimately unable to pay, such as being laid off or fired) and, in a lot of places like Florida, failure to pay can get you put in jail. So I don’t think Trump can get off quite so easily if the judge holds him in contempt. Even if you’re just a spectator to a civil trial, if you piss off the judge enough, you’re liable to be spending some time behind bars. (Usually, the court will simply be cleared of all non-essential persons if there’s a massive disruption but individuals thought to have provoked or inflamed the situation can still go to jail.)

    • I think the problem lies with getting Trump back in NY state where he found be arrested & put in court. If he scoots off the Florida, the bailiffs can’t come &get him. I don’t think he can be extradited for something like that either. My legal knowledge amounts to: I know what they show on tv isn’t REALcourt procedure with prosecutors making uninterrupted commentary etc. But for contempt of court, if he gets on a plane before bailiffs grab him, I don’t think they can do much untilhehss to comeback for the criminal case. IfI’m wrong, please don’t hesitate to school me.

  4. Joseph…if your under child support, no matter the reason you are behind, like unemployment, you get 30 days in the slammer until you can come up with the money to post bail. That’s my experience. Oh, and in Durham, it was a thousand dollars. If you’re broke enough to not have the money in the first place, a thousand is insane. So you get to spend time in county lockup with killers, rapists, thieves, people charged with violent assault, etc., all waiting for court. Happens daily across America while the court treats this POS like he’s king.

  5. we have a defendant who is historically incapable of successfully defending himself. That Jack Smith and his team have created a courtroom nightmare in which—absent a MAGA Trumpster somehow getting on the jury to hang a potential verdict—Donald Trump has no escape. This is a reality not to be glided over.


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