Being smart is good, being wise is better, but being teachable is a basic necessity in life and Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have that characteristic. He simply cannot learn from the 60-some dismissed lawsuits and from the recent failure in Maricopa County to unearth the fraud that he promised people for many months was there to be found.

Nevertheless, Trump is undaunted. Now he is swiveling his sights and focusing on Pima County. What was that line about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Oh yeah, that’s the definition of insanity.

As you’ve read through this lunacy you have noticed the name of Dr.  Shiva Ayyadurai. The doctor is quite a piece of work. He’s run for Congress, unsuccessfully, twice, claims to be the inventor of email, is a COVID-19 denier and a defender of the use of he “N” word. Now he’s in the election audit racket. Maybe he’ll try again for Congress. After all, Mike Pence lost twice when he ran for Congress and then he saw the light and realized that becoming born again was the ticket to a lot of votes. Maybe election fraud will do for Ayyadurai what religion did for Pence. It helps to have the right con going in politics, no question about that. Daily Beast:

Although Ayyadurai’s involvement with the audit was not public knowledge until this month, his contracts with the state senate and Cyber Ninjas were among thousands of pages of audit-related documents released during a lawsuit by the transparency group American Oversight. Those contracts, first reported by the Arizona Republic, showed Ayyadurai’s company striking two $50,000 deals to “review” ballots, beginning in July.

Neither Ayyadurai nor a spokesperson for the audit returned requests for comment.

That spokesperson, Randy Pullen, told the Republic that Ayyadurai had first come to his attention when he made a presentation at an event hosted by former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani in November 2020. Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem (R) later introduced Ayyadurai to people involved with the Arizona audit, Pullen said. (Finchem, who did not immediately return requests for comment, is a staunch audit supporter, and sold T-shirts this year in support of election fraud claims. He tweeted pictures of himself among a raucous crowd outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 and released text messages between himself and an organizer of the Jan. 6 rally, although he has not been accused of a crime and there is no evidence he entered the building.)

Other documents from the American Oversight lawsuit suggest a long-standing relationship between Ayyadurai and pro-audit Arizona legislators.

“‘The Legislature has received voluminous evidence and testimony,” reads a Jan. 1 letter to then-Vice President Mike Pence, signed by 10 Arizona lawmakers (including Finchem). “One example is the testimony of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D. (M.I.T.), on Nov. 30, 2020; Dr. Ayyadurai is one of the most respected mathematicians and experts in pattern recognition in America engaged in the examination of election results in all of the contested states. He concludes that the only explanation for the actual voting results in Arizona is that 130 percent of Democrats voted for candidate Biden and a -30 percent voted for President Trump, and 100 percent of Republicans voted for President Trump, with ‘no party affiliation’ voters split 36 percent for Biden, 58 percent for the president. In his words, such a demographic distribution is ‘highly implausible.’”

In fact, Arizona election officials have repeatedly confirmed Biden’s victory in the state—and Ayyadurai’s reputation is significantly more controversial than the glowing letter suggested.

A tech entrepreneur, Ayyadurai claims to have invented email in the late 1970s. The claim has drawn skepticism from technologists, who note that email technology was already in use at the time. In 2018, Ayyadurai ran for Congress as an independent against Sen. Elizabeth Warren, in a campaign that saw him rub shoulders with far-right figures. During an appearance on a white nationalist’s YouTube show, Ayyadurai repeatedly used the n-word, defending its usage because “we’re all n—ers on the white liberal deep state reservation.” An open neo-Nazi who has called for the murder and torture of Jews was also a guest on the same episode, although not at the same time. Elsewhere during his ill-fated campaign, Ayyadurai retweeted a QAnon slogan. He also participated in a 4chan-flavored ritual with an alt-right personality who had previously attended the deadly Charlottesville white supremacist rally and (the day before meeting with Ayyadurai) had tweeted a Nazi-themed football meme. He won less than 4 percent of the vote.

There you have it, Trump’s newest political bedfellow. And are you ready for this? Reince Priebus might bring the guy in to audit Wisconsin.

“They’re indicating they’re going to bring in Dr. Shiva, as well, to help on the forensic audit,” Priebus said.

As you have probably read, the Republican Accountability Project is displaying Trump Lost signs and calling for an end to these absurd audits. They have their work cut out for them.





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  1. They counted the votes in AZ at least twice, and Biden won both times.

    Someone needs to get the former guy in a 30-day (at least) evaluation.

  2. Whoever can shut that orange sh*t-gibbon up should not only get a medal, they should also get a federal holiday in their honor. Former guy is the stupidest m.f. I’ve seen in a long while. I keep thinking he cannot display something more idiotic and then he proves that the bottom of that barrel could hold all the matter in the universe.

    • True but is he really any more evil & idiotic than the school board in Texas making teachers pledge to teach opposing views to the fucking Holocaust? WHAT IS THAT???? I wish I could transport those fuckers back to Germany when Patton made those asshats dig up the mass graves. Or how about the head of the police union in Chicago comparing vaccine mandates to the nazis. It’s been decades since I dropped acid, which Always was like I’m Alice falling into the rabbit hole, but this insane shit makes acid seem like a walk in the fucking park. People who have been straight their whole life, like the army of lawyers turned politicians, don’t have the balls for this fight. They are deer in the headlights, thinking logic, reasonable arguments, social politeness, etc.,will win this fight with demons that look eerily like humans. They aren’t. They are EVIL. Germany was full of nice, obedient dead people by 1945. Only warriors of various ilks will ever have a possibility of turning the wheel b4 we plunge off the cliff.

  3. Talk about an exercise in futility. Pima County has been solid blue for decades. Gore won Pima County by 8% over Bush in 2000. Kerry won Pima County by 6% over Bush in 2002. Obama won Pima County by 6% over McCain in 2008. Obama won Pima County by 6.9% over Romney in 2012. HRC won Pima County by 13.6% over Trump in 2016. Biden won Pima County by 18.7% over Trump in 2020: 58.4% to 39.7%, 304,981 votes for Biden to 207,758 votes for Trump. That’s a 97,223 vote margin in Pima County for Biden. All valid and completely certified by the Pima County GOP rep.

    But this was never about TFG “finding votes” to win Arizona. It’s all about (1) continuing the Big Bad Lie ruse to scam the brainwashed Trump cult members about of their $$$, so TFG could help pay off his multi-billion $ debt to Putin; and (2) because TFG knows deep down inside he’s been a loser/failure all his life and a 2-bit carnival con and his puny ego can’t stand having to admit (in public) being the failure that he knows is is and always will be.

    • According to Wiki, Pima County has been a solid-blue area since 1996, with the Democratic candidate winning outright majorities (Clinton even had an 11-point margin of victory over Bush in 1992, though he only won 45.68%).

  4. So the DoJ knew about the ‘fraud’ in November – but the orange carbuncle was still squatting in the White House until January – which means that HIS DoJ didn’t take action


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