This is one of those moments that Trump’s campaign people wish were not caught on camera. This is the visual equivalent of a hot mic and an unfortunate comment. WTH was Donald Trump thinking when he did this? He was at the LIV golf tournament this weekend, and yes, he held up a book, just like he did during Holy Week. But it’s a very different kind of a book. But I guess the publishers of Playboy will be relieved to know that he didn’t attempt to charge $60 for it — or maybe he did, and we’ll find the audio to this clip later.

Now, this is a first, even for Trump: He’s probably the only man in history who has ever autographed both copies of the Bible and Playboy Magazine.

My favorite Trump body comparison is Rock Hudson. Everybody remembers him except the possibly very young and even those have seen a few classics like Giant. Hudson was 6’4″ and 220 lbs. so he and Trump were almost identical — and I’m sure everybody has seen that comparison for years, Trump and Rock, ne c’est pas?

And I daresay that Melania would be happy to give Mace the job — job of surrogate wife, job of legal wife, VP, who cares?

This idiocy was also released this weekend, along with the Saudi golf tournament. This is the head of conservative thought, the fellow who took John Eastman’s place, proselytizing all this. It’s incredible to see propaganda like this in America but here we are. The internet brings many blessings and also many curses and this is one of the latter.

If you care, there’s about an hour or two of this, in two YouTube videos, and Trump featured them both prominently on Truth Social. This is the indoctrination of the troops, right here.

Now you know where Donald spent his weekend. What you don’t know and it would be so good to know, is how much of the supposed $50M that he collected from the fundraiser was actually collected from the Saudis this weekend?

Here’s Trumpty doing his little dance after he waddles down the stairs. At least we were spared the transgender body builder schtick. Let us thank heaven for small favors.

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  1. Ok magats, justify your mango-moron messiah displaying a copy of playboy…oh, and with a pic of him on the cover. Please point out where in your jeebus bible, the l. greenwood edition would also be ok, it tells you people the messiah will come bearing a porno magazine having posed for the cover of it. I expect it is near the section mentioning how the mango-moron messiah will commit adultery multiple times, grab women’s genitalia, and steal/grift from all and sundry…by these acts ye shall know him. amiright?

    magats are dumber than dog shit.

    • I’m old enough to remember when Republicans (and more than a few Democrats of “faith”) went batshit insane over then Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter sitting down to be featured one month in the Playboy Interview. This was well before the “Christian Coalition” formed and then the unholy alliance/bargain it entered into with Reagan I might add. For those who don’t know yes, Playboy was best known for the pictorials of beautiful women in the nude. Back in the day it also contained some excellent journalism and other interesting articles. Not to mention great cartoons and jokes. But let’s face it, it was the naked women that made the magazine so famous and widely read and this just freaked out people who sat piously in church every Sunday and so often spent the rest of the week screwing over others in search of a buck. Or ignoring social injustice, the poor and so on. And, as I said Carter’s interview was treated as scandalous even by many Democrats. “Lust in one’s heart” even became a national punchline for a long while. Now of course, a GOP politician that boinks Playmates and porn stars is something that prompt’s a “heh hee, look who he tapped” attitude. But if a Democrat were to do so, even (horrors! where’s my fainting couch) MARRY someone who’d done a little porn when she was college age and left it behind they’d scream to high heaven about morality and “the CHILDREN! How do we explain it to the CHILDREN? Makes me want to puke.

  2. “And I daresay that Melania would be happy to give Mace the job — job of surrogate wife, job of legal wife, VP, who cares?”

    Not without getting a major buyout first. And given Trump’s current financial situation (more appropriate to say, “woes”), I don’t think he’s got the kind of money Melania is going to want for him to buy out her contract.

  3. Trump is effeminate (adjective)(of a man or boy) having traits, tastes, habits, etc., traditionally considered feminine, as softness or delicacy. A wuss….a weak, girly-man. Not manly, not strong. Actually, most of the RW men are the same, pretenders to be strong.


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