Trump Furor Coming: Way Down in FOX NEWS Approval Poll!


On the cusp of mass shootings, and sour economic news – not all of which could possibly be baked-in to the polls, some teeth gnashing Tweets are sure to spring from Trump’s Twitter account after seeing his “Disapproval ratings” on the Fox News’ Poll to be one point shy of its all-time high at 56% “Disapproval.” At the same time, his “Approval” ratings dropped three points to 43% from just a month ago.

Forty-three percent of respondents said they approve of Trump’s job performance, down from 46 percent last month. The record low for Trump approval in Fox News’s polling is 38 percent, also from October of 2017.

Trump has the disapproval of a record number of men, at 53 percent, white men, 46 percent, and independents, 64 percent, according to the survey.

Researchers surveyed 1,013 registered voters nationwide from Aug. 11 to 13. The results have a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

That “August 13th” is a key day, as it was on that day that the markets and economic indicators demonstrated their full fury, diving down, making news that was almost impossible to ignore. As I said, that 43% number is “soft” and may be artificially high, as it cuts off some of the more dour economic stresses appearing later in the week.

These are not historical lows for Trump, the historical “Disapproval” number remains 37%, but it is the trend that we favor. When FOX has Trump at 43% approval, one can near count upon other polls demonstrating 2-3 fewer points. Republican presidents polling a negative 13 points on Approval/Disapproval from Fox do not get re-elected.

“Please, Jason, do persist.”


How about Fox News polls demonstrating that every major Democratic candidate kicks Trump’s ass?

he poll found Trump with 39 percent support among registered voters in head-to-head matchups against Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). The poll found Sanders beating Trump with 48 percent, Warren winning over Trump with 45 percent and Harris winning with 46 percent support.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile, beat Trump in the theoretical matchup with 50 percent support among those surveyed, compared to Trump’s 38 percent.

Sooo …

I will also note, that Elizabeth Warren might well be polling less than the others only because many independents and even conservatives have heard Trump beat her up for a while, but have not heard her speak. Our Professor Warren is an excellent teacher, and I suspect that once people hear more from her, her numbers might approach Joe Biden’s.

Regardless, the excellent news is to be celebrated. Trump is trending the wrong direction, and will act accordingly: Bizarrely.

Moreover, none other than Fox News is demonstrating that Trump is facing an ass-kicking next year, lest he change his tune.

Which he cannot do.

So, that’s good news, too.


Peace, y’all.


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  1. I will continue to watch Trump’s crazy stable barely fluctuating approval be stable and barely fluctuating, lol. He’s got a pretty solid floor (for now).

    I don’t know what would cause his approval to break below the floor…especially in an election year where the base is rallied. Economic news seems like a decent bet. I don’t know…it’s like he’s already tried every idiot thing we assume would create low ratings – scandal, racism, gaffes, crimes, incompetence, lack of accomplishment, etc. Seems like only the big stuff is going to break his support.


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