You know, maybe it’s because I’m not a clinical sociopath with Messianic tendencies, but I’ve managed to learn my limitations. Traitor Tot is 77. I’m only 66, but then again His Lowness is a very stable genius. I’ve got 11 years on El Pendejo Presidente, but I’ve already learned that I can handle one task, while holding a conversation, and not f*ck anything up. It’s called learning your limitations. But since Trump is The Cheeto Jesus, obviously he has none.

Perfect example. As we speak, a mentally unstable, 77 year old dotard is busy trying to balance a run for President, a desperate attempt to keep his fat ass out of the clink, with criminal indictments on four different fronts, Manhattan, Fulton County, Georgia, South Florida and Washington DC. All that sh*t is enough to keep a Cray supercomputer occupied, much less a 77 year old dotard.

But there’s one small detail he’s missing. A week from Monday, opening arguments will start in New York Superior Court for the civil lawsuit that New York Attorney General Letitia James filed against Traitor Tot, his children, and listing the Trump Organization as a criminal organization under the state’s RICO statutes.

So far, you’ve heard El Pendejo Presidente railing away at Jack Smith and Fulton County DA Fani Willis on his Bullshit Social platform, and in his sparse speeches, But he’s pretty much been radio silent about Tisha James and the NY AG’s suit. And for a good reason. James can’t lock him up, while Willis, Smith and Bragg can. He still sees the NY AG’s suit, even at this late date, as something he can buy his way out of.

This is a miscalculation of goliath proportions. Because Letitia James is coming for bear. And while Smith, Willis and Bragg can lock him up, Letitia James can do something that would hit Trump even harder than the threat of prison. Letitia James can make. him. poor.

In her lawsuit James is asking for some $250 million in fines against the Trump organization for their fraudulent business practices. That includes penalties against Trump, and his adult children, John Jr., Eric, and Ivanka. $250 million is a hefty fine, but the least of His Lowness’s worries.

Because one of the sanctions that James is requesting is that the state of New York pull the business license for the Trump Organization. And if she gets that, and it stands up on appeal, then The Mango Messiah, and all of his monkey spawn are sh*t out of luck when it comes to the family fortune.

Because while Franken Trump may bellow about his billionaire status, he also has proudly proclaimed himself The King of Debt. Which is the problem.

Here’s how the scam works. Trump puts up some front money, and then immediately goes to friendly banks and outside investors to put together the minimum amount necessary to be able to buy the property. Once he owns the property, Trump immediately goes out to a bank and takes out a 2nd mortgage, for up to 80% of the property’s value. He pockets that, paying himself and his children a handsome salary, while the remainder sits on his bottom line, and provides him with the seed money for his next boondoggle. But Trump’s billions are a mirage. The building is worth $600 million. but $480 million of that belongs to the bank that holds the 2md mortgage! Trump’s actual wealth is 20% of the value of the actual property value.

If Letitia James gets her conviction, and the Trump Organization is barred from doing business in New York state, Trump is going to have to sell those properties, since his organization is no longer licensed by the state to manage them. And an $800 million piece of property nets His Lowness a measly $160 million.

This is the problem. Trump’s properties may be worth billions, but when you have to shear out 80% at the time of closing, Trump is left with bupkis. Under that kind of pressure, the entire organization will collapse.

This is Trump’s dilemma. He’s so busy already kicking off his general campaign against Biden, and trying to coordinate maximum delay tactics for his criminal trial that he’s completely forgotten about the NY AG’s case. His lawyers appeared in NY court yesterday, and got their heads handed to them by an obviously pissed off judge. The trial will go forward.

And while Trump is distracted by his bad tempered run for the White House, his obnoxious posts and speeches, and his impending criminal trials, long before he goes to criminal trial in March in DC, his empire may be melting away from him. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Don’t forget that E.Jean Carroll is suing him.again for defamation because of his lies,about sexually assaulting AFTER a jury already found him guilty of bothering sexual.assault AND defamation. Trump they pry whined to.The judge who told him to.sit down and shut up because he had already lost that battle, and all that remains to be decided by a jury was how much *more* he owes her for continuing to.defame *after * the first co-founder because the Big Mouth Bass couldn’t shut up and kept on singing.


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