Trump: “If the FBI had Spies in My Campaign It Is a Disgrace to our Country” …He’s Doing It, The Power Grab


“If they had spies in my campaign it would be a disgrace to our country, it would be a crime, and the biggest scandal in our country’s history.”

Donald Trump, Current President

Jesus Christ as an MSNBC analyst, the above was said by the President of the United States of America. The President of the United States has put himself in charge of the investigation of the investigation. The FBI-DOJ made an agreement (one we hope can later be explained) to share “sensitive intelligence” with REPUBLICAN leaders of congress, EXCLUDING DEMOCRATS from the information. The meeting will be Thursday. Today, the identity of the spy was released by two papers that had been holding the information for weeks. Convenient for Republicans, because now they can work on tearing him down.

As Chuck Todd just said, if this was any other country, we’d call this a constitutional crises. If it was a dictatorship, we’d say this is precisely how Putin handles things like this. Here, in the U.S. under the Trump administration, it’s called “Tuesday.”

I already wrote the most thorough damned analysis on the subject this morning, and yet it seems to need re-enforcement this afternoon, because Trump was so damn glib, about his “fake” outrage as he made comments from the Oval Office. (Trump has very little knowledge of anything, but he does sure as shit know that he is dead as a chicken wing if the real stuff gets out.) When I wrote this morning, I didn’t know that only Republicans would be invited to the meeting to discuss this evidence. I presumed that couldn’t happen in America – honest to dog. Has the President just announced that he’s taken over the country, and there’s fk all you or anyone else can do about it?

I have a couple questions for Republican Senators and Congressmen. Which Republicans in the Senate and House actually care that the White House is corrupt beyond what Americans could have previously conceived? Which ones are bothered by the fact that Trump “ordered” (as opposed to ask for) the investigation? Which ones think it’s wrong for the White House to essentially demand to see the evidence against it? And then managed to twist it such that the meeting will include Senate/House Republicans  only, Democrats flat barred?

Because the only thing I know is that some surely exist, but they’re all keeping their damn mouths shut. The longer they keep their mouths shut, the more they look like accessories after the fact to an illegal takeover.

In every crises in government or the market, there’s a golden rule, “Don’t panic. But, if you do panic, panic first.” I am starting to feel like we’re sitting right there.

“We” is anyone, even those Republicans, who care that we might well be watching the country be stolen by these Republicans, in broad daylight. Again, this morning, I said the constitutional crises was lit by the tweet announcing the order to investigate his “political threats” on Sunday. This afternoon, hearing Trump’s quotes, hearing the response from the Democrats (total outrage, with total lack of power as minority in both houses), hearing that Repubs will exclude Dems from seeing the evidence, I am starting to think that “panic first” means going straight to the Federal Courthouse in D.C. and finding a U.S. District Court judge to order an emergency injunction against the order and meeting, by tomorrow.

What else?

I mean what the fck else? I’m sorry about the language, but the crushing seriousness of this is driving something intense inside of me, and a lot of other people in the country.

Ah, one other thing, a response to the “president” who said if the FBI had a spy on its campaign, it would be a disgrace, I would say; Wrong, Jackass, sir – I would say that the FBI investigating the possible infiltration and blackmailing of a man who would be elected president might be the FBI’s finest hour, because that’s their damn job.

Their job is to stop criminals. If you were not a criminal, they wouldn’t have been there, sir. Jackass. If you were not a criminal, you wouldn’t care even if they were there.

You happen to be the disgrace. The one thing I sorta hold soft to my heart, the one little “warm feeling” I get about all of this, is that I suspect that you know all-too-well, that if everything ever comes out, and comes out fairly and fully, you already know that you’ve disgraced the office that you actually didn’t want to win. You didn’t want it because you knew the real you, the real disgrace.

Now we do, too. Time to panic.


Chuck Schumer just addressed the press and called the move “outrageous” and demanded that for every Republican present, a Democrat need be there. He IS furious. Trouble is, I can’t figure out what he can do about it other than be on TV every 10 minutes, telling the whole world, AND seeking the court injunction.


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  1. The so-called Spy, was investigating Russians, not the criminal running for office. Had the Russians not been involved with DJ Trump, (the most dangerous clown in the circus) then he wouldn’t have been investigated, even coincidentally. To brand the investigation of foreign interference into a US election, as one of the investigation of a particular candidate, is to admit collusion, and violation of the Constitution. If Trump retains his office, after this one, we need to make it treason to vote Republican.


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