Hello darkness our old friend, it’s time to talk with you again. We need insight into one of the darkest corners of the known universe, namely the inside of Donald Trump’s mind. What we know for a fact is that Donald is bouncing off the walls right now, motivated by the four Ds, to wit, Desperation, Delusion, Dementia and Drugs. Any one of those will mess up somebody’s life but you put them together and you’ve got one heady, toxic cocktail. Listen to Donald’s assessment of the 2024 three-way race for president and his predictions about same and you’ll see how all four elements come into play.

Let’s parse through Trump’s little fantasy land communique, shall we? Trump claims to have “the center, the right, and the left of center.” Wrong. He’s got the far-right loony MAGAs, minus the ones that are miffed at him for his vaccine stance. Trump’s ego really tripped him up that day. He simply had to get on the tube and brag about Project Warp Drive and how terrific he was in getting a vaccine in the world — evidently forgetting that his conspiracy theorist allies were busy making YouTube videos on how the vaccine gave you everything from heart attacks to infertility. That was a baaad slip up on Trump’s part and RFK Jr. is now the beneficiary.

As to Trump and the center of the Republican party, he lost most of them in 2020. And the ones he didn’t, he sure as hell lost after January 6, 2021. And as to have any portion of centrist democrats, the “left of center” OMG, that’s a howler. Where does he get this stuff? Does he still have the same set up with his aides that he had in the White House, which was that the aides would tell him good news so he wouldn’t get upset and have another tantrum, and if they had bad news to convey, they wedged it in between pieces of good news? This “left of center” sounds like something thrown in there to placate the lunatic.

And do not expect this aspect of 2024 to get any saner. The Trump/Bobby Junior love tryst is one of the weirdest you’ve ever seen.

Trump has made no secret of how much he wants Kennedy on the ballot, praising him on different occasions. But Kennedy’s recent actions seem to be more in line with Trump’s right-wing ideology. Kennedy has claimed that Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than Trump and attracted praise from MAGA ideologues Roger Stone and Steve Bannon, and his donors are almost exclusively Republican.

He also downplays the role of guns in mass shootings, claiming that antidepressants and video games are bigger factors, and keeps having to correct his words about the January 6 Capitol rioters—possibly because one of his advisers, his former New York campaign director Rita Palma, may have been one.

Palma even recently told a meeting with New York Republicans that the Kennedy campaign’s number one goal was to siphon votes from Biden. She was fired Thursday.

Now that was poetic justice. Of that I approve. Politics is a down and dirty game, that’s nothing new to anybody remotely familiar with it, but actually publicly announcing that you’re part of a spoiler campaign is enough to blow the minds of even the most cynical and jaded amongst us.

And Trump hasn’t said anything about Bobby’s Ukraine ideas. He knows another hot button topic to avoid when he sees it.

“Whole thing is an epic fraud. Kennedy is spouting Russian propaganda, is now openly betraying the country,” said political strategist Simon Rosenberg, referring to the candidate’s recent comments about Russia’s claim that it aims to “de-Nazify” Ukraine.

“RFK Jr.’s campaign is saying the quiet part out loud,” Matt Corridoni, spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee, told CNN. “As the saying goes, when people show you who they are, believe them: RFK Jr.’s campaign isn’t building a plan or a strategy to get 270 electoral votes, they’re building one to help Trump return to the Oval Office.”
Team Biden needs to use all this to their advantage and show how obvious it is that Bobby Junior is not only deranged and a fraud, he’s running a spoiler campaign.


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  1. Well, I heard from very reputable sources that Trump’s planning to get Kennedy for his VP and that’s why Trump hasn’t been attacking Kennedy. Obviously, Trump wanted John-John but since John-John never made that public reappearance a couple years back, he decided to go with the only (living) Kennedy who might be amenable.

    Now, you may be asking, “Who are these ‘reputable sources’?” Why, they’re the ones I hear in my head every so often. They do seem to be far more accurate than the mainstream media but, your mileage may vary. I will stand by my sources right up until Trump proves them wrong. (By the by, it may qualify as a “conspiracy theory” but I think it’s a damned good one to throw out there.)

  2. Plus, who wants to listen to THAT voice for the next four years.
    Every strained utterance is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

    • Omg, his voice is absolutely unbearable. We’ve had to listen to it for a few years now and it just never stops. His need for any kind of attention is too much. On top of running his mouth, most of it is lies, which just makes it worse. His family must be scared of him, or they’d be telling him how he embarrasses himself.


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