This is beyond the pale, except in Trump world. Nowhere else in American history are you going to find a scenario where a hyper wealthy defendant takes it into his mind that a normal person, a court clerk, doing the job she was hired to do, assisting a judge, is part of a sinister plot against him. And, moreover, deserves to be legally prosecuted for doing said job. And of course Trump includes his enemies Judge Arthur Engoron and the attorney general he loathes, Letitia James. They are all part of the sinister cosmic plot against the blameless Donald Trump.

He’s clearly not playing with a full deck, but the fact remains that he has sway with his cult and they now know — again — the name of the court clerk and she should get some protection if she hasn’t already. Trump is insane, his cult members are angry, and there are a lot of guns on the streets. Put all those elements together, anybody who runs afoul of Trump is in danger, but particularly normal, everybody people doing normal everyday jobs. Trump does not distinguish between players, apparently, people who are elected officials and who have some power in this world, and just the normal folks who make everything run. He’ll go for anybody’s throat if and when provoked. And the clerk’s crime? Why, she passes notes to the judge and Mr. Paranoia is reading God alone knows what all into that behavior.

There is nothing factual here that hasn’t been said any number of times before. Trump is a worn out record. He’s like those old 78 LPs that would become warped after a while and when they played, the music was all distorted. He’s doing nothing here except venting his spleen — once again, on the same facts and at the same people.

The only “new” thing is that he’s naming Greenfield, again, by name and in saying his enemies should be “sanctioned, prosecuted,” he’s sending a message to his cult that these are bad people and something should happen to them. That’s clear as glass.

I hope nothing happens between now and November 27, when the gag order issue will go before a full panel of judges, not just to these people but to anybody. Trump ungagged is a mad dog, foaming at the mouth and egging his followers on to bite, like the pack of rabid dogs that they are.

And the Republicans really do want to put this on their ticket. Although, who knows? Nikki Haley is coming along, maybe Birdbrain will defeat Trump. What a choice of candidates: a psycho fascist and a waffling, inconsistent phony. Terrific candidates, GOP. That’s because you’re such a terrific party.


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  1. This piece of shit needs to be put away. Put away or put out of his misery. Don’t really care at this point. Used to be I wanted him in prison for a long time so he could suffer. Now, just want him gone. Prison? Fine. Cardiac event? Also fine. Just so long as we are rid of his asinine screeds and constant misery-making behavior. Most people on the planet have some worth. This one has none.

    • No worth? He’s got NEGATIVE worth! Trump is a human form of toxic waste, a vile brew of radioactive and chemical pollution. And social media (and the news including mainstream news) means his explosions are versions of Fuel-Air bombs that spread the toxicity over a vast area.

  2. Well of course Trump has done this. It was only a matter of time that court clerk’s life will forever be negatively impacted. Not that that fucking appellate judge who “stayed” the gag order gives a shit. Some aspiring journalist that still hasn’t lost their idealism needs to start digging. Somewhere there’s a record of how that judge has gotten paid off. It will no doubt be in some indirect manner but that gag order was never going to be overturned on appeal. However, Trump wanted to get in some more shots and found a way to be able to do so.

    It would be nice to see the Chief Judge walk into court (especially if Trump is present) and set a bill for the security expenses for the clerk on the defense table, along with an estimate of future costs for a good long while.

  3. Lucky for us tramp dismantled the Oath Keepers and the Proud Biys by putting their leaders in prison for a couple decades.
    Who is his cult now? The toothless, uneducated, deplorable, idiots?
    They ain’t gonna save him. They ain’t gonna fight for him. They too poor, they’re too stupid. They are too dumb to form group strong enough to do what the Oath keepers and the Proud Boys did on Jan 6th. They are not leaders, they are followers. They have no leaders anymore, so they have no one to follow.
    It shows too.
    How many times has tramp called his people to each courthouse where he got arrested?
    And how many people actually showed up? Very few. Very few will go to work for a guy that got 1000 people put in prison for years.
    He has no one anymore that’d going to risk their freedom for him! Why should they? He didn’t help the ones who showed up to the capital, he got em all thrown in prison! There were no more pardons he could give because he lost. And he will continue to lose because he is a loser. He can scowl all he likes, he can attack and call people his kindergarten names, he can go on his failing social media site and use all caps and show his victim hood, but is anyone really listening to him anymore?
    He doesn’t have the support he had, and his social media site is running on empty and about to be dismantled, and he’s facing more trails, and prison time than he’s ever faced.
    I dare say he may even be suffering from some kind of diminished capacity because he can’t seem to remember who is who, who he ran against, where he is, or what planet he lives on. It was he himself who admitted he lives on a “large world no one knows about but him” a couple weeks ago to a crowd that went deathly silent.
    Perhaps the dementia both his parents suffered from is finally eating that big brain he always claimed he has.

  4. As a nitpick, “doxxing” refers to identifying a person’s personal information, not just their name.
    All I see in Trump’s deranged post is the clerk’s name and, as a postal worker who just had to take a refresher course in “personally identifiable information,” a name is NOT considered PII. For it to have been considered PII, Trump would’ve had to include her physical home address, home phone number, personal email address, Social Security number, driver’s license number, etc.
    Unless the clerk is the only person in the entirety of New York State with the name “Allison Greefield,” just putting out her name isn’t really “doxxing.” It does raise a concern for any other women who might have that name. Law enforcement in New York and neighboring states in the next 10 days or so might want to keep an eye out for ANY crime victims with names similar to “Allison Greenfield”–e.g., Alyson Greenfeld or Alison Grenfield; if any should happen to come up, then that would be some VERY relevant material to be presented on Nov 27. The Court might feel it’s just coincidental but the timing would (or should) not help Trump’s case, especially if anyone with that name was the victim of a particularly violent crime (assault, attempted murder, even a hit-and-run).

    • Right after he first attacked the clerk, one of his aides posted her name, address, and phone number, which
      doll-hands Donny promptly re-posted, legally doxxing her. The slurs and insults he hurls legally qualify his attack as a threat under criminal law. If he were being treated like any other defendant, or respondent, in civil court, he would be severely penalized. I won’t hold my breath.

  5. If the eyes are the windows of the soul, his reveals raw, unbridled malevolence without the faintest glimmer of intelligence. My most depressing thought is how so many people can be taken in by such a profoundly evil man.

  6. If anything happens, the idiot judges who stayed the gag order pending appeal will have blood on their hands. It was judicial malpractice to not leave the order in place while waiting to hear the appeal.
    Things, once said, cannot be unsaid.


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