Trump world is still focused on the E. Palestine, Ohio photo op. Not the tragedy itself, the toxic spill, the unwise elimination of regulations which led to the derailment, but the photo op, where Donald Trump did his first campaign ad of the 2024 election cycle.

Youย saw that already and Trump at the local McDonald’s passing out swag, MAGA caps, to the faithful.

And then the Secretary of Transportation made an appearance and a statement that went viral,ย encouraging Trump to back reversal of the deregulation that happened on his watch and here is what Trump has to say about that.

“He played to very small crowds.” There you have it, ladies and gentleman, the circus ringmaster has just defined for you exactly what took place, in his mind, and what it meant. It’s all about attention, you knew that. Forget the actual human tragedy, the cost in money or suffering to the community, that’s all piffle. The only important thing was that Trump was provided a chance to perform, and his audience was bigger than the other guy’s audience, end of story.

And it’s not the first time he’s tipped his hand and let us see this point of view. Not by a long shot.

No wonder Trump is talking so much about WWIII. Imagine the ratings! Yeah, the end of the world should get some really killer numbers, wouldn’t you say? Until we all melt, along with our TV sets.

We’re all extras and props in Donald Trump’s show. That’s the long and the short of it. And the MAGAs love the show. It speaks to something deep inside them. Trump is a stone cold loser, as are the hard core MAGAs. They want to see it all burn down and they want him to do it, so they can be a part of it.

Trump is the Republican party’s id, that is no new observation. He represents their dark side, their shadow.

What we see happening now is MAGA being cooked down to its essence, like a sauce. Reducing a sauce thickens and intensifies the flavor and that is what is happening to MAGA right now. The hard core are with Trump all the way. They’ll vote for him no matter what he says or does. As long as he’s alive and on a ballot, they’ll vote. The central question now is, how many of them are there really and how much do they define the GOP? If you think we want to know, yes, we do, but not like Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence and Nikki Haley want to know. The answer to this question is literally their political life or death.

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  1. For the former guy, it’s all about HIM: his crowd size, his TV ratings. But his voter ratings were so poor that he got cancelled – he can’t admit that.



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