I guess Donald was too busy playing golf all day, but he finally got around to addressing the international crisis in Ukraine and Russia. One would think that as the standard bearer for the Republican party and the leading contender for the GOP ticket in the next presidential election that this would have had a slightly higher priority, but what the hey. First golf, then the cheeseburger, then foreign policy, he’s a busy man, okay?

He knows what’s important to him and it’s not boxes and papers and all that shit that you people worry about. Sheesh. Get a life.

Here’s the earthshaking diplomatic assessment by the GOP chief intellect. Hang onto your chair now.

There you have it, friends, foreign policy a la orange. You can hear them belly laughing in Beijing.

Thank you, Captain obvious. Excuse me, I have to return to kneeling on the ground and thanking God that Joe Biden is in charge and not Trump or DeSantis.

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  1. Amen. Best observation on Putin’s blunder I’ve seen is he thought capturing Ukraine would be as easy as the Republican party. Putin and his pet monkey are both goners.

  2. Trump: “What’s that Russian guy’s phone number and how do you pronounce Prigozhin?”
    Trump on phone: “Is it alright to call you Gene?)”

  3. The next could be worse? I’m sorry but didn’t WE have the worst between 2017 and 2021? Sh*t, putie, this Wagner Group guy, they do not even come close to just how bad sh*t can be. So russia loses one oligarch and gets another. BFD.

  4. I’d organized some thoughts and was about to start writing an article about what Ukraine might or might not do due to the Coup in the works when news broke that a deal had been reached. (Has it? It remains to be seen whether Wagner will pull back or if butt-hurt Russian Generals who have born the brunt of Prigozhin’s criticism will stand down. Or if Putin even want them to) As for terms of the deal maybe Prigozhin was able to trade his life for returning to his roots. Remember, before becoming Putin’s “dirty military jobs” guy he was “Putin’s Chef.”

    “People say” someone was noted leaving the Russian embassy carrying what looked like a large greeting card – kind of a red, white & blue theme like maybe for our upcoming July 4. His car with the diplomatic plates was seen headed to the airport, but when it left there was only the driver. No passenger. The last airport video of the guy shows him headed towards where rental cars are located. Hmmm. Calls were made and someone looking quite similar showed up in Bedminster in a rental car bearing an enveloped like the one I described earlier. Again, hmmm. Look, I’m not claiming Putin had a note delivered to Trump, but I hear that “people say” that’s what happened!

    As for the note: a source claims it read something like this: Donald, we’ve both had some challenges lately and I know I haven’t been taking your calls. So I want to make it up to you. I have good friend who used to be my chef. Owned large food business. He needs change of pace and has agreed to return to food business and is starting catering company. Will give special discounted rate to you – I made him offer he could not refuse. He will contact you soon. Send contract. You’ll know it’s legit because will include our secret just between us mark. You didn’t lose special glasses when packing up to move I hope! Just sign and we can talk when things settle down for us both.”

    (If folks enjoyed that and would like to see part two let me know. I think it’s pretty good…)



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