Trump Cancels Summit He Set with Putin, Blames Mueller


We are utterly rudderless right now as a nation.

Today Trump abruptly backed out the Washington D.C. summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Trump himself proposed, all the while blaming the Mueller investigation, as if the Mueller investigation suddenly arose today, too. Per Raw Story.

“The President believes that the next bilateral meeting with President Putin should take place after the Russia witch hunt is over,” national security adviser John Bolton announced to reporters.

CNN analyst and Trump biographer, Michael D’Antonio characterized the president as “more afraid and confused than ever.”

“What are we supposed to do with this guy?” D’Antonio asked while openly laughing at the president. “Every single day, it’s like he’s spinning the wheel and it lands on a number, and it says, ‘Invite Putin.’ Then the next day it says, ‘Cancel the invitation.’ And who knows who’s whispering in his ear and if he’s paying attention.”

The wheel is in his head, run by a rat, that is sipping cocaine laced water. But, D’Antonio did provide the most solid explanation:

“I think he’s panicking,” the Trump biographer said. “This is a fellow who goes faster and is more erratic the more afraid he is. And this, to me, seems like he’s more afraid than he ever as been — and more confused.”

Yes, being hounded by prosecutors in all directions, knowing you committed the crimes they are accusing you of, and ones they don’t know about, all will take their toll.

“I think it’s everything,” D’Antonio replied. “I think he is afraid of Michael Cohen, I think he’s very afraid of Robert Mueller.”

He should be. Robert Mueller just demonstrated the level of knowledge he has regarding the entire operation in that last indictment, reaching within the Russian government to name names in their military, and their residences. Imagine what information he has on people in our government.

But this is all so damn humiliating. This isn’t how you’re supposed to run a corner gas station, never mind a nation. Incredibly, the world is relatively stable right now, almost as if every other nation that might make a squeak knows that a complete mad man has the legal authority to order around the United States military.

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