Donald Trump accepted an invitation to speak at the NAACP convention next week in Detroit, but now he’s not going. All American presidents are invited to participate in the convention, regardless of party affiliation. However, Trump seems to have developed a scheduling problem, or maybe his bone spurs are troubling him, because now he’s begging off. Remarkably, a straight journalistic account of the cancellation is being reported by Fox2. Maybe the local Detroit affiliate isn’t as nuts as the network?

“I very much wanted to go, but we had a date. The date got changed and unfortunately they wanted to do it in the form of a question and answer,” Trump said.

“He blew an opportunity quite frankly, but we will do our best to go on without him,” quipped Rev. Wendell Anthony.

Pointed sarcasm from Anthony, the NAACP Detroit Branch President. Anthony says it’s telling to him that Trump did not want to open himself up to questions.

“There is a format; every candidate has said that he or she would be glad to participate in,” Anthony said. “It’s beyond us as to why that would be of some discomfort for the president.

It wouldn’t be uncomfortable for anybody playing a straight game, or informed on the issues, but Trump is neither. This is all political theater and reality teevee to him. He has zero contribution to make in the actual world of governance, and that has been the case since day one. Anthony also said that the organization can make up it’s own rules, plus Trump isn’t being singled out from any other leader for a question and answer format. This is standard operating procedure.

“We are American citizens,” Anthony said. “We have a right to question our presidents and ask the leader of the free world what our future will be.”

Thursday after President Trump fielded questions on the appearance, he told reporters that African Americans have the best unemployment numbers in history.

“African Americans are doing the best they have ever done in the history of our country and it’s something to be really proud of, really proud of,” he said.

But, also this week the President was called racist by some political pundits for telling four female lawmakers of color to, quote, “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came from.”

FOX 2: “What is your comment on him being called a racist (which isn’t the) first time?”

“If it speaks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck – it must be a duck,” Anthony said.

That’s straightforward. In any event, there will be no shortage of leaders in Detroit for the convention. Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are already confirmed. All that Donald Trump did by canceling this appearance is make clear that he does not represent the black voter. He can tout his job numbers and take credit for creating them, and crow about how great black people have it with him in office, but his actions tell you everything you need to know. Maybe he could send Ben Carson as his proxy? Now, that would be amusing.

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    • That would have been one for the ages. Can you imagine this racist pig actually telling the NAACP how he’s on their side? It would have been gaslighting on steroids.

  1. Our Fox station is staffed by personnel from our NBC affiliate so it is more like NBC news instead of Fox…..all of the nut baggery remains off the screen.

    Concerning Dumb Quixote, cowerd’s gonna coward.

  2. So glad klansman-in-chief will not foul up the air in Detroit next week by attending the NAACP Convention. I guess he’ll be too busy to attend the National Urban League’s Convention in a few weeks as well. Please know that donald will NOT be missed!!!


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