If you need a textbook example of adding insult to injury, you can do no better than this. Donald Trump made his much ballyhooed visit to East Palestine, Ohio today. He’s using it as a photo op, or trying to at least, of how inept the Biden administration is, so he, Trump, the old war horse, the elder statesman, must come out of exile and go to the good Americans of Ohio to save them.

The build up has been going on for days, with Trump and his eldest son (who accompanied him on Trump Force One) both falsely claiming that FEMA did not arrive in Ohio until Trump announced that he would (by way of setting the stage of how inept the Biden administration is.) No, FEMA arrived the minute that Ohio governor Mike DeWine declared a state of emergency, because that’s the trigger that it takes for FEMA to go to work.

And what did Trump do, first thing, to assure the good citizens of East Palestine? He brings them Trump water. “You can’t make it up,” should be the tagline of his 2024 campaign, seriously.

At least he didn’t throw paper towels. Yet.

Now where did he get the Trump water? An old storeroom in Mar-a-Lago? He fished it out of boxes of classified documents?

Thirteen years is quite a while. I seriously do wonder where he dug this water up from. And look at the irony. 1) Trump caused the derailment in Ohio because he eliminated a regulation that Obama had put in place, to require an additional brake on trains carrying toxic chemicals; 2) I.e., that makes the derailment one of Trump’s failures; 3) He then brings in the Trump water, another business failure, to do a photo op. Unbelievable.

Now my next question is, where’s the Trump kool-aide? We’ve got the water, I want to know where the kool-aide is. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump kool-aide became his next marketing ploy. It would sell better than the NFTs, I dare say.

And this creature squatted in the Oval Office for four interminable years and seeks to return.

Consider this:

No, a photo op doesn’t fix things. But it is, nevertheless, the only tool that the Republicans have these days, in lieu of a platform. Trump will make this into a BFD as the campaign progresses. Whether it will do him any good, who knows?

But one thing you can depend upon: this is the level of engagement that Trump will remain at, because it’s the only thing he can do. He has no substance, never has had, so the photo op and the rally are his artforms. He’ll attempt to talk his way in office — as he did the first time. I personally don’t think it’s going to work, but it’s definitely going to be lit to watch. And infuriating, just like today.

Here’s a bonus clip of Don Junior lying. I include it, only so that you can see where the thought process is going with this, the war in Ukraine is being conflated with a toxic spill in Ohio and FEMA’s actions are being misrepresented. Politics has always been about shading things to put oneself in the most favorable light, but this is just plain mudslinging with a trowel.



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  1. “Trump Water.” I predicted this in a comment to an article here yesterday (or the day before). I even included a clip of him tossing paper towels in Puerto Rico, but the comment said he’d do something similar in OH and that although he was probably too fucking cheap to pay for labeling he’d donate (tax write off of course!) bottled water with his name on it. I guess even he knew how badly the paper towel thing played so he went with the water after all.

    Here’s the thing though. I’d forgotten all about the failed (of course) Trump Ice/Water venture a dozen years ago. But if pallets of it were sitting around somewhere it makes sense he’d have them dug out and trucked up to OH. Some MAGA goober(s) with trucks would have gladly done it – he’d have given them a tank of gas and “promised” to reimburse them for additional gas they’d need: just send him copies of receipts and a check would be in the mail “in a couple of weeks.” But this IS Trump we’re talking about and if he had labeled bottles he wouldn’t give it all away to a bunch of small town rubes in Ohio! Three or four pallets, and the cost of a couple of tanks of gas would be it.

    And here’s the second part. He spoke of not all of the water being his very special highest quality on earth Trump water, that (wipe fake tear) he’d had to resort to acquiring “much lower quality” water so there’d be enough (let’s say it worked out to one bottle per person in that town of what, three thousand people? WOW. Such generosity!) to go around. Here’s what I’m thinking: Someone went to some place that bottles water up around there and bought some. Just standard, generic water. And when asked what any labeling should say Trump, being the cheap motherfucker he is only sprang for ONE pallet with his name on the bottles and the rest had no labeling at all, or had labeling for some other person/org. that had never been picked up and had been just sitting around. Maybe for months, maybe a year or two in a warehouse. Hell, that’s probably what he asked for – stuff they had bottled up and labeled but had never been delivered/picked up and was just taking up space. That the plant just wanted to get rid of. Maybe THEY decided to donate it and get their own tax break, and let Trump take the public credit! In any case the whole thing is bullshit. An almost literal drop in the bucket of enormous need.

  2. The water probably came out of a tap somewhere nd just had Trump labels stuck on the bottles

    What all the screechers seem to ,iss is one very simple fact – Joe Biden’s trip to Kyiv wasn’t planned over a week or two – it took, in all probability, the minimum of a month’s planning and would have been well in hand before that train even started its run so any claim that East Palestine was ‘ignored’ is a load of taurine excrement.

    Why didn’t FEMA step in earlier? For a very simple reason – it’s a FEDERAL agency and the local staje governor hs to officially ASK for them. Biden offered FEMA help at the very start – and it was turned down.

    Never the less, MSG and her crazy cohorts will skim past those facts and screech that it was all the fault of those Dirty Dems


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