Oh dear Lord. The nurses are on break, and the inmates are off of their medication. After a delay of almost a month, due to the GOP House being unable to actually elect a Speaker for a week, which stalled committee assignments and staffing, the GOP is finally getting their vaunted oversight congress into gear.

And oh my God, what a shitshow. A House subcommittee bogged down into a schoolyard pissing contest over how many times the members of congress needed to stand up and take the Pledge of Allegiance to prove their loyalty to America. Members take the pledge every morning when congress convenes. The sub committee chair wanted them to do it again in hearing. Democrat David Cicilline objected to admitted insurrectionists like Machine Gun Marjorie and Gruppenfuhrer Gosar from leading the pledge. Sugar Daddy Gaetz looked every bit like the insignificant, substanceless loser weenie that he is.

In the House Judiciary Committee, thoroughly disreputable Chair Gym Bag Jordan nicknamed his first hearing as The Joe Biden Border Crisis-Part 1. Considering the fact that the Biden administration has largely been operating under rules proposed and enacted by Traitor Tot, this seemed rather facetious.

And late in the day, Jordan also announced that sometime next week, his prize baby, the House Subcommittee On The Weaponization Of The Government will meet. News Flash! That committee’s sole purpose is to spend the next two years drilling the same dry hole that Tubby the Ewok acolyte John Durham spent four years pissing into a fan, demolishing his career. What could go wrong?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2023 congress under GOP control. And just think, we haven’t even heard from the House committee on Hunter Biden’s Laptop yet, or the House Committee of why Rudy Giuliani Isn’t A Traitor committee yet either. And don’t even get me started on the Anthony Fauci Is A Mass Murderer Sub Committee.

Welcome to the New World Order folks. And I’m sorry, but I don’t know if I’m up to the challenge. I’ve been immersed in politics for 50 years. I know of what I speak, most times, and I’m a sarcastic, sardonic son of a bitch. But I’m used to looking at the normal mechanisms of government, and drawing attention to the occasional insanity of the process. But when the entire US House is insane, where do I even start? This is going to be a challenge, even for me.

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  1. And to think, we have 23 more months of this egregious sh*t to endure. It’s gonna take a lot of mind-altering substances to survive any more days like today.

  2. I know the whole world must think we’re a bunch of idiots … How do these idiots get elected ? I don’t think MTG even graduated from High School , they need to be given at least an IQ test .


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