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It started about 20 minutes ago. Joy Ann Reid on her show, The Reid Out, came out with a report that Donald Trump had come out on his Bullsh*t Social platform and announced that He had been indicted, and would be in Florida federal court on Tuesday at 2:00 PM.This of course led to speculation on the accuracy of Trump’s statement, since he blew it by a week the last time he tried to call his shot.

It’s Official. Ten minutes ago NBC broke with confirmation from a DOJ source that Traitor Tot has been formally indicted, and would appear in Miami federal court on Tuesday afternoon.

Sweet Jesus. I’ve been waiting seven long years to type those words, and it’s still hard to seem there and believe it. At this moment, while NBC News was able to confirm the fact that Trump has been indicted, there is no word as the number of counts, nor the individual charges. I would be surprised if the DOJ doesn’t have an official news conference with the details, which I’ll cover. Dear Lord, don’t touch that dial!

UPDATE: Apparently Traitor Tot is pitching a Trumper Tantrum on Bullsh*t Social. He has stated that he was indicted on seven counts, and that has been confirmed by independent confirmation, leading MSNBC to report it. Who knows, maybe El Pendejo Presidente will spill the rest of the beans tonight, ahead of any press conference. Stay tuned.

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  1. “…They’re coming to take me away…………!!!!”

    I wonder if the prosecution will point out that, as he has his own private jet, that he’s a flight risk? Either way he should have his movements restricted (preferably behind bars) but, worst case, banned from interstate travel during the hearings with the exception of his being extradited to face the other looming charges.

  2. Here comes the sun little darling…the Beatles
    Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus…his real name is Jack!

    • No, I got the best birthday present because today, Friday is my birthday. It is worth remembering that a squad of Russians trooped into Trump Tower at the request of Donnie John Junior seven years ago today. That should have put his ass and dozens of others behind bars way back when.


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