Maybe Donald Trump’s Adderall dosage isn’t right, because the following tweets would seem to be the product of a hyperactive mind, tottering on the brink — especially when taken in tandem with his thirty-four minute rant on the White House lawn where he bragged about being the Chosen One.

This is probably Trump’s addlepated notion of a way to stave off a recession. Ain’t it a shame that it’s not only 1. incomprehensible, 2. the opposite of free-market principles, 3. illegal as hell, because the government does not dictate to automakers, or anybody else, how much they can charge for their products. But Trump thinks he really knows something about the auto industry. He believes that he was named Michigan’s “Man Of The Year” because of the burning desire of Detroit automotive machers to honor him, for his stellar contribution to the field. The award doesn’t even exist and Trump has done nothing to help the auto industry — except in his dreams and sound bites. PoliticusUSA:

Donald Trump is showing signs of seriously losing his mind. There has been a great deal of hyperbole about the president’s mental state, and if one looks back over the last few decades, speculation about a president’s health has become a national hobby, but Trump’s tweet is very bizarre behavior. The Republican Party once accused Barack Obama of trying to nationalize the auto industry through a government bailout, but they say nothing when Trump tries to impose price controls on auto companies.

The tweet was likely part of a half baked Trump pitch to derail a recession by spurring auto purchases.

The only ideas that Trump is capable of [are] both un-capitalistic and un-American.

He’s clearly flailing, worrying about the economy, and you can expect that to get worse before it gets better — and things are only going to get better economically when he’s gone.

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  1. ….and the MAGAts all nodded their heads in agreement.

    It has always amazed me that conservaturds kick, scream and pull out their hair in handfuls at the thought of leaving their grandchildren in debt, but have absolutely no qualms about leaving them without a habital planet to live on.

    • It amazes me that you honestly believe that “conservaturds kick, scream and pull out their hair in handfuls at the thought of leaving their grandchildren in debt” when the fact of the matter is that they do absolutely nothing to prevent it.
      Well, as long as a Republicon is in the White House, that is. If a Democrat’s there, then they do all that “hair-pulling” and the old “Won’t someone think of the children!?!?!?!?!?!?” ploy but when the guy is a GOP dimwit, then to hell with the grandkids–basically, at that point, it becomes a “lesson in personal responsibility” and the “value of hard work.”

    • One of the interesting things about Hitler was he read about the manufacturing methods used by Ford to get an assembly line structure in place, stacking like processes near each other, moving parts and supplies into a work area as needed for assembly …


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