Have you noticed the similarity yet? Just in the week since the Trump indictments were unsealed, the entire Trump GOP has run off the rails. And it’s obvious when the MAGAt’s are improvising so desperately that they don’t even realize that they’re invalidating their own arguments.

In an interview this week, Senior Iowa GOP Senator Chuck Grassley, the former Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee was asked if he had read the Trump indictment. His reply was No, because I’m not a qualified legal mind. Chuckles, you’re not a qualified human mind, but you used to grill the Attorney General.

Grassley stepped in it again, talking about a classified document he had seen that was a smoking gun if it was true, and contained a tape of incriminating dirt on the Biden’s and Burisma. The smoking gun turned out to be a standard FBI field contact form, a tip somebody came in and provided them. The tip wasn’t even investigated. And there is no proof that the tape even exists.

A GOP House chair avowed this weekend that It didn’t matter if the allegations against Biden were true, and even Gym Bag Jordan had to admit, under withering questioning from FUX and Friends that he couldn’t track down any of his highly touted whistleblowers. Like a fighter jet with a missile on its tail, the indictment is so damaging that the GOP is throwing off chaff in a last ditch effort to get away from the missile. As usual, they’re chasing the base.

But if you’ve been watching the news coverage since the release of the indictment, and especially since the arraignment, especially on conservative news outlets like FUX News, you’re starting to see something strange. Some of Trump’s lawyers are starting to show up to reassure the faithful. But it’s not working. Because they aren’t expounding all of these sound legal reasons why Trump is going to kick Jack Smith’s ass in court. Like the GOP MAGAt’s, they’re dumbing down excuses for the Trump base instead.

They’re throwing up a bunch of $10 legal words to the sheeple that tries to reinforce Trump’s lame ass excuses that they already knew won’t hold up water in court. And they’re doing it for the same reason that the MAGAt’s are.

Because that’s what Trump is going to say. I wrote a day or so ago that some Trump Mar-A-Lago lawyers have never spoken to other Trump Mar-A-Lago lawyers. Riddle me this. When’s the last time you saw a team win the Super Bowl when they only practiced together twice before the game? Hint. Never. Defending a complicated case requires teamwork and coordination, and who appears to be holding his hand on the tiller? Legal ignoramus Boris Epshteyn.

And these guys are about to get a boxcar size load of documents dumped on them by the prosecution, and they don’t seem to even have a system in place to break down and distribute it sensibly, much less a way to coordinate and disseminate the results of their readings. And Jack Smith is already showing that he is going to try to use the judge to keep these jokers on the shortest possible time choker chain.

And I hate this. Look, personally I have no doubt that Traitor Tot is going down, the case appears almost airtight. But when he goes down, I want him to have been represented by the best possible lawyers, not the bargain basement castoffs. I don’t want him whining in appellate court about inadequate representation. But this is what happens when you don’t pay your bills. And at least for the moment his lawyers seem to be more interested in bucking up the spirits of his base than finding a way to keep his fat ass out of jail. Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas. 

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  1. “But when he goes down, I want him to have been represented by the best possible lawyers, not the bargain basement castoffs. I don’t want him whining in appellate court about inadequate representation. But this is what happens when you don’t pay your bills.”

    He might can argue/claim “inadequate representation” but courts are far more likely to go along with that argument when the defendant hasn’t spent his entire life boasting of how wealthy he is and how he always has “the best” of everything. I would love to see the judge who might get this hypothetical case who manages to NOT laugh out loud in Trump’s face at the claim of “inadequate representation.”

    “I’m sorry, Mr Trump. You’re here claiming ‘inadequate representation’ in court but I would like to know how it is that a man who has spent decades declaring himself to be among the world’s wealthiest individuals was UNABLE to get ‘adequate representation.’ Would you please explain how you failed to get adequate representation even though you had months to know of the possible charges that might be brought against you? Would you please explain how NONE of the attorneys who represented you through your years as a private citizen before your inauguration as President or though the past few years of investigations and accusations made in your post-presidency have been able to provide you with ‘adequate’ representation in court? I would expect a claim of ‘inadequate representation’ brought by an indigent defendant accused of a capital crime when his court-appointed attorney falls asleep during most of the trial but I would not expect the same claim to be made of a wealthy, well-established member of the community accused of a capital crime who has sought out a legal team comprised of some of the country’s highest-paid attorneys. And, without some reasonable explanation from you regarding your claim, this court will have very little recourse but to deny your case. So, please, by all means, explain to this court WHY you believe you had ‘inadequate representation’ in your trial.”

    • First thought that came to mind after reading Joseph’s comment:

      Trump’s answer would be, “because I lost”!

  2. He had or has $$ just no damn sense or conscience so… too bad mofo. Next. As in let’s see some more folks see the music and dance the dance. Kerik. Ghouliani. The fools at dod (Jan 6), Patel for one. Anybody at nsa who was a “good German” (just following orders)… but also didn’t “report or document anything 🤔🤔”. Bannon Flynn (both brothers??) stone… yeah . Put kiddos in cages and rip babies from moms… I have no damn mercy: ask the Tetragrammaton and Yeshua for some. I am a texas liberal- get the best lawyers, great judges, decent jury… and hook up ol’ sparky to the solar panels or wind turbines.

  3. My theory is he knows he’s guilty and can’t win in court. His only hope is political victory and riling up the maga hordes that at this point exist only in his mind. He wants to win the presidency–his get out of jail free card–or stage a violent coup with the fork and pitchfork crowd. So he’s making political arguments and probably pushing his lawyers to do so.


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