Well Mook. here we are. Just you, me, your balls, and this desk drawer *SLAM*   Tom Hanks   Dragnet

The old saying is that Money talks but bullsh*t walks. And Traitor Tot is gonna need a new pair of Nike’s, because he’s been doing nothing but walking bullsh*t for almost two years now.

It would be almost funny what’s going on, if not for the fact that everybody is scared sh*tless, and for what turns out to be no good reason. Because once again it turned out that El Pendejo Presidente is nothing more than a one-trick-pony, but he’s good at masking the trick. The trick of course is Trump’s violent rhetoric, but like every other obsessive delusional, when nothing happens, sooner or later people stop listening.

Although he didn’t know it at the time, when Trump stood on that debate stage and told The Loud Toys to Stand back and stand by, he was at the zenith of his violent rhetorical powers.

Because this was some scary sh*t. The Loud Toys, The Oath Kreepers, The 3% IQer’s, and Electric BoogerLou were real. And they were openly boasting of open sedition and even outright civil war in service of Trump. And they had a history, they had guns, and they were batsh*t crazy. The threat was real.

And His Lowness played it up for all it was worth. Not just in terms of armed insurrection if he was defeated, but as a kind of personal Gestapo that would take violent retribution on his enemies. Nobody felt safe. Just ask Ruby Freeman, Shea Moss, and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson about that.

But then, in fury and retribution, The Cheeto Prophet threw away his army. He unleashed his mongrels of war on the United States  Capitol. And while retribution was neither immediate, nor even swift, it was decisive. The FBI set out on the largest and most widespread investigation in its history. Thousands of miscreants have already pled guilty, and many more, several of them upper echelon leaders have been convicted.

Loud Toys national Loser Enrique Tario would qualify for Social Security by the time he gets out of federal prison, if he’d ever held a straight job. His wingman isn’t much better off, and the DOJ is going to the appeals court to lengthen their sentences. The same goes for Oath Kreepers chief Douchebag Elmer Stuart Rhodes. Trump’s far right militias have been beheaded, and there’s nobody left with the brains or charisma to put the whole thing back together again. The groups were never closely knit to start with, and now they’re rudderless.

And here’s the part that has warmed my heart. The American people have rebounded, and stiffened their spines again. One of my favorite t-shirts of all time was the one of a tattered and frayed Stars-and-Stripes, with the logo, These colors never run. And the Americans most at risk here, elected government officials and government employees like election workers are standing proud.

Because they have two things, help and hope. The help and hope come from their own government. Whether it’s the federal government, the state, or even local law enforcement, they are all treating threats against these people for exactly what they are, a serious threat.

Some delusional hag in Texas called the chambers voicemail for federal judge Tanya Chutkan, threatening her life in graphic terms. She is now under federal indictment for interstate transmission of threats against a government official. The same thing goes for the MAGA mental midget in Alabama that not only threatened Fulton County DA Fani Willis, but also the Fulton County Sheriff. He’s under indictment too. And it doesn’t matter if the substance in the envelope is talcum powder, if you send a threatening letter to an election official, you’re toast for interstate transmission of a threat of a government official. And the FBI is investigating these with a vengeance.

And. It. Matters. In the aftermath of the 2022 midterms, Montgomery County, Virginia lost its entire county voting operation because everybody quit due to personal threats. By the time that Virginia held their off year state elections last Tuesday, Montgomery County was back at a 70% workforce, and the elections went off without a hitch. And other state and county elections operations that had mass resignations and retirements after 2022 are reporting full staffing once again. And the newbies and returning veterans are speaking with pride about their service to the pursuit of democracy. MAGA has lost. Nobody is frightened anymore.

Why not? How about this. Since Elmer Stuart Rhodes got indicted and locked up, if you’ve heard of a single Oath Kreepers national or local temper tantrum, please let me know, because I must have slept through it. And as for The Loud Toys? Those pathetic schmucks have been reduced to the peanut circuit of showing up to hassle Drag Queen Story Times, and marching around making grumpy noises at pro Palestine rallies. And they’re so bad at that that a motel guest in Idaho saw a bunch of guys in fatigues getting in the back of a Ryder rental truck, dropped a dime to the cops, and the whole bunch got nailed on the way to disrupting a Gay Pride event!

Americans. Don’t. Like. Bullies. And that includes Hair Twitler. When reporters interview Trump supporters at his rallies, they still mutter dark threats about the imminent civil war. But who’s going to fight it, their dumb asses? And while Traitor Tot still packs them in, as his mania slides into dotage, his rallies now run some 2 1/2 hours. And the crowd is thinning by the half. And by the time he’s finally done, there are more clean up people than supporters.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Trump could f*ck up a one car funeral. The man is a barely functional imbecile, and his most avid supporters are no better. The mental defective that actually attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer was the one who is impossible to stop, a degenerate lone wolf. But while they’re still a threat, Trump’s far right mob has had all the wind sucked out of its sails. And the ones who are left are leery about following Trump on another adventure that could end up with them in the slammer. Without the presidency, Trump no longer carries the authority to rally the degenerates behind him. On to 2024.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. Your last paragraph is ‘the bees knees’ descriptive, and somewhat prophetically uplifting – shines a bright light on the future, sans the “… barely functional imbecile…” being the malodorous mango, and his no better “… avid supporters …” because by 2024 they’ll all be well and truly just about fully legally composted.

  2. Tramp did one thing correctly in his 4 year crime spree……he single-handedly dismantled the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.
    He sent them all to prison for a decade or more.

  3. Well one thing is for certain ,the next 4 years will be filled with backstabbing,name calling ,and life threatening rhetoric . The trendiest t-shirt will say …” I SURVIVED THE
    2024 ELECTION “….

  4. I.hope you’re right. But I.lived in the South where owning a gun is practically required,and some of these dudes are actually good shots thanks to terms in Uncle Sam’s army. It only takes one exp sniper to take out Biden or Harris or Pelosi or Sanders.


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