This would be pathetic if it weren’t so damn funny. The Supreme Court, in all its pompous far right glory may be setting itself up for a pratfall of epic proportions. And the seditious six on the bench are just dumb enough to fall for it. And if they’re all bitching about the court looking like sh*t now, just wait until six months from now!

I just saw that the Supreme Court extended the stay on the abortion pill case. I don’t have details, but I’ll check it out when I finish. But for the purpose of this article, let’s just say that in the long run the court finally rules in favor of the lower court Texas decision. Man! If Roberts thinks his beloved court looks like sh*t now, just take another gander six months from the ruling.

OK. So what’s next? I’ll tell you what next, likely not much of anything. because the Supreme Court is a totally decision making body. There is nothing in the constitution, nor in their makeup that gives the Supreme Court enforcement authority. They are totally reliant on the parties abiding by their lofty rulings and utterances.

And in this case, there are highly likely to be enough parties required for compliance to flip the SCOTUS double barrel birds that their precious ruling is going to be two grades lower than Charmin. Because we already have multiple examples of what happens when lower level functionaries decide to blow their noses on a law or judicial ruling. They find a way to do it.

Here’s one. In the wake of the Democrats flipping some state legislatures over the last few years, and whether winning or retaining the governorships, blue states have begun passing new gun control reforms intended to stop the slaughter. These are wildly popular. But in mostly red cow counties and cities, sheriffs and police chiefs are proudly announcing that they’re going to use their office discretion and simply not enforce the law. Waddaya gonna do? They answer to the voters, not the legislatures.

And one from column B. Following the Dobbs decision, in states that had red legislatures, but blue Governors, those that had them tried reviving 100+ year old laws that were still on the books banning abortion, and activating them. And what happened? Democratic prosecutors and Attorneys General advised the cop to not even bother arresting anybody, because they wouldn’t be prosecuting under that legal dinosaur.

And the Stupid River just keeps getting deeper. One of the features in the Texas law is that it makes it illegal for a pharmacy in a state where the pill is legal to ship to a state where it’s illegal. And it makes it illegal for the USPS to transport and deliver the pills.

Again, who are these mental midgets going to prosecute? Let’s be crystal clear here. There is absolutely no law involved in this case! The only thing that the Texas case does is to order the FDA to overturn its authorization, and then they tried getting cute by throwing in a bunch of restrictions. But those restrictions aren’t actual law, so what are you going to prosecute under?

What are they going to do, file extradition orders with blue states for every pharmacist who ships out the prescription. Are they going to arrest and jail every mailman who drops off a package? And they don’t dare to open the package that package is protected under federal law. What, are they gonna bust every UPS or FedEx driver that comes to a door? Stupid, thy name is GOP.

But here’s the kicker, and the part I love the most. Even if the SCOTUS issues a ruling in favor of the plaintiffs, legally it pretty much worth the paper its printed on. because right now, there is already an outstanding judicial conflict out there, and probably not much even the SCOTUS can do about it.

They’ll be ruling on the Texas case. But as we speak, there is another ruling out there, from a federal court in Washington state, on behalf of 17 Democratic Attorneys General and Washington DC, prohibiting the FDA from overturning its ruling. And since there was no opponent with standing to argue against it, there isn’t going to be any appeal! Nothing to move on to the 9th Circuit for review. It’s freestanding.

So the Supreme Court lets the Texas judge tell the FDA to reverse its authorization. The FDA shrugs their shoulders and says Don’t look at me, I’ve got another federal judge telling me to leave it alone. That’s the kind of conflict that the SCOTUS lives for, but normally both cases would work their way through the appellate process with no agreement. But here there isn’t going to be an appeal, since nobody has standing to file it. Even if the SCOTUS took it up, only one side would be arguing, so how do you rule against them?

This whole thing was stupid from the start, but it was a slick as snot move by the Democratic Attorneys General to lay a trap with no resolution available. The anti abortion crybabies have no state or federal law states can prosecute under, only a judicial order. And on the other hand we have a conflicting order, one which the Supreme Court shouldn’t even touch, since it’s an uncontested ruling. This is why I just can’t see the SCOTUS getting involved in this case. And of they do, they’ll blow it up. Better that then blowing themselves up.

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  1. It was a crappily crafted lawsuit shopped to a specific, equally crappy and fanatical judge who wrote an opinion so bad it makes Trump world-salad seem like soaring rhetoric. Except perhaps for Alito out of his zealotry and Thomas just because he is Thomas and committed to abusing his position SCOTUS wants nothing to do with this case. For the six Federalist Society GROOMED and approved “Justices” there is in fact a desire to stamp out abortion in this country and prescription birth control too. Except of course for them/their loved ones, cronies and friends. But those are all folks who can easily afford “medical tourism” so they will happily deny rights to those who aren’t well off enough financially to do what they can do without blinking an eye.

    But here’s the important part. The Federalist Society and a couple of affiliated groups have been seeding federal courts with cases on this and other matters for years. Decades even. I have no doubt they have better crafted lawsuits to do what these crazies who appeared before that TX judge have come up with. Not good, really solid legal reasoning but enough of a veneer to give an Alito type cover to write another Dobbs style decision. With the exception of Alito and perhaps Thomas Roberts can and surely has convinced his colleague that THIS is not the case or the time to tackle this. That the time will come when a better case makes it up to them for “Cert” and THEN they can rip away more reproductive rights.

  2. Man o man, the Republican “lawyers” sure are as smart as a box o’rocks. Let’s see if we get this right: they “file” a “lawsuit” and WIN in the court, but because they are so lam-brained stupid they didn’t know that what the WON was useless because there was no LAWS to enforce or deforce it?

    I never even stayed in a Holiday Inn Express but I did design the mech systems for Stanford’s Graduate School of Law and sniffed a law book in passing by. Even I know that this WIN made no sense.

    Now let’s have MSM explain it to the idiots who filed it, celebrated their WIN and still got nuttin’.

    Good for them. Keep up the good work, fools.

  3. America is ruled by highly paid dumbasses whose jobs are to enforce laws that are not codified.
    scotus is where the real dumb ones go for employment.
    Otherwise they would be selling crack or tailing ambulances….

  4. FACT—On average, the Postal Service processes and delivers 23.8 million packages each day. On average, the Postal Service processes 4,877 pieces of mail each second. The Postal Service processes an average of 292,628 pieces of mail each minute.
    I see no way under heaven that the USPS could monitor the mail they process each day for any abortion pills. So no restrictions would be enforceable. End of story.

  5. From Canada:
    Hi ya’ll. Maybe this is me being a titch cynical, but Plump and his idiotic inbred (MTG, Matt G etc) GOP cronies have become my favourite reading material on my news aggregate site (Flipboard) cause they’re just so damn funny. Sort of a pathetic tribreed of PeeWee Herman, Mr Bean and Moloch; lovingly blended by Anton LeVey

    • We already know , It’s embarrassing . MTG didn’t even finish High School . And every idiot in the country can buy a gun and it doesn’t matter how crazy they are . We used to be a respectable country , until a big bunch of STUPID took over !


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