I wonder if there is any area of business or life where Donald Trump understands how things actually work? It’s a cinch he doesn’t understand government at all. We got that message loud and clear right out of the gate. And paradoxically, that’s why he won. He ran on the premise that the complete outsider could just stroll into Washington and by some unknown sorcery make everything work better. And 63 million people bought that line of bull in 2016 and you know the rest.

Here is his latest.

I wonder what’s next? He’s going to send a text to the Queen, “Hey, Liz, put the crumpets in the toaster, I’ll drop by the palace when I’m over on your side of the pond. Love, D.”

Yes, that’s how diplomacy is done. I sincerely hope that Trump does go to Japan and I want to see if he’s received as a private citizen. Or, maybe he won’t present himself as a private citizen at all. Maybe he’ll present himself as the ruler of the duchy of Mar-a-Lago. I mean, Ron DeSantis is trying to build his own army, independent of the United States military, are you sitting down?

Yesterday, Ron DeSantis called for “volunteers” for his new personal army. He asked for a “state military force” that would not be “encumbered by the federal government.” What’s that you say? What does the governor of Florida need with his own army? We haven’t a clue. We are hoping to find that out in the days to come. All we know now is that DeSantis asked the state legislature for $3.5 million to train and equip 200 volunteers who would answer to him alone.

The only rationale so far is that while other states gather such forces for specific events, DeSantis wants his own standing army to provide him “the flexibility and the ability needed to respond to events in our state in the most effective way possible.” Additionally, he has asked the legislature for $100 million for the state’s National Guard.

Toss these facts and figures around in your collective cranium and if anybody can figure out WTH DeSantis is up to, please share with the rest of us.

Maybe he and Trump really are planning some kind of an insane coup d’etat, starting with Florida becoming the first United State of Trumpistan, with other states to follow. Who knows?

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    • It could be he confused the nation of Japan with a community in Franklin County, Missouri called ‘Japan’

      He is probably exactly that stupid.

  1. I know the Japanese carried out the attack on Pearl Harbor and that many an item produced in Japan has cost Americans their job in the past and I’m sure they’ve done plenty of other things to piss off Americans, but haven’t they been punished enough for it? Isn’t dumping that wannabe Emperor of All in their backyard a bit much!?

  2. Someone needs to remind TFG about the Logan Act. That would be grounds to keep him from leaving the country. Or, maybe even better, refuse him re-entry.

    • I choose the second one, Geoff. Wouldn’t it be nice to be rid of that loud-mouthed, disgusting gasbag?

      It’s obvious why DeSatan wants his own army. The same reason the rest of the southern states did in the 1860’s. To rise up against their country once again. I won’t be surprised when the other yahoo states do the same thing. Today they are attacking women’s rights. Tomorrow they attack all of America. It’s coming.

      Anybody know how to get off the RNC’s email list? No idea how I got on it, and sending multiple unsubscribes hasn’t worked. So I click into their website, hit ‘Contact Us’ and vent about what I think of them and their lizard priest, and praise Joe Biden and his actions and people. It’s actually been rather cathartic, though I can’t guarantee anyone actually sees it. I guess I’ll know when the morons actually figure out how the ‘unsubscribe’ function works. 🙂

    • Unfortunately they can’t stop him coming back. They did try that with Paul Robeson back in the 1950s, but SCOTUS ruled it unconstitutional (to deprive him of his passport) in 1957.

      They told him he could leave to give a concert in England but, without a passport, they wouldn’t let him back in (so he sat in a studio in New York and gave it over the newhigh fidelity TAT-1 transatlantic telephone cable)


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