If you’re watching the J6 hearings, and I hope you are, because they’re compelling viewing if you’re interested, please keep in mind when you watch that the are actually three separate purposes to these hearings. The first purpose is to serve as a historical record, not just of the January 6th riot, but all the planning and scheming that went into it. These hearings are for public consumption, like a documentary. Think of it as network C-Span for a failed coup attempt. When the hearings are over, the committee will publish a final printed report. Which will go down in history.

The other two purposes fall under the same umbrella, enlightenment and information. These televised hearings are meant for two very specific, but very different audiences. So when you watch, if things drag a wee, try looking at the testimony from the other side.

The first audience is what pollsters and political operatives call The mushy middle. Standard procedure is that the country is split into 3 parts. 33% are pure Trump supporters, nothing you can say will move them. Another 33% are die hard Trump opponents, they’ll gobble this stuff up, since it reinforces their already existing position. And then there’s the 33% Mushy Middle. They are neither Trump nor Biden supporters, but neither are they unplugged from politics. They care about democracy, and want to know what happened. That’s the audience the J6 committee is trying to reach.

And if you’re a member of that group, then today’s hearing isn’t going to win any Emmy’s from you for riveting television. But that’s what happens when lawyers get down into the weeds to make a point. Take my word for it. As a 2 time foreman of civil trials, today is what 95% of courtroom testimony looks like. There are no Perry Mason’s in real life court, especially civil court.

So the Mushy Middle was probably disappointed in today’s hearing, simply because it was so boring. But it had to be done, because it is laying the foundation for what will follow. Then it will all make sense. Hang in there, guys and girls.

But today’s hearing was not a waste. Because of the third audience the committee is trying to reach. If you are a lawyer or investigator for the Department of Justice, then today was a tutorial in criminal intent. Witness after witness testified that not only Trump, but John Eastman as well, knew that what they were trying to do was both illegal as well as unconstitutional. And yet they persisted, even though Pence repeatedly told them all that he wouldn’t do it. Eastman was so arrogant that he actually told Trump’s White House lawyer that while Gore couldn’t do it in 2000, and Harris couldn’t do it in 2024, he was still telling Pence to do it now. WTF! Look, either everybody can do it, or nobody can do it. It’s kind of funny how the law works.

But here’s the good news. It appears that both audiences are watching. Viewership for Thursday night was a healthy 20 million, about the audience for a competitive Sunday night football game, and the daytime Monday crowd was a healthy 10 million. I’m guessing that today’s numbers will be similar to Monday’s numbers. People are definitely interested in finding out what really happened. And the committee is showing them.

And we already know that the DOJ is watching, because Merrick Garland told us so himself. In responding to a question, he said that he was unable to watch the whole hearing, but had DVR’d it to catch it later. And he admitted that FOJ lawyers have their office televisions turned to the hearings when they’re on.There’s another reason we know they’re paying attention. It was revealed today that the DOJ had sent a 2nd request to the J6 committee, again asking for access to all depositions taken by the committee. They made a special mention of not only current cases under investigation, but also criminal prosecutions currently in progress. 

And that started my whiskers twitching. Because, other than the Loud Toys and the Oath Kreepers, the only two J6 committee related active DOJ cases are Peter Navarro, and Steve Bannon. And neither of them were deposed by the J6 committee! Either we’re missing something here, or the DOJ is a lot farther along with some of their grand jury proceedings than we know.

Don’t stop watching the hearings just because one of them didn’t float your boat. And if you’re not watching them, then start watching them. If I’m reading the schedule correctly, there will be 3 more daytime hearings, capped off with a prime time final hearing. Think of that hearing as the congressional version of the Who shot JR episode of Dallas. As any comedian can tell you, you open your show with your 2nd best joke, to hook the audience, and end your routine with your knockout punch. That’s how I see this playing out.

But once the hearings are over, don’t take your eye off of the DOJ. Once the hearings are over, there is no longer any reason for the J6 committee to play hide-the-salami with the DOJ for their findings. And the DOJ seems to be much farther aged in some of their investigations than most pundit critics gave them credit for. I can see the lid just starting to blow off around Labor Day, just in time for the midterms. And don;t forget those multiple GOP incumbents who requested pardons from the White House. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. I keep hearing about all the people who asked for pardons. What I haven’t seen is whether or not they got them. If they do have the pardons, are they legal?
    Do you have any info on that, Murfster?

    • As far as I can tell, there were NO MOC’s who got pardons. Neither did Eastman, Meadows, or Navarro. They were Trump’s last best chance to stay in office, and when it was over, he had no further use for them, nor any remaining loyalty to them…

      • And as usual with Cult 45, after he’s done sucking the life out of whoever was dumb enough to get near him, they got tossed under the bus.

    • No no pardons. To get a pardon you have to first PLEAS GUILTY to the crime in a COURT OF LAW eg in public record . And Trump knew that would really announce he preferred coup to election. AND ALL THOSE LAWYERS KNEW THE LAW .. supposedly. #Arpaio plead guilty #manafort plead guilty .. ? BANNON and Flynn too

  2. Given the obvious respect and deference given to Judge Luttig, he’s a worthy font of judicial knowledge, but oh man, he sure was tedious! I could hear TVs being clicked off all over the nation as he began his statements in ultra-low gear, then never really got further up the gate than 1st. Jacob, on the other hand, was enthralling.

  3. We know from what jared said at least twice, that he was workng on pardons. I have to assume these were “pocket pardons” that won’t be revealed unless or until a person is indicted or convicted. I can almost guarantee you that all members of the family, including Trump, himself, got pocket pardons. Whether the SC will agree with Trump pardonng himself remsins to be seen.

    • I’m not sure about the legality of a “pocket pardon.” Trump’s NOT in office any longer so anything that he *might* have done before 1/20/21 and is NOT already a part of the public record is meaningless. (Granted, legal experts are largely divided on the results but most also doubt they’d hold water since such a pardon would not be done for a SPECIFIC crime but rather a blanket matter. The problem, of course, is that pardons apply only to Federal crimes and they don’t actually absolve anyone OF the crime (they still have to report their criminal record although they can add that they were pardoned).
      Ford’s treatment of Nixon was a murky case since Nixon hadn’t actually been charged with any crimes (and his resignation largely put an end to any criminal action or prosecution that Congress could’ve pursued).


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