If you want to be successful at anything you do in this life, the most important rule to follow is to know what you don’t know. Learning about something to make an educated guess is always far superior to taking a stab at it because you’re a genius. 

In fact, Donald Trump sowed the seeds of his destruction and imprisonment almost 50 years ago. He did this for a good reason. Because he’s an imbecile. While Trump may have spent the last 50 years desperately trying to convince the world that he’s a very stable genius, but deep down Traitor Tot knows what he is, a lazy, ignorant, feckless f*ck up. 

Trump is the business version of the latest boy band, loud noise, endless media exploitation, and well honed bullsh*t. Trump, already knowing that he was a miserable f*ck up, started his own business, and structured it in such a way that he could never be opposed by the smarter underlings he bossed.

Ask yourselves this. Trump is a business savant in real estate, right? So how come, after what he bragged as his 3rd or 4th incredibly successful venture, why didn’t he do as Mark Zuckerberg did with Facebook, and take the company public? 

A well engineered initial public offering on Wall Street would have raised enough revenue for Trump to fund a dozen projects. But it would also have brought Traitor Tot a board of directors, to whom he would be ultimately responsible. That kind of control was intolerable for Trump, so he went it alone.

And guess what? When Trump became President, he tried to do the same thing, go it alone. And being a civics imbecile, Trump simply collated the federal government as being the same as the Trump Organization. Trump is at the top, and everybody underneath does exactly what Trump tells them to do. His whole business life was lived under this principle, and being abysmally of what the US government actually is, and what it does, there was nothing to disabuse him of his fantasy.

The simple fact of the matter is that over the last 230 years, the federal government, by necessity as well as politics, has morphed far beyond anything that any one man can control. It has become a vast interlocking, maze of departments that tend to run independent of unified control. And even department cabinet level bosses have no actual idea of how their own departments run, due to the Manhattan phone book size regulations that they work under. But the low level minions do, they can recite them in their sleep.

The West Wing alone is enough to send Trump off to durance vile for the rest of his life. In Trump’s simple, fevered mind, he gives orders, and the minions blindly obey them. After all, that’s how his business works. But in his blissful ignorance El Pendejo Presidente never realized that in the federal government there is a higher authority than even the President himself.

And that authority is the rules. For instance, Trump has an aversion to anything with his name ot signature on it on paper. As such Trump had a habit of tearing up documents, forms, and even personal notes that Trump didn’t want to survive to see the light of day. Unfortunately, this was a violation of the presidential records act, and so staff members collected the pieces together, put them together like some kind of jigsaw puzzle with scotch tape, and submitted them to the National Archives. Viola! A paper trail that Traitor Tot thought he had disposed of.

Likewise, notetaking is an anathema to Trump, NO Paper trail! But a paper trail is the salvation of a civil servants ass. They take copious notes about everything. Trump hated that, and ordered that no notes be taken. Fine. The minions like James Comey just sat there, taking in every word. And the minute the meeting weas over, they went back to their desks, or to their cars, fired up their laptops and created a memo to self of their fresh recollections of the highlights of the meeting to memorialize them for the record. All conveniently date and time stamped on creation.

Because Trump is an imbecile, his nature is that there are two basic classes of participants in a high level meeting, the power people, and the minions. And of course for Trump the minions simply didn’t exist, they weren’t even there. Trump blissfully ran his meeting totally with and for the power people, who were of course sworn to secrecy. And then the minions went back to their desks, fired up their laptops, and created minutes of the meeting to memorialize it for all to see.

For those of you who doubt the possible critical nature of the minion, I offer you three words. Colonel Alexander Vindman. Vindman was a eastern European and Russian expert on the National Security Council that listened to Traitor Tot’s phone conversation with new Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. Vindman saw the call as a cheap strongarm attempt to coerce Zelensky into digging up non existent dirt on Biden. His testimony before a congressional committee kickstarted Trump’s first impeachment. And here’s the beautiful thing about it. There are literally hundreds of Alexander Vindman’s scattered all through the West Wing and the government itself.

Thanks to his equally imbecilic mentor, Steve Two Shirts Bannon, Trump miscalculated. Look at history. Functional democracies don’t just suddenly turn into autocratic authoritarian governments at the drop of a hat. Stable democratic governments have guardrails built in to withstand occasional incursions. It’s democracies that are already weak, usually due to presidential greed and corruption that are ripe for a strong man to jump in and sweep it all away.

Our democracy in 2017 wasn’t weak, nor was it inherently corrupt. It was, as most democracies tend to be, inefficient, but it was functioning properly. And when El Pendejo Presidente swept in and tried to take over, the constitutional and governmental guardrails were in place to rebuff him.

Which is what makes Traitor Tot so incredibly dangerous in 2024. Trump’s over throw of the government was always a two term program. The first term to sufficiently weaken the normal functions of democratic government, and the second term to finish the process and install the dictatorship. That’s why Trump was willing to risk a violent insurrection on January 6th. A Democratic presidency could undo some of his preparatory work, making his 2nd term more difficult to get everything done.

But because our democracy was strong, and because the minions functioned as usual, not only was the system able to hold, but more importantly, those minions gave Jack Smith more than enough rope to hang Traitor Tot with. We can’t count on being that lucky again. Trump will make sure of it.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. The only question is whether dfg will be locked up before the election. That is critical. Also critical is whether the supreme court will allow a convicted felon serving time to become president. If he IS convicted, can he still run and win? And serve? Scary times are ahead.

    • We can only hope SCOTUS doesn’t want to go down in history as the court that put a fascist dictator in power. We can only hope they refuse to hear his appeal IF he is convicted. And that is an IF as yuuuuuuuge as Trump’s ego. So far they haven’t ruled in his favor but they have chosen to.weigh in.

      I just hope that Roberts is able to persuade two more of his fellow justices that they will be remembered as the people who voted to kill American democracy if they vote to give him a get out of jail.free card.

      And that assumes a jury finds him guilty, which is not necessarily a given. Smith in D.C. with Chutkan trying to.balance Trump’s rights with a need for haste is one of our two best bets. D.C. is home to a lot of federal employees who know their job will be on the line unless they take a loyalty oath to Donald. There are a lot of PoC who.are poor and understand just how much he hates them. The other possibility is GA, but there is a better chance that some Trumpie rednevck will.lie well enough to.get on the jury and hang it. We need a few more and higher up Trump officials to flip.

      I would settle for house arrestmorva Club Fed just to be rid of him.

  2. This very stable genius is, in essence, a competently arrogant idiot, replete with an indelible Dunning-Kruger fault line. He exercises his idiocy through his ‘preened lyre bird’ competency (possessing knowledge, skills, and importantly, experience) that’s, perversely, a self-inflicted erosion of his increasingly perturbed and wobbly base-of-support. A loud thud is not too far off!

  3. You’re correct the govt. is far beyond the ability of any one person to manage or control. The founders actually designed it to be that way. Early on it had the first test when George Washington who could have stayed in the job and if he’d wanted become a quasi-king stepped aside and handed over power, starting a tradition that would last until traitor-tot in 2020.

    But I’m reminded of the quote about if you strike at a prince/king you must kill him. Trump struck at a government and for all the grievous wounds he inflicted didn’t kill it. Worse, someone extraordinarily qualified and competent came in and even if we’re a long ways from being healed we are out of the trauma unit, and even the hospital and functioning well enough in the rehab facility to get some work done. Part of that work, the most important in fact is making sure it’s Trump and Trumpism/MAGA that’ dealt the mortal blow.

  4. I remembher, back in ’16, when I was a member of an online support group, we heard the election result and the collective response from the staff on this side of the pond was to the effect of “Have you lot over there completely lost your mind???”
    (we were promptly told by management not to discuss politics)

  5. A terrific article,Mr Murphy, which should give heart to many of us who are appalled at the damage already done by Trump and his sycophant army. And while I agree that dismantling the enormous entity of govt is a Herculean task, I think there’s a danger that we might overlook the vulnerabilities of our system. Our beloved democracy is terribly wounded now and its attackers are trying to move in for the kill. They know and exploit its weakest points. We need to be just as ruthless in our defence and never relax our guard.

  6. As I have said before, we must vote out every republican, at all levels from the top down to the local school boards! They ALL have to go! And we have to either deprogram the MAGA cult, or deport them ALL to Siberia!!


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