It’s one thing to be shameless, it’s another entirely to be shameful. But it’s a rare witches brew that is required to create people who are so craven, desperate, and greedy that they are incapable of feeling either one.

That being said, welcome to todays GOP caucus. Today was the first Sunday following the release and unsealing of the Trump indictments, which means that it was the first chance for soulless GOP MAGA sycophants and toadies to take to the airwaves, and defend Traitor Tot on the Sunday morning political talk shows.

It was about as pathetic as you’ve come to expect from The Gang That Couldn’t Sh*t Straight. just a quick sampling. Hey! I had to watch this dreck, why should you get off scot free?

  • Trump Fluffer in Chief Gym Bag Jordan went on a non FUX News show, ABC I believe it was, and it was like watching a cat batting around a rubber mouse. Jordan tried a classic GOP bait-and-switch, throwing out the dual excuses that Trump declassified everything when he was President, and  when he was challenged on it, tempered it to He could have declassified it all at any time when he was President. When the moderator repeatedly pressed him, Jordan tripped over his own shoelaces that it’s a wonder his wife doesn’t make him wear loafers when he leaves the house. What he really sounded like was that southern lawyer in My Cousin Vinny who couldn’t get two words out without stuttering in court
  • MAGAt wingnut Kari Lake was even more obnoxious, and she isn’t even running for anything! At the NC state GOP convention she laid out this dire threat, I have a word of advice for Attorney General Merrick Garland. If he wants to get to Trump, he’s going to have to go through 75 million of us, and most of us are card carrying NRA members. Oh Kari, “2nd Amendment remedies?” Quick fact check for Swoon Lake. By its own admission the NRA has about 5 million members, a decades low
  • Former VP and Trump chew toy Mike Pence is as helpless as a kitten in a sack. Repeatedly over the weekend he demanded that Attorney General Merrick Garland get behind a podium, and explain to the American people why he authorized this unjust persecution of a former President. The poor sick puppy. Fact Check. Garland didn’t authorize the indictments, that was Jack Smith’s call. Garland was advised and deferred to Smith, per protocols. Besides, Garland appointed Smith Special Counsel specifically so that Garland didn’t have to deal with mental midgets like Pence every day.

It goes on and on, but I’ll spare you. The burning question is why the GOP keeps running down this same damn rabbit hole. They looked like world class schmucks when they backed Trump’s disproven claims in two impeachment claims in 2020. And they looked like double barrel world class schmucks when they backed Trump’s idiotic Stop the Steal! campaign in 2020 and 2022, and their own voters took it out on them. Why keep flogging the same dead equine for the same three time loser?

It was the Reverend Al Sharpton who provided the answer on Politics Nation. In one segment he had former Nevada GOP state Chair Amy Tarkanian on. She’s the wife of locally celebrated eight time loser Danny Tarkanian. And she put it in the perfect context. I know Reverend Al, it seems inconceivable, and at first it mystified me too. But the solution is actually quite simple. Money. Right now Trump is already fundraising off of his indictment, and if you look at the majority of his GOP caucus supporters, they’re fundraising off of their support for Trump over his indictment too. They all want their piece of the donor pie.

Bingo! There it is, in its purest distilled form. It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. The vast majority of the GOP caucus on both chambers has long ago shed any real question about just how despicable a POS Trump really is. But since they need to raise funds for their own reelections, and the way to do that is to siphon off of Trump’s hose.

And there’s good reason for them to look at it that way. First, the mainstream GOP big dollar donors are sitting on their wallets. As long as Trump is the leading contender, they’re not donating to Trump, they’re not donating to the RNC, which provides money to candidates, and they’re not donating to pro Trump candidates. Why throw good money after bad. And second, El Pendejo Presidente has such a lock on small money donors with his vaunted fundraising machine that there’s nothing left for them. Trump is literally starving the party of funds.

It’s fitting in an almost Mel Brooks sort of way, isn’t it? There’s hardly anybody in the GOP who actually believes Trump’s bullsh*t anymore. But they literally built this monster, and they let FrankenTrump off of the table, and now he’s so ravaged the countryside that there’s nothing left for them to eat. Let ’em choke on it I say.

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  1. Uh oh Toto…you just pulled back the curtain on the great and powerful Oz. The wrong place to find a brain, a heart, and some courage. Time for the water bucket.

  2. I have a word of advice for Kari Lake: The FBI might be coming to have a little “chat” with you over your IMPLICIT threat against the Attorney General of the United States. Comments such as those you made could EASILY be construed as terrorism and, if you wind up in Gitmo or some nice stateside Federal penitentiary, you have no one but yourself to blame. (Also, next time you want to whine that people are suggesting violent action against you, don’t be shocked if law enforcement chooses NOT to investigate the “threat.”)

    And, on the fundraising efforts, I trust all these folks will be keeping those funds under a separate account because, the second Trump becomes a “convicted felon,” EVERY SINGLE PENNY that was raised since the indictments were announced will become subject to laws against criminals making money from their crimes (and that also applies to the folks not named Trump). At least, that’s my understanding–that criminals can’t make money from their crimes and the ONLY people who can benefit from a criminal’s actions are the victims or their families (since Trump’s actions haven’t really been linked to any direct criminal actions–such as murder or blackmail–I doubt that much more can be done except for the Treasury to seize the funds or possibly refund the money to the donors, if their names can be found).

  3. Oh Gymmmm, your diaper-clad turd emperor STATED (and there’s a recording of it) he DIDN’T declassify at least one of the classified documents. What, suddenly you don’t believe some of the diarrhea spewing from that mouth of his? Not a very loyal foot soldier are you…

  4. Every time I see a photo of Jordan, I cannot help.thinking he resembles John Cena as Peacemaker. We need a,GoFundMe him.A stuffed Eagle his mascot Eagley. Except dumb as Peacemaker is, he is marginally smarter than Donnie Donuts. Hell, a stuffed Eagley is smarter because it can’t talk,thus not adding fuel to the fire or handing new quotes for the prosecutor and it lacks opposable thumbs so it can’t type and add permanent quotations that prove the prosecutors’ case for them.

    Even O.J. had the brains to keep his big fat mouth shut and listened to.his lawyers

  5. I wonder if Jack Smith has subpoenaed any of the GOP congress critters who helped Humpty Trumpty plan and execute his failed coup, especially the ones who asked for preemptive pardons. I bet Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, MTG and Gym Jordan are terrified right about now. Could be another reason they’re all yammering and screaming in Humpty’s defense. Desperation and money are a potent combination.


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