Look,I was born, raised, and spent the first 48 years of my life e living in the burbs Chicago. I cut my political teeth in a town where politics was a bare knuckle bloodsport. But fair or foul, clean or knee-to-the nuts, But it was always conducted between the parties and the candidates. There was always a rule that was inviolate, anything the candidate did in his personal or business life was fair game, but the candidates families were off limits! But like everything the putrescent pus bags of the GOP touches these days, that has gone by the wayside. It started during the Obama Presidency. The GOP started taking cheap swipes at Obama’s daughters. The far right, especially the FUX News bubblesphere loved it, but nobody else called them out on the violation. Then, they took Michelle Obama’s quest for healthy eating for children, and painted her as a Health food Nazi who was committed to taking all of the fun out of being a kid. And again it was crickets.

And now the GOP has gone for broke. When the Disney corporation had the audacity to speak out about Florida Governor Ron Pissantis’s Don’t say Gay law covering schools, the backlash was immediate. Pissantis, along with his willing sycophants, as well as the FUX News empire, immediately branded the entire Disney corporation as pedophiles, using their agenda to groom children for sexual exploitation. I’m still waiting to see if Disney does that Dominion Voting Systems did, and sue Pissantis’s and FUX News for defamation and libel.

But now the GOP and the far right media has gone all-in. They are branding every single Democratic incumbent and official as pedophiles. But while that may be filthy and disgusting, it’s also politics, and the Democrats need to respond effectively.

But the FUX News and other far right media outlets have gone the extra mile. Now they’re painting any and all teachers who oppose these anti LGBTQ, racist laws as Pedophiles and potential groomers for every American kid. They are taking an entire generation of men and women who have spent their life in educating our children, and tarred them with a filthy brush.

But I think there may be a silver lining in this dark cloud, because I think the far right media has shit in their own mess kit. And I say that for one simple reason. The far right is playing solely for their base, but the vast majority of American parents believe in the public education system, and trust their teachers.

I raised 4 daughters, both in Illinois as well as Nevada, and while none of them were ever a problem child, I still had casual contact with their teachers. Parent-teacher conferences, social events with the children present where the parents interacted with their teachers. They were present after student shows as part of their class curriculum. And I never got even a whiff of any teacher who had any nefarious plans. And, as I previously wrote, my brother and I were groomed by our barber, I have pretty good antenna for that kind of thing.

The GOP has gone down the base rabbit hole, they’ll say anything to satisfy their moron voters. But the simple fact of the matter is that most American parents like the American public school system. For the most part they have had multiple contacts with their children’s teachers, and they like and trust them. And come November, if the Democrats play it properly, I don’t think they’re going to appreciate their teachers being portrayed as pedophiles and groomers. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. I hope and pray you are right about this. I am probably not the only person who is fed up with their lies and personal character attacks on people who are dedicated to do the best job possible.

    • That one? Been a major detail in my interactions with all Republican-leaning people for the last 40 years. They’re just taking that program national is all.

  2. The Supreme Court has ruled in the past, and considering the make up of that Court, I’d wager the current seated Court would agree, that corporations are people.

    Being said, and considering the ruling, DeSantis and his trained monkeys have violated Disney’s first amendment right to free speech without government reprisal.

    It’s exactly what the amendment was written for, and is in clear violation.

  3. It now requires a Masters Degree to teach, at least in CA. Our amazing teachers spend a small fortune to gain their degree only to earn crap and spend their own money on supplies for their classrooms. This is how we respect them? Calling them pedophiles and groomers? Unbelievable. What is the end goal here? Stop all education? Everyone is homeschooled by parents who can’t spell, do math or know history? Yes, that’s it. Keep them dumb and gullible so they can be controlled.
    It must be so awful to feel inferior to anyone who has more education that you have to invent a heinous lie to make yourself feel righteous.

  4. It’s the classic mistake: thinking your little political cult is in fact the majority. It’s just you’re the only ones “brave” enough to say it out loud. Hippies in the 1960s and 1970s made that same mistake with disastrous results (disastrous for everyone, to be clear). That these loons cannot see the parallels says so little about their ability to survive. Then again, this is the same crowd that survived COVID strictly by accident.

  5. I grew up in the ‘burbs of Chicago as well and we learned about homosexuality/lesbianism as a part of our health and sex education classes in H.S. It did not turn any of us gay. The kids who were gay, stayed gay-we knew and accepted this from the get-go (I’m not saying bullying did not occur but most of us stuck up for these kids). Mind you this was more than 40 years ago we were forced to learn critical thinking skills, we were taught nazism and slavery were bad things, and we learned all about the social contract between government and citizens. I shudder to think how many morons will be churned out of our school systems in the coming years. The religious “schools” made up only a small part of the moron population but now it might spread to our public school systems. Certainly it will in the red states and they are already behind the eight ball in the education game.

  6. The new McCarthyism. Instead of the Red Scare, it’s now the Rainbow Scare. And I’d say the dumbing down started 40 years ago with Reagan and his bringing religion into politics, resulting in more home-schooling, moving money meant for public schools into charter and religious schools. The repuQs picking on Dem’s kids started with Chelsea Clinton. That’s to say that their intolerant, bigoted, indecent sh*t has been going on for a long time. If anyone is grooming it’s the whack job right wing, and they are grooming kids to be ignorant, violent, authoritarian, nazi, fascists, misogynist incels, anti-Jew/Muslim/LGBTQ etc. bigots. Thanks, but no thanks, we have too many of those already.


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