You know, this just struck me tonight. Stephanie Ruhle had former GOP congressman Charlie Dent on The 11th Hour, along with another GOP mainstream that I didn’t catch the name of. And they brought me a revelation.

They were whining that while Trump was a twice indicted, serial sexual assaulter, twice impeached scumbag, nobody in the GOP was coming out strongly enough against him as the presumptive GOP candidate for 2024. They praised Chris Christie, and to a lesser extent Asa Hutchinson and Will Hurd for taking Trump head on. But they whined that there needed to be more moderate well known GOP names to join the fray!

Which led to my revelation. It. Doesn’t. F*cking. Matter. These two misguided souls were appearing on MSNBC, which has about as much chance of reaching GOP voters as it does attracting the attention of Ethiopian Klansmen.

The simple fact of the matter is that the majority of the mainstream GOP is against Trump. A recent poll showed that some 63% of registered GOP voters support Trump for his reelection, but a surprising 31% of GOP voters are opposed to him running again. This is important, since the goal is to have 90%+ of your own party voters rallied behind you, and count on picking up the 5-10% of independents and mushy middle voters to get you over the top. 63% of party voters backing you is a recipe for disaster.

But it’s not enough to save the mainstream GOP.  Because they’re trying to operate in the FUX News bubble sphere. Trump is due in federal court tomorrow to be arraigned on criminal charges resulting from his attempted coup against the government. Does anybody here actually believe that FUX News, News Max, and OAN will cover this as anything but a weaponized plot by the Biden ruled DOJ to try to keep The Mango Messiah out of the White House?

That’s the problem for the majority of the GOP mainstream voters. They have no concentrated, single source of news with which to rally them to the battle cry. They have the mainstream media to show them what’s going on, but they have no mainstream conservative media outlet to rally them to the battle call to directly confront Trump and his legion of the undead in the primaries. And without that there is no path forward. They’ll either suck it up and vote the MAGA line, or they’ll just sit it out and stay home. Either way Trump wins the nomination.

Look, you all know my feelings on this subject. For better or worse, our Founding Fathers stuck us with a two-party system. But that requires two equally vibrant, functional parties to provide the push and pull to somehow find the middle ground. And until the mainstream majority of GOP voters can find a media point to rally round, and to motivate them, then they’re nothing more than a bunch of isolated, pissed off sore losers. Somebody over there has to figure it out, and soonest.

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    • Dead on. Rs will either vote the party line no matter how much they dislikeTrum,or stay home and cry I their beer. Once he has the nomination, they will vote for him because they hate Dems the party of inclusion and equality more.

  1. Well yeah, the gop idiots need a new leader. There isn’t anyone qualified that’s even remotely getting anywhere near a ballot box let alone becoming the next messiah. It just ain’t happening. They either ain’t smart enough or they are to smart. My money is on too smart. I’m betting that no one wants to upset the applecart. The smart ones figure what’s four years. Biden’s doing pretty dam good and to take Trump on is sure to be a bloodbath so why risk the wounds. In four years you will be able to run an elephant and win at least the gop nominations which correct me if I’m wrong but the elephant is the republican critter. I know I seen a pink one. There’s a big one right on the highway in Illinois. Now Joe here is where the peddle hits the metal. The gop is in the middle of a huge case of stupid. It’s time for the Democrats to step up and take control and show the world what happens when you mess with the United States. Whether they will or not is a whole mother question. But I do know there’s a guy running for Josh Hawleys seat. And he’s got a bitching commercial showing Josh just running away all over the place. What I recommend is that that if you know someone thinking about public office you should give them a little nudge. Now I seen another so called progressive news blog. They are always talking about how we should have a progressive candidate for President. Well where’s he/she at. This one guy always says well I ran for Congress once so I know what I’m talking about. No, you ran once, you lost and then you picked up your toys and ran home to mommie. That’s what you did. And that’s why we ended up with Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders lost the primary so all the progressives ran crying home to mommy. Now I have one simple general question? In what two hundred some years we have never elected a female president. Hell for about a hundred of those years women couldn’t even vote except I believe in a couple of western territories or states. I might be wrong on that but what the hell. Back to a woman 👩 President would be historic and let me get the air drums going here, but it would be a very, very, progressive opportunity. And it would have changed our world. But no, progressives were Bernie or a career criminal. Donald was trained by his daddy and that Roy Cohn whatever. He bought his education, literally. Trump and the clowns taking his courses had trouble because there was two Donald Trumps. The sonofabitch learned money laundering from the best. It truly shows how stupid the moron is. With what he knew and the cash to back it up he should have been one of the richest people in New York but the moron kept fucking it up. Well I getting off the subject but hey it’s easy with this idiot. I still don’t see a real candidate running unless it becomes apparent trump is toast. Desantis is an idiot that is going to get knocked off in the next probably six months over his stupidity in Florida. And he ain’t got it anyway because he’s trying to hard to be trump. Of who is there right now I would say Christie has the best shot. And just to express my opinion you got Manchin threatening third party run over the high deficit among other things which is pretty rich considering it was him and that lady from Arizona that caused a good portion of it for not passing Joe Biden’s bill that would have drove the economy and cut a good portion of that deficit.


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