How many times do I have to say it? God! I love it when they eat their young! While Traitor Tot may still be top dog, hot shit at the top tier of the GOP, there is more and more information coming out that he may be losing his grip, and in some places that should be strongholds.

For instance, a few weeks ago I wrote about the antics of all purpose bad boy Madison Cawthorne of North Carolina. He is a Trump court favorite, but he’s also not only a national embarrassment, he’s also an in state embarrassment.

I noted that in the 2021 redistricting map from North Carolina, they had taken the reliably GOP district Cawthorne was elected in, and it had to be a reliable district for a shitheels like Cawthorne to be elected, they instead redrew the map to make it more competitive for his reelection bid.

Now, I am neither in the GOP, nor, thank God in the GOP North Carolina legislature, so my article was strictly deduction and conjecture, but I have yet to see or hear anything that would knock a hole in it. Especially now that Cawthorne is embroiled in a legal battle as to whether or not he can even appear on the ballot.

But now there’s a brand new example, and this one I can empirically prove. This time it’s the blood red state of Tennessee. There is a candidate on the ballot for the GOP primary for a US House seat named Morgan Ortagus. And since she has the IQ of celery, she almost immediately garnered Trump’s blessings and endorsement. There’s just one small problem. She only moved into the state and district just over a year ago.

She recently had a radio interview with an extremely friendly radio talk show host. And he tried, Lord how he tried. He did everything but put a bib on her and feed her with a baby spoon. And still, she couldn’t identify the country star who lived in her district that owned a winery she admitted to having visited and bought a box of wine from. And she couldn’t identify the name of an internationally famous NASCAR driver who lives in her district. She couldn’t even identify Nathan Bedford Forrest as the confederate general born and raised in what is now her district.

Even the blood red Tennessee legislature decided that enough was enough, and sprang into action. They passed a bill that was signed into law that made it mandatory for congressional candidates to reside in the state for at least 3 years before running for office. But the Secretary of State ruled that the law didn’t apply to her, since it was passed after the filing deadline for candidacy had passed. So the legislature went back into session and passed another law that just flat out strips her name from the primary ballot. It is currently pending legal litigation from the candidate.

Here’s my point. Don’t look for the GOP caucus or the national party to turn on Trump, he holds the keys to the cashbox, as well as his base. Instead, look locally. We now have proof that some state GOP parties are finally tipping to just how disastrous Trombie candidates are for their own very survival. And some of them are finally starting to take the first baby steps to protect themselves from Trump’s toxic cloud.

As Rachel Maddow likes to say, Stick a pin in this. Don’t obsess over it, just keep an ear cocked to see if you hear about any more state legislatures or election officers taking steps to remove thoroughly unqualified Trump acolytes from the ballot. As with so many things, it will start with the grassroots. Don’t touch that dial.


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    • I once came really close to moving down there to live in the house next to my aunt. (She’d bought it decades before for Granny to live in but it had been vacant for years) It was Chattanooga (East Ridge to be specific, less than a hundred yards from State Line Road – the literal border with Georgia) and there was some appeal for various reasons. However, it WAS Tennessee and I figured the state would only get even more conservative so in the end I stayed up north after my uncle died as my aunt had people from her church she had around some although that wound up changing. I’d have surely inherited the house when she died and though not fancy it was more than enough for me but I’m glad I didn’t make the move. And have grown more glad with each passing year even though I’d be in a much better position financially.

      • Ah, East TN, my part of the world. Yeah, you made the right call, Denis. Chatt Town has its charms but it’s also everything you thought it was.

      • I’m a big, big fan of Chattanooga. Sure it has its problems but overall it has more art, scenic beauty and access to the outdoors than many places. It’s a place with a great vibe. East Ridge is literally over the Ridge from the city and it gets pretty “Confederate Flaggy” over that way.
        But overall I think you missed out.

  1. I think McCrory is still the GOP frontrunner for Burr’s Senate seat in NC but Trump’s endorsement did give a boost to the second place guy and that one is likely headed for a runnoff. However, not even Trump has a prayer of rescuing Cawthorne out here. The GOP establishment and even a lot of rank and file MAGAts are so embarrassed by him they simply want him GONE. (and they hope quickly forgotten) Also, it’s worth noting that Trump’s endorsement hasn’t done any good for his pick in Ohio, and Republicans are freaking the fuck out over his endorsement of Dr. Oz in PA. I think it’s safe to say we are starting to see a trend, as in at the state/local level Republicans are starting to want to make up their own minds rather than just rubber stamp whomever their Orange Turd Emperor tells them to vote for.

  2. sid miller the Texas ag commissioner who is a total magat challenged greg the moron abbott over his border policy of stopping trucks at the border for no reason. gop on gop damage is always fun to see.

  3. Grateful.we moved to MA BTT ( Before Traitor Tot). The in-laws are all MAGAts. We had stopped going to family holidays in 2006 or so. We got tired of being verbally abused for not being Christian and racist. The NicEce From.He’ll wouldn’t enter her grandmother’s house if we were there. At one point she expected us to go a way from 1pm u til.midnight on Thanks and Christmas. When we didn’t she pitched a howdy fit that Scarlett others would have approved of.


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