Revenge may be best served cold but Crow is a dish that Fox News really does not digest well at any temperature. Be that as it may, they’re eating a lot of it. The October jobs growth exceeded the original prediction of 450K and came in at 531K. People are rejoicing, and right-wing media is not sure quite what to do.

That led to this swift response.

Gotta give it to American ingenuity, turning the Lets Go Brandon meme against the right.

But you know that somebody tried to spoil Biden’s stellar victory, right? It has to be that way.

Not surprising that Ronna McDaniel would take the Cruella DeVille role. And as usual, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Oh, well. Guess Ronna will have to double up duty on gerrymandering, voter suppression and the Big Lie. Insurrection denial is good as well. Gotta keep the GOP afloat somehow, what’s left of it.


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