I’ve never seen anything like this, in more ways than one. specially any case in which Trump is an active participant. And there’s a very unique reason for this.

Normally, in a trial with any kind of public and/or media interest, a good trial attorney will truss his client up in Latex, with a ball gag, like The Gimp in Pulp Fiction. And the only two words you hear the defense attorney say is No comment. 

This is because the judge normally issues a gag order at the preliminary hearing, barring all participants from opening their yaps about the case outside of court. But traitor Tot is special. Ha-ha, I mean besides his education. The silly bastard is running for President again, and his 1st Amendment rights to discuss his case and innocence on the campaign trail. And if you can’t stick a sock in one mouth, you can’t do tit to the other 18 either. And so you have the really weird display of 19 defendants and their lawyers running in front of cameras like they’re a panel on The View.

So while that’s as entertaining as hell, and driving Special Counsel Jack Smith to move to put a partial muzzle on His Lowness, it’s the quality and content of the filings and motions that the defense attorneys are filing on behalf of their client that are blowing my mind.

The normal filing or motion filed in court is about as simple and clear as the fine print in your cell phone contract. Especially for defense attorneys. They have a built in edge, as they are not required to share discovery back with the prosecutors. So they try to make their filings as oblique as possible to prevent from tipping their mitts to the prosecutors about their upcoming lines of defense.

But not these clients, and not these defense attorneys. And I can only surmise that it’s because these 40+ people are so bone stupid that if you put them all in one room and added all of their IQ’s together, the furnace would kick on in the basement to get the room back up over 68 degrees again.

Right now the predominate motion in the Georgia case is the dread motion to sever. There are 19 thugs all together, and none of them wants a witness talking about somebody else at the table, then mentioning their name, tying them together. That’s why Willis wants to try them all together at once. But the real reason they’re all desperate to get away from each other is that every one of them thinks that everybody else at the table is even more stupid than they are.

But since even these mopes know that Treat me different cuz at least I can tie my own shoes, isn’t a viable reason to sever their case, these idjits appear to actually be tipping their hands as to their defense at trial in their motions to sever;

  • Loser Harrison Floyd wants his case severed from anybody else except Kanye’s former flack, since all he did was to threaten to falsely imprison two innocent Georgia election workers
  • Sidney Powell doesn’t want to be tried with anybody else because she had nothing to do with whatever county in Georgia. Besides, she wasn’t even there. She was in a jungle in Peru, communing with Hugo Chavez about Dominion voting machines with the aid of a local shaman
  • Kenneth Chesebro doesn’t want to be tried with anybody else because after all, all he did was to follow a request to do some research for some creative ways to overturn the 2020 election that just might pass constitutional muster. Hell, it’s not like he actually advocated for this sh*t or anything
  • And Rudy Giuliani doesn’t want to be tried with anybody else because Rudy Giuliani is his own worst enemy already. His defense claim seems to be, Come on Your Honor, look at all of the stupid sh*t I’ve done! Can you actually believe there’s a sane cell left in my body?!

But by far and away the reigning World Champion of stupidity in severance motions is Mark Meadows. And Meadows isn’t just stupid, he’s arrogant to go along with it. In his initial filing to have his case severed to federal court, Meadows immediately tipped his defense at trial, the infamous Nuremburg defense, I vas chust followink orders! Hint. It didn’t work well back then either.

Because Meadows was brushing up against a deadline to turn himself in to Fulton County for booking and processing, Meadows imperiously demanded that the federal district court judge make his decision before his turn in date. The judge threw him double barrel birds, so Meadows imperiously demanded that DA Willis delay his arraignment date until after his federal case was decided. Willis’s reply?, Be there, or get perp walked there. Meadows showed up.

The district court judge shot him down, so Meadows appealed to the 11th Circuit Court and requested an expedited basis, which the court granted. Meadows then turned, hat in hand to the judge he ordered around, asking him to grant an emergency stay on his own ruling until the 11th Circuit decided his case.

But here’s a spoiler alert. Meadows is already dead in the water in the 11th Circuit Court. And Fani Willis did it to him. In her filing to the appeal, she pointed out that Meadows was seeking exclusion under a federal law that protects federal officers while in the performance of their duties in other states. Willis pointed out that Meadows was a federal appointee, not a federal officer. She then pointed out that in a different section of the same law, the text specifically refers to federal officers and former federal officers. Her point was that the US congress specifically separated former federal officers for a reason when they wrote the law. And Meadows was not a federal officer when he was indicted. The court asked for filings with supporting citations from each side, but I bet they side with Willis.

Here’s why this is do important. Mark Meadows is not a moron, nor is he a poor man. Meadows knew how to fundraise and make money when he was in congress. And he also recently got a $1 million donation from Trump’s Leadership PAC to Meadows’s charitable foundation. And you wanna bet he can tap that for personal legal bills?

Unlike most of the rest of these motley fools, including El Presidente Pendejo, Meadows can afford, and has availed himself of a top flight, white shoe law frim attorney. If Meadows is batting O-Fer on every motion he’s filed with a top quality lawyer, and he hasn’t even gone up against Judge McAfee yet, what chances do the rest of these street thugs have? But one bright thing for them. It is highly likely that their cases will be broken up, but not by their wishes, but for convenience of running the trials. Cold comfort.

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  1. Don’t forget Markie has ‘God’ on his side. Evidently ‘God’ didn’t pass the bar, or else his client won’t listen to divine inspiration, which has always been to REPENT, go and sin no more.

  2. My goodness, it’s a miracle people like Meadows have not drowned in a rain storm yet, with their noses so high in the air … He obviously cut a good figure to get into office and was smart enough to elude getting caught being the dork he has proven to be …

    Maybe, in his case and others, fate will shine once again, “if you DO THE CRIME, YOU WILL DO THE TIME …

    The Republicans are hogging our resources, time, money and TV without more criminal intent butting in …


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