Stormy Daniels Just Sued Michael Cohen, Again, And Her Former Attorney For Collusion


Stormy Daniels nee Stephanie Clifford sued Michael Cohen and her former lawyer Keith Davidson in California Superior Court today, alleging that Davidson violated attorney-client privilege and withheld relevant communications from her and from her current lawyer, Michael Avenatti. The lawsuit seeks $200,000 compensatory damages plus punitive damages. Additionally, it calls for Davidson to share all of his files on Clifford with her. Last but not least it asks for Michael Cohen to disclose recordings of phone conversations he had with Davidson about Clifford. New York Times:

The suit accused Mr. Cohen, Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer, of helping and encouraging Mr. Davidson to breach his professional duties of confidentiality and loyalty to his client this year. In 2016, Mr. Cohen paid her $130,000 shortly before the election to keep quiet about the alleged affair. […]

According to the complaint filed on Wednesday, Mr. Davidson put Mr. Trump’s interests ahead of Ms. Clifford’s in his frequent communications with Mr. Cohen. The men exchanged 17 text messages on Jan. 17 this year, when In Touch magazine published excerpts from a 2011 interview in which Ms. Clifford detailed her alleged encounters with Mr. Trump. That piece was the first confirmation from Ms. Clifford of the alleged affair, which had been reported by The Wall Street Journal. […]

Dave Wedge, a spokesman for Mr. Davidson, called the suit “outrageously frivolous” and said Ms. Clifford’s filing constituted a “full and complete waiver of attorney-client privilege” — leaving Mr. Davidson, who has limited his public comments this year, to speak freely.

In March Clifford sued to be released from the non-disclosure agreement and in April she sued Michael Cohen and Donald Trump for defamation. It’s the first week of June and Cohen is a named defendant once again. Michael Avenatti doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet. It’s going to be a long, hot summer for Michael Cohen, with Robert Mueller on one side and Michael Avenatti on the other.

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