Here’s something we didn’t know about ourselves, bedwetting libtards that we are. Ready for some hard-won self-knowledge?

We are pedophiles. All of us. Even if we don’t realize it, we are. And, most of us are cannibals. Really. Yum, yum. When a band of illegal aliens raped and bludgeoned a white high school girl to death, and dismembered her with machetes, we helped cover it up. Every one of us. But that’s okay. Donald Trump knows all of our names and what we did. We will all be properly punished.

Christ on a skateboard, Max, where did you get this loopy shit? Apparently it’s what millions of Trump supporters believe. Not dozens. Millions. Noted author, documentarian and essayist Jeff Sharlet recently published a lengthy, powerful and disturbing piece in Vanity Fair titled “Inside the Cult of Trump, His Rallies Are Church and He Is the Gospel.” Eek.

One of the recurring bits in Sharlet’s essay — which, if you haven’t already read it, you should take a break from my piece and read — is him being dumbfounded at some individual Trumper’s insane pronouncements on this or that issue, such as “most socialists are cannibals,” only to find out that dozens of the Trump cultists he interviews believe the same thing.

Like most cults, they have their own vocabulary and tropes. One enthusiastic Trump cult follower took a break from posing in front of a mirror in a Trump mask (proclaiming “I’m him!” and giggling in glee) to raise the mask, drop to his knees, and start sniffing the ground. “Creepy Joe!” another one immediately proclaimed. They knew immediately what the guy was doing. Many, many grandfathers like to bury their faces in the hair of their grandchildren and make snorting sounds. It makes the children giggle. Joe Biden has been known to take it a step further and nuzzle the hair of grown women — not a great choice to make. But in the hate- and Trump-maddened minds of the Trump cultists, Biden telegraphs his actual intentions every time he does, well, anything — he is, they claim, a “child sniffer” who likes to…you know, I don’t even want to complete that sentence. You and I know that Biden is a doting old grandpa who took too long to realize that his hugging and nuzzling behaviors were sometimes inappropriate, and that’s it (regardless of what lies a former staffer tried to spin about him). He isn’t the child-mauling savage the Trumpers paint him as being. But that’s only one tiny aspect of the barking mad construct of lies and bullshit the cultists occupy.

According to them, the entire purpose of the Democratic Party is to cover for a massive child-trafficking operation that operates on a worldwide basis. Think “Pizzagate” with as many exponential numbers behind it as you care to throw. Doesn’t matter how stupid the theory is, or how thoroughly it’s been debunked. The act of debunking it actually proves its viability, because in their minds, 2 + 2 = HA HA I HAVE YOU NOW, STUPID LIBTARDS.

But there’s more. This is where the religious context of the Trump cult becomes apparent. Trump is The Chosen One, choses either in spite of his worldly flaws or because of them, whichever narrative works. In contrast, Democrats and liberals are either demonic or actual demons themselves. Those demons inspire and direct the rest of us Satan-worshipping lot — directing armies of “illegal aliens” to pillage towns in the heartland, helping those same “aliens” the polls to illegally vote Democrats into ofiice, you name it. “They eat the children,” one woman shudderingly proclaims. Heads nod all around her.

Of course, the head demons in the Democratic/liberal conspiracy to overrun society and institute a socialist Hell on Earth are, of course, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Surprised? Me neither. Both of them are apparently demons in human form. They have mystical powers, including the ability to force patriotic Americans to commit suicide without warning — a phenomenon they call “Arkan-cide.” One woman, who credits Trump and God for helping her start a cetering business, confides to Sharlet:

They say that the Clintons may have suicided my uncle [a prominent conservative lawyer who died at a restaurant, choking on steak]. They say it didn’t make sense.

Well, you have to admit that forced suicide by demonic retired politicians is the only sensible answer to that question.

As Pastor Sean, a fixture at Trump rallies, grunts to Sharlet:

Secret murders everywhere. Pedophiles and evil.

Sean, who says he became a Trump convert after he learned he was a victim of “Satanic ritual abuse,” says that the biggest enablers of demonic liberals is the “liberal media.” CNN, MSNBC, perhaps even Fox News, all are aligned against Trump. Nothing they say can be trusted. It’s the same with the entertainment companies: Disney and Universal practice mind control techniques with their movies and TV shows. The knowledge they have, Sean says, is passed along to one another on message boards and through social media. If you didn’t get the information from Dave the Trump Warrior on his Ning page, then it isn’t real.

There’s so much more, I’m not even going to try to summarize it all. Racism, misogyny, bigotry of all kinds is both proclaimed from the rooftops and treated as a joke. QAnon is the same — simultaneously a joke to use to laugh at the left, and the holy receptacle of sacred truth. So much more.

This helps explain why Trump cultists are so rabidly against taking the most basic precautions against COVID-19. Trump says the virus is a hoax, so it’s a hoax. Wife, husband, child, grandparent die from the virus? It’s a Democratic plot to woo you away from the One Absolute Truth. Democrats want you to wear a mask so you’ll die. They want to forbid you from meeting with your fellow Trumpers at your favorite gathering places. Why? To divide and demoralize the true believers.

One idiot, the former general manager of a water park in Wisconsin, said he wouldn’t wear a mask because the “phantom virus” has never killed anyone, his area of the state has been virus-free since May, mandating mask wearing will lead to women being forced to wear hijabs, and, finally, a mask is the Mark of the Beast. Yowsah. He is the former general manager of the water park because after he said this in an email to the county supervisors, he was fired.

Ask conservative Naval War College Professor Tom Nichols. He wrote an op-ed for USA Today, where he noted:

…I literally wrote the book over three years ago on why so many Americans think they’re smarter than experts. What I did not expect is that this resolute and childish opposition to expertise would be hijacked by the president of the United States and an entire American political party, and then turned into a suicide cult.

He doesn’t blame Trump entirely. Instead, he wrote,

There is no one more responsible for this particular moment than President Donald Trump, but all he has done is play to a gallery whose seats were already full by the time he ran for office. An entire claque of enablers joined in, knowing there was plenty of money to be made feeding this self-centered, anti-social nihilism. When the pandemic arrived, these enablers in the conservative media and among the cowardly Republican political class took their cues — masks, no masks, closing, opening — from Trump, whose statements for months were a fusillade of nonsense that reflected only his own pouty anger that Mother Nature had the sheer brass to mess up his presidential grift.

I wrote about this a few days ago, saying that Trump and his suicide cult were the end product of 70 years of Republicans incessantly pushing the party ever further to the right. When a far-right fringe (anti-Communists, diehard Confederates, Tea Party denizens) forms, they shift over to join them, making the former fringe the mainstream. Then another, even more hardline and demented fringe forms. Now we have the Trump/QAnon fringe, which is rapidly becoming the GOP’s mainstream.

They — the Trump/QAnon fringe and the GOP that is running to embrace them — are a death cult. But they won’t die alone. Nichols wrote:

This is not Jonestown or Heaven’s Gate, whose cult members fled society to go and die together. This is worse. This is an attempt to create a Jonestown in every American city and town and then invite the rest of us over for a cool drink.

This leads us to the reason I wrote this article.

Don’t waste your time on trying to convince the Trump humpers to see reason. They will not. They are members of a death cult, by choice. Facts don’t faze them. Rational arguments go right over their heads. Nothing you can say fits the insane construct of lies, lunatic conspiracy theories, and burning garbage that makes up their world view. You can’t even appeal to the lives and safety of their families. The virus, or the free-falling economy, or the stormtroopers in the streets can’t hurt them or their people. Only demonic libtard Democrats can do that. And their job is to either dominate us, kill us, or die while taking as many of us with them as possible.

A Jonestown in every city, town and village. We can’t argue them out of that. We can only stop them.

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  1. I think the Rs started to go off the rails in the early 60s. After than, they just got worse, with their hatred of everyone not white or male who got any power at all. Now they can’t find their way back to reality without a lot of time and help we can no longer afford.

    • Yes the early 60’s.

      Goldwater. AU H20. Twenty years after WWII. The rural south had had electricity from ten to twenty years at that point and whites were enjoying a life they had never experienced before. Then Brown v the Board of Education and Emmitt Till came along and this comfortable life was threatened in their eyes.

      Thinking back a little farther, maybe it started when racist in the Democratic party forced FDR to pick Truman as VP in stead of Wallace who was a true progressive. Yes, I would say that was a big turning point, too.

  2. I believe Christ responded to the religious authorities, after being accused of being Lord of the demons, since they quaked in his presence, & obeyed his commands…any house divided must fall. 33% also came out to admit they wouldn’t get vaccinated. Death cult sounds about right.

  3. What strikes me, is the parallels to the Epstein saga. This may be their way of inoculating their minds to the truth. Or perhaps that is an accidental side-effect of all the projection.

    • The people I wrote about are fully inoculated against anything. For decades they’ve screamed about their reverence for the military, and when it’s reported that Trump has done nothing about Russia putting bounties on the heads of our soldiers, they just scoffed and went right on. Same when Trump bashed McCain and Khizr Khan.

      • I found a news website called Mississippi Today that has a lot of wingnut commentators. The articles are pretty good but they are just about Mississippi. I have had a ball messing with them. One woman complained “When did this become a liberal site?” Just today I commented on a liberal leaning cartoon by their cartoonist and a guy that calls himself Deadhead responded, “Well I see Walt came out of his basement.” Yes, it makes no sense. I asked him the other day if he is fourteen. Oh, just like Hilary’s pizza parlor, I have no basement.

        One common feature that they share with my relatives is that when you make an argument for something, or make an observation on Republicans or Trump they can’t respond. They call you a name or attack some Democrat like Nancy Pelosi, who they say is a smart ass. So I must assume that they cannot defend one single Republican action. And I tell them so. You are right about them not be converted. I don’t care. They are used to everyone around them agreeing with them. I attack them and hope they feel at least a little sting. I try to just hate what they do and not them, but it is very hard. Very hard.

    • I think the relentless 24/7/365 drumbeat of bullshit from Fox News and other right-wing news sources has beaten a lot of Americans’ minds into mush. There are hundreds of stories about “my rational, reasonable and sensible dad became a hate-filled zombie after a year of watching Fox.” That’s part of what’s driving this now.

  4. As I like to say, I like to call them “Irredeemables” for a reason. When this is over, I look for them to imitate them to either go big (by getting more violent) or go into hiding (think the post-W era but with more secrecy), depending on their temperament and health.

  5. If you want to know what fuckery conservatards are up to in private, listen to what they scream about others in public. Pro-jec-tion.
    Liberals running child sex-trafficing ring? Pin that on the Mango Moron’s BFF and pimp, Jeffrey Epstein.

    • Obama nailed it early on. He said Trump was not the problem, he was a symptom of the problem. Trump preaches a cartoon version of what he thinks conservatives think. And of course, at the lowest end of the bandwidth, are the people you’re talking about. Ignorance is not bliss, from what I’ve observed. Ignorance is fear and loathing.

  6. Or as so eloquently phrased by the one and only Dorothy Parker when asked to use “horticulture” in a sentence: “You can lead a ‘horticulture’ but you can’t make her think.”
    my preference of philosophies: Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.


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