It’s bad enough that Donald Trump wants to “get tough on crime,” and has suggested that shoplifters should be shot on sight. Oh, and also wants to immunize police officers against lawsuits for possible misconduct. That, all by itself is bad enough.

But Wednesday, Occupy Democrats posted something on X that should make your hair stand on end. Because yes, Steve Bannon and Trump are plotting something that is the very definition of evil.

“On the evening after we’ve won, the accountability project’s going to start and it’s going to be thorough this time,” Bannon announced on his war room podcast. “it’s going to be deep, it’s going to be meaningful right? and it’s not going to be the peter navarros of the world that are going to be in prison.”

“it’s going to be, they’re gonna be in prison. yes, prison.

Bannon’s comments are more threatening than they sound. Occupy Democrats notes on X that Trump and his minions are gunning for law-abiding Democrats, planning a massive “sweeping revenge operation.” It’s astounding because these people are enraged that Trump is being held accountable for crimes he actually committed. These people plan to invent crimes and prosecute people.

“Since MAGA will control the justice department, they’ll pack it with obedient fascist stormtroopers who will gladly invent cases against their political enemies.”

Just how bad could a second Trump presidency be? Occupy Democrats reports it’s possible he will “dissolve the FBI altogether and totally weaponize the DOJ.” Sure these agencies are full of internecine battles and are deeply, deeply flawed, but they have been set in place to protect the rights of citizens, even if the ball gets dropped sometimes.

“if trump wins, the rule of law ends in this country and the rule of bannon begins.”

Occupy Democrats then implored people to retweet the post and “like” it if they intend to vote for Joe Biden “to defeat the monsters.” The outlet then encouraged people to join Tribel, which it described as a new pro-democracy social network.

I imagine the FBI and the DOJ have a system of checks and balances but I’m no expert on this and I’ve already been afraid that Trump will win the election. Frankly, Bannon’s words make me more afraid. We already know he’s a rabid fascist, something that the U.S. is marching in lockstep jackboots straight toward.

In Steve Bannon we do not trust.

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  1. bannon must drinking more than normal if he thinks A) trump will win and B) this fascist paradise will come about. The only way trump can get the electoral votes required is if he cheats (has ‘pube legislatures cheat). Everyone who reads P.Z., D.K., The Nation, etc. ought to be planning on either participating at polling places or at least being there to watch to keep the polling places honest. The legislatures can’t do much if the votes are counted and Biden is, like in 2020, the obvious winner. There will be no fascist paradise but there could be the country splintering apart should these dumbasses try to do what they plan (up to and including that plan 25 bullshit). For some reason they think progressives will not fight back. More importantly they think progressives do not own firearms–very foolish of them and should they somehow start the shit they say they’ll start, every one of them will have a bullet in the head starting with that waste of skin bannon.

    BTW, this is not the time to go all pacifist and shit. Should it come to a choice between our country as we know it or the one they will try to foist upon us, marching peacefully is going to amount to absolutely nothing except for a whole bunch of peaceful protesters rotting their lives away in prison. Should trump be walking toward the w.h. with the intention of taking it, he will be stopped and the only way to do that is to off his ass…and the rest of the cabal. By all means, let’s do everything we possibly can to make sure it is Biden entering the w.h. again but just in case…

    • Frankly I think Bannon drinks rubbing alcohol. That would account for some of his lunacy. We best support Biden as well as we can. I think Trump is going to lose as well, but there are some days when my confidence about that erodes away.

  2. If Bannon wants fascism (and it sure seems like he does) it’s only as a means to the end he truly wants which is total anarchy. Yes, he’s that butt-hurt crazy. Many decades ago he didn’t get the accolades and especially promotion he didn’t just expect but was certain he deserved (he was by all accounts a good Naval Officer but his superiors knew something was off about him even then and the promotions board could read between the lines of fitness reports and other available information at their disposal) and ever since his goal is to make EVERYONE pay.



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