America’s already sweltering with a heat wave and now Stephen Miller comes along to make us collapse — with laughter. Miller is simply enthralled with the fact that SCOTUS has ended affirmative action as we knew it. And he’s not content to just let that be. No Sir, he is proactively writing threatening letters to law schools and letting them know that they are under his gaze and if they dare to transgress the law, he, Miller, will swoop down on leathery wings and take care of business.

What’s that you say? How can he be out in the direct sunlight and not burst into flames? Beats me. At least he’s not spray painting his head to simulate hair. That’s an improvement.

As they say, evil never dies it just reinvents itself.

He didn’t mention which 200 law schools — not that I can imagine any that would regard a letter from Stephen Miller as anything other than a means of picking up doggy doo or as something to put under the coffee pot to absorb spills. But it would be interesting to know.


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  1. Someone needs to give this boy a badly needed lesson in STANDING. He has none. I seriously doubt other federal courts are going to entertain his idiot a$$, grandiose, dreamy-dreams.

    • “…give this boy a badly needed lesson in STANDING…”

      Same for the Supreme Court. Missouri didn’t have standing either but they granted it anyway. Thanks for nuttin’, John Roberts.

      From NYT’s Jamelle Bouie: “…After blowing past an obvious problem of standing โ€” the plaintiff, the state of Missouri, could not establish any injury to itself and had to sue on behalf of a state-created debt servicing company โ€” Chief Justice John Roberts rejected the administrationโ€™s argument…”

      And that very debt servicing company told the Court it didn’t want any part of this, too.

      Hmm, didn’t the Reich wing hate “Activist Courts?”

  2. I’m sure all the law schools out there are sooooooo scared, quaking in their expensive shoes and suits. Terrified of Miller. Actually, if he’s already sent said letters I can in fact imagine the Deans and other honchos collapsed on the floor. Because they laughed so hard their sides hurt and they couldn’t breathe!

    As for that side by side with Goebbels I always thought with a pair of horned rim glasses Miller bore a pretty good resemblance to pictures of Eichman during his trial. But you know what? I think there’s a contemporary figure for comparison. Imagine what Miller will look like in another ten to fifteen years, then look at a picture of Yevgeny Prigozhin!

  3. He seems to be speaking for America First Legal Foundation, a hard-right advocacy group with a board that includes (or once included) Mark Meadows.

    • Quite frankly I didn’t think miller would be doing anything other than the stupid little tweet. I am positive he did not think this up because he just isn’t that bright–typical con.

  4. Gee, I’ll bet he has them worried beyond all reason. Exactly how many law schools would he have to sue individually? Does he realize that law schools are full of lawyers and law professors who know far more law than he does and can actually stand up to bullying and defend themselves. Toothless hounds like Miller can growl but their bite will never scare off anyone.

  5. I got a letter for Miller. Who cares. You ever watch this idiot talk. He does look like some sort of freak of nature. I donโ€™t like to get into what people look like. I got it growing up. But he looks like a vampire off some comedy channel. And Iโ€™m just quaking in my boots over his warning.


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