Donald Trump can sometimes be as slippery as a greased pig when he wants to be. Doing things like not releasing his tax returns, paying off an adult film actress in the hopes of no one finding out, and bribing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into giving him dirt on Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, for which he suffered the painful sting of one of his two, count ’em, two impeachments.

So Wednesday, during the Democracy 2024: Iowa Town Hall With Former President Donald Trump, which was moderated by Fox News’s Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, Baier confronted him about a recent remark he made, and flat-out asked him “Can you say tonight that political violence is never acceptable?”

Baier was referring to remarks made by Trump following his appeals court hearing Tuesday, where he and attorney John Lauro spoke to reporters for about ten minutes, Mediaite reports. At the time Trump issued a warning that if he loses the appeal, “It will be bedlam in the country.”

Then Trump began to wrap things up and as he strode away from the lectern a reporter asked “Mr. President. You just used the word bedlam. Will you tell supporters now, no matter what, no violence?” But as The Washington Post notes, Trump did not answer the question.

So Baier wasn’t going to let that “bedlam” remark pass and after the former president’s first remark, followed up with “You seemed to issue a warning that if in the courts and even the U.S. Supreme Court, if they didn’t treat you fairly, that maybe there would be bedlam in the country. Used that word, bedlam in the country.”

Baier reminded Trump that President Joe Biden, in two recent speeches, is focusing his campaign on the possible threat to democracy and the potential for political violence. Then he played a clip of Biden’s remarks.

“I’ll say what donald trump won’t. political violence is never, ever acceptable to the united states political system. never, never, never.

Then Baier went back to the reporter’s unanswered question, noting “This is clearly a focus of the Biden campaign. So can you say tonight that political violence is never acceptable?”

“well, of course, that’s right,” Trump said. “and of course, i’m the one that had very little of it. take a look at wars again. i didn’t start, i wasn’t involved in wars. we beat the hell out of isis. we won 100 percent. we brought our troops back home. look at. look at the violence we’ve had. look at the violence we have recently.”

I don’t know if Trump was referring to the violence in Gaza or Ukraine but Baier, however, was intent on pinning the ex-president down over his bedlam comment. Considering the violence that broke out at the Capitol building just over three years ago on January 6, 2021, Baier has every good reason to pin him down, and asked “When you say ‘bedlam’ what do you mean?”

“I think you have bedlam. i think you look at joe biden. it’s bedlam,” he said. “you have a man who can’t lead. you have a man who can’t find his way off a stage after he makes a speech that lasts for about two minutes. now, i think bedlam is joe biden. i think that he’s using this.”

“this is just a political ploy. trump is a dictator. He wants to be a dictator.”

However, if Trump is upset about this, it’s his own fault. He’s the one who said if elected he wanted to be dictator for a day. He was the one who called in National Guard troops to use on innocent unarmed demonstrators who were protesting the murder of George Floyd by a white cop. He’s the one who told an angry mob of his supporters to “Fight like hell” during the Stop The Steal rally on January 6, 2021.

We all know what happened after that.

The fact that this man is even talking about being a dictator is dangerous. I think he’ll do this whenever he sees fit. I don’t for a minute believe his dictator-for-a-day shtick. As The Washington Post reported after Trump left office, he told more than 30,000 lies as president.

Why would he be any different now?

I’m including a link to the town hall here.

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  1. No answer was offered because the blithering idiot has no idea what bedlam means.

    Teach an idiot a new word and you’ll hear it repeated and used incorrectly 1000 times.

    Reference: woke.

    • Good point – actually I wonder how many people know that ‘Bedlam’ is the “Saint Mary of Bethlehem,” Lunatic asylum founded in London in the 13th Century (and is still in existence, albeit in a different site as a mental health care facility)

      Now that’s a fitting place for the orange excrescence in the posterior of humanity

    • TRUMP is not an idiot… but he is increasingly suffering from the PSP dementia of Picks type that he got from Daddy. Did you read those quotes above.. he cannot hold a thought for more than a minute. He is sick sick ..
      Go read and memorize the signs and symptoms of PICKS Disease.. and watch him ..he is well down the road.


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