I’m always saying there are two narratives in this country running side by side, the mainstream press and the right-wing alternative reality. This is literally the truth. Anybody who thinks it’s metaphor, you’re wrong. We have two different information eco systems, each offering a different version of truth.

In right-wing world, it is a possibility that Michael Flynn could become the next director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And in the real world, if this society decides to self-immolate — again — and elect Donald Trump, then yes, a pardoned felon could probably head the FBI.

To that end, listen to this tale of how Flynn is playing mind games both with QAnon and obviously with the rest of the American people. The intriguing thing here is that the right-wingers have no problem at all with the fact that Flynn is lying in order to get what he wants, which is the directorship of the FBI. That’s totally fine in their book.

He does say to “ignore Mike Flynn” and I concur with that. You can’t go wrong doing that.

This is coming from the group that depends upon Donald Trump getting back in the White House so he can call a wrap on Joe Biden’s pretend presidency, done on a movie set replica of the premises at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The problem with that, of course, is if QAnon legend is true and Trump still really is the president, then how can he be running in 2024, because that would be for a third term, right?

They don’t have very good answers to this particular conundrum, when posed, so don’t expect too much in the way of an answer.

But all of them would be just fine if Trump was president for life — and perhaps beyond. Perhaps reign from a spaceship in the sky.

MAGA and QAnon is for people who have given up on life.

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  1. If Trump were really the president, why is he criticizing Biden’s pullout from Afganistan and other things? Trump’s own comments should show his followers that he’s not currently in office.

    • They believe that he’s the legit president. Some of them don’t believe Biden is real. They’re unfamiliar with the 22nd amendment, which limits people to 2 terms, regardless of whether they’re consecutive or not. Win twice, and you’re not eligible to run again, ever. (He’ll have to admit that.)

  2. Well it would be a good pick for Flynn to be FBI Director. And I got to tell you. If Flynn makes FBI Director he’s not going to give a dam what the news media says. As a matter of fact Trump will make it a big no no to talk bad about anyone in his administration. And as far as how many times he serves, once he gets in, Trump will make a new rule on all elections. Trump will declare himself the winner before the election so there’s no confusion when they count the ballots.

  3. Without me having to listen to willfully ignorant, easily brain washed, profoundly stupid, begging to be conned a-holes, why is Biden pretending to be president on a movie set if Trump is really president? Why wouldn’t Trump be in the WH and why would he allow Biden to pretend to be President? Please don’t tell me it’s 5D chess on tantrumthinskins part b/c it’s the most moronic thing I’ve ever heard and these people are TRUELY PROFOUNDLY STUPID- not just willfully ignorant stupid- if they genuinely believe anything aling these lines. Then again, a lot of them thought JFK Jr would be resurrected at a RW gun nut, and they actually believe the obvious nonsense broadcast on RW media. But still, if there’s some reason why Tantrum is letting Biden pretend to be President, I’d love to hear just so I can laugh contemptuously at their stupidity.


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