Roger Stone Is In Trouble Again. And Trump Can’t Save Him Now.


Roger, Roger, Roger, you naughty little monkey. Stone is the poster child for what I like to call terminal stupid. His stupid is terminal simply because he never quite knows when it’s time to quit and go home.

Stone likes to tout himself as the heavy duty, all time champion of GOP dirty tricksters. News flash! He’s full of shit. Stone is among the lowest ranking of bottom feeders.

Here’s how you know. Real political operatives of all stripes are like spy masters, they live and work in the shadows. This is because if they were ever identified, their reputation would blow the current operation. Masters in GOP political chicanery like Lee Atwater and Karl Rove have reputations that are legend. But you’ve never heard either of them admit to a single thing. Not only you can’t Stone stop claiming credit for every dirty trick he ever pulled, he even tries to claim credit for tricks done by other operatives, betting that they won’t publicly dispute him.

This is what got Stone in trouble in the first place, his big mouth. He just couldn’t resist telling anybody in earshot what a valuable asset he was to the Trump campaign, and how Trump doted on him. And when that didn’t satisfy, he went on to brag about how tight he was with Julian Assange at Wikileaks, and how he was coordinating the dumps with the Trump campaign. And then, when it all went south, and the FBI showed up for a chat, he tried to wriggle out with, Julian who? You said Assange? No, no guys. Go back and listen again. What I actually said was Peruvian Massage, those things have saved my back! It didn’t work. And on the way out, Trump gave Stone his last free pass.

And now Stone is reportedly in deep shit again. CNN reports that federal authorities are investigating Stone’s ties to the far right wing domestic terrorist groups The Proud Bois, and The Oath Keepers. Stone has already been confirmed as being at the Capitol siege on January 6th, in the company of Oath Keepers, but at this point it doesn’t show that he ever entered the Capitol. And the feds are also investigating his links to the Proud Bois.

Apparently, one of the things being probed is the possibility that Stone acted as a middle man, or conduit to get funding to the groups to help them get to Washington for the insurrection. There is also question as whether he coordinated actively either with or between them in planning.

This shouldn’t take long. After all, world class operatives don’t make threatening phone calls to associates, threatening, like the Wicked Witch of the West, to Kill them, and their little dog too! Especially when the victim, radio host Randy Credico, actually tapes the call, and turns it over to the cops! Need evidence? Just talk to any body who has spoken to Stone from November 5th through January 7th.

Look, Roger Stone is a fucking moron. Not only has he never once successfully covered his tracks, he shines a spotlight on them. Stone has always been a braggart and a bully, and after getting that pardon from Trump, he must feel bullet proof. There are just two small problems for Stone. There’s a new sheriff in town, and his Lord Protector is in Exile, with no more power.

Here’s why I personally tend to believe that there is fire under all of that smoke, and that Stone will at least be indicted. Remember this. The one common thread between all of these diverse far right thugs is that they all claim that they honestly felt that they were acting under the orders of trump, and Trump was their President. The obvious public connection between Trump and Stone in the media, and especially Trump’s continual teasing of a pardon to come for Stone, would give him a strong imprimatur of authority from Trump himself. Knowing that, and also at least having an inkling for the notoriety of what was to come, I find it inconceivable that Stone, with or without Trump’s blessing, wouldn’t have played this one for all it was worth. It would be the capstone to his illustrious career.

Roger Stone went whining to Trump for a pardon after facing a 8-9 year sentence for multiple convictions. But now Stone is under investigation for charges that could make his conviction look like a DUI. He is now facing a full investigation under an Attorney General who isn’t about to pull the rug out from under investigators. And if they end up nailing Stone with conspiracy, material support, or incitement to insurrection, then Stone is going to wish that he had just shut up and reported for prison on the original convictions. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. This couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. He wants to take credit for all the worst dirty tricks, he can take responsibility.

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  2. I do not see any ads. Furthermore, I continually have trouble when I click on either the link in your email or the blurb for another article in the list. I get an error message that says to contact you. When I try again, sometimes two or three times, the requested site finally comes up.

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  4. Roger Stone and his old boss illustrate the difference between habitual criminals and professional ones. Your pro criminals, they treat their law-breaking like the job it is, maximize profit, minimize risk. They might occasionally wind up in jail despite their caution (and the longer they stay in the game, the more years Inside start looking like a de facto life sentence) but they understand how it works.

    Stone, though? Definitely the habitual side, the wannabe who has gotten old enough to be a never-was. Those guys are money-oriented too but too much ego, pride and stupidity are in play. The first two handicaps are why those guys wind up either being deep-sixed by any functional organized crime outfit or doing the life sentence on the installment plan (a few years in, a few months out). The final installment on Stone’s plan may be coming due.

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  6. Stone and his violation of the KKK Act back in 2000 is a big reason we had the Iraq war, global warming and the Great Recession.

    As to ads, I don’t see any. The only problem I have had is the site is slow.

  7. Stone is bottom feeder as a dirty tricks guy. Everything said about him here is true. But Manafort is different, and dangerous, that’s why Stone stuck with him for over 50 years. By the way, using either my I phone and pad with Chrome, I have no problems here.


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