Tomorrow Robert Mueller takes the witness stand to expound upon his 400 page report to Congress. Before you watch that, watch this: a five minute video, starring various Hollywood luminaries, which summarizes the Mueller report. If the common man or woman can’t wrap their head around an explanation this simple, then truly, democracy is doomed.

Meryl Streep commented that movie stars are frequently asked their position on political issues, “because we have the podium.” Here, the stars in question not only have the podium, but they have a right to it. Everyone in this clip is politically aware and knowledgeable about the ways of the Trump administration. Hopefully this clip will go viral.


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  1. The problem is not that people CAN’T wrap their heads around this. The problem is that they WON’T. Some won’t because they don’t want to believe it. Some won’t because it’s too much work. For the life of me I don’t know which is worse.

    • You make a valid point, and one that is frequently overlooked. It’s been my opinion for some time that the MAGAts scream “fake news” over all this, because the truth about Trump IS unbelievable — it doesn’t mean it isn’t true, though. The man is a pedophile, he is a rapist, he is a failure in business, he did collude with the Russians to get elected, and on and on. It dazzles me as well. But at least I can accept empirical evidence and the MAGAts don’t want to bother — or something.

  2. Until the Democrats can find another voice than the timid Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Trump will continue to spout one liners that grab the attention of th attention deficit electorate and defeat any long, logical argument. No matter how well crafted. Hollywood, if you’re listening, come up with some snappy saying about trump being guilty, or should it be advertising people? Cheatin’ Trump,
    Lumpy Trumpy, Evil Weasle, Acting President, Trump Talk. I don’t know how to do it. I’m just an engineer.

    • Joseph Goebbels made the comment that if you tell a short, simple lie a thousand times people believe it. Trump’s newest two are AOC and the “garbage” lie and Omar and the “anti-Semitic” lie. And I agree with you, anybody who has an open mind has already listened to what was actually said.

      A snappy saying might be just the thing. I think that the chief thing that Hillary did wrong was not snapping back at Trump when he said nonsense like, “You’d be in jail.” Now, I understand she didn’t want to get into the gutter with him. That was a mistake. If she’d duked it out with him, we might not be here.

      But, unfortunately, the gutter is where we are. I believe in a revision to Michelle Obama’s, “go high” line. My version is, “When they go low, we dig a trench and fight back.” That’s where we are, unfortunately. Your GOP at work.

        • Thank you. One thing the Democrats are going to have to do is get some snappy slogans and some memorable talking points, because being the party of sociology and policy is not going to cut it this election.

          The GOP is the party of psychology. They know how to manipulate and we need to take a page from their playbook. Also, we need to fight fire with fire. I hate advocating getting into the gutter, but we need to get in at least deep enough to call him out for being there in the first place.

          Trump won by being unprincipled and manipulative. We don’t need to get that primitive, but we do need to pay him back in his own coin, to a larger extent than happened in 2016, certainly. This isn’t politics as usual, this is a fight for democracy’s survival.


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